New Zealand Natural Franchise Presentation


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An overview presentation about the New Zealand Natural Master Franchise

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New Zealand Natural Franchise Presentation

  1. 1. Master Franchise Opportunity
  2. 2. About the Emerald Foods Group Emerald Foods Group is a privately owned New Zealand company which owns Emerald Foods Limited (the ice cream manufacturing company) and New Zealand Natural (our global retail brand). Emerald Foods specialise in making and selling premium quality natural ice cream products. Emerald Foods produce 4 of the 5 premium retail (supermarket) brands in the NZ market. Emerald Foods Ltd is a leading supplier to the supermarket, wholesale and food service channel in New Zealand. Since acquiring New Zealand Natural in 2005, Emerald Foods Group has brought together the different channel mix of the two companies to provide its Master Franchisee’s and customers with a multi channel range. Emerald Group sells its products in 30 countries – 23 under the New Zealand Natural banner.
  3. 3. Emerald Foods and New Zealand Natural New Zealand Natural ice cream is manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand by Emerald Foods Emerald Foods produces over 450 different ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbet products exporting to 30 countries around the globe. The New Zealand Natural range includes indulgent ice cream, low fat ice cream, sorbets and frozen yoghurts HALAL and egg free products are available New Zealand Natural is made with high quality inclusions and fresh milk and cream Emerald and New Zealand Natural are consistent winners of Gold Medals at the New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers awards
  4. 4. New Zealand is a renowned producer of high quality and safe dairy products Known for its “Clean Green” image internationally the New Zealand Natural brand provides its customers with comfort New Zealand Natural is made from locally sourced fresh milk and cream (no imported dairy raw materials) All our dairy products come from EU approved suppliers in NZ providing full trace back capability. Grass fed herds (no indoor milk production) provides milk and cream with taste consistency all year round Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) and Estrogen are banned from use in New Zealand herds Emerald Foods does not and will not knowingly use any GMO ingredients in its ice cream Highly carbon efficient dairy production versus most other countries Dairy Products from New Zealand
  5. 5. The New Zealand Natural Factory State of the art production facility Continual and strategic production investment Spare production capacity for continued growth Global hygiene and food safety requirements Compliant with the standards of 30 countries Including the EU, USFDA and Japanese Health requirements
  6. 6. NZN Franchise - 24 Countries and Growing
  7. 7. Premium quality products For people who are health and image conscious Taking the best of New Zealand to the world. World Experience Different approaches to franchising in different countries But maintenance of the same brand and product standards The world likes what we're delivering – and they want more ‘ New Zealand’ image Supports the ‘natural' appeal of the product New Zealand Natural image is All about freshness, vitality, escapism, honesty freedom and adventure Not just the brand – but the product too ‘ Our ice cream’ has always been produced in New Zealand The focus is quality - Killinchy Gold, Mövenpick, Heavenly Treats, Lite Licks and Zilch Product, research and development, creative and franchise management is Auckland-based Why New Zealand Natural Ice Cream?
  8. 8. Parlour Products Ice Cream/Frozen Yoghurt/Sorbets Suits any trend Not just reliant on a single eating fashion 30 flavours giving huge choice All Natural – all taste fantastic Thick shakes and Milk Shakes Fruit Flo What a soft serve can only dream of being Made from Frozen Yoghurt and Fruit Retail theatre - made in front of the customer using a proprietary machine 97% fat free
  9. 9. Parlour Products Chillo’s Cold Coffee & Chocolate Made using a base of ice cream with a chocolate or coffee powder mix Smoothies Made using frozen yoghurt or sorbet with a base mix supplied by NZN 10 different recipes Non dairy (99% fat free) Low Fat Frozen Yoghurt (97% fat free) ‘ Add on’s’ available such as juice and coffee based on regional needs
  10. 10. Typical product sales mix is : Ice Cream 70 % to 85% Smoothies 5% to 10% Shakes 3% to 10% Juices 2% to 25% Fruit Flo 2% to 5% Chillos 2% to 5% Product sales mix and flavour preferences differ from country to country Wide range of flavours (approx. 30) allows MF and franchisee’s to maximise local opportunities # 1 globally Chocolate Ecstasy # 1 GCC English Toffee # 1 Thailand Hokey Pokey # 1 India Forestberry Frozen Yoghurt Parlour Sales Mix Before operations commence in a new territory, the full range is agreed with MF based on local trends and requirements.
  11. 11. New Zealand Natural - Food Service Popular Choice with Chefs – from the Grand Mercure Xidan, Beijing to the Beverly Hills Wilshire in LA, Hotel and Restaurant friendly 5L trays Responding to consumer needs - egg free, HALAL, No added sugar Opportunities to trade up and maximise profitability 1 x 5L “Gold NZN” product 2 x 5L “NZN” product Wide variety of flavours - iconic New Zealand flavours to International bestsellers
  12. 12. New Zealand Natural - Grocery New Zealand and Australia – Experience and future trends The premium segment of the ice cream market is separating in 2 directions - indulgent and healthy In New Zealand, NZN is improving customer perception of healthy options via great tasting products that are 97% fat free in the case of yoghurt and 99% fat free in the case of non dairy sorbet. The performance of frozen yoghurt is consistently improving in the New Zealand Natural global scoop range (top 5 seller globally – number 1 in India) Segment fluctuations depending on seasons with yoghurt being least seasonally affected Sorbet market growing but more seasonal and best launched ahead of Summer
  13. 13. New Zealand Natural - Grocery New Zealand Natural - Premium Ice Cream; Low Fat Sorbets; Frozen Yoghurts Unique Flavours – Macadamia Supreme, Wild Strawberry frozen yoghurt, Mango Sorbet 125ml Pre Printed (PE) Sealed paper pots, tamper seal and lid Supplied with or without a spoon in the lid Travelling the world on a number of airlines 473ml Pre Printed (PE) Sealed paper pots, tamper seal and lid 946ml a change from the ‘standard round’ with the fresh new design of ‘Pure New Zealand ‘ Moulded pot and lid with separate tamper seal beneath In printed lid label for clean clear look Zilch Gluten free ; with absolutely no added sugar Lite Licks Dairy Free - delicious premium range with no dairy ingredients Artwork to be changed on 125ml and 473ml variants to match 946ml over coming 24 months
  14. 14. Award Winners Winner of 39 Gold and Best in Category medals at the New Zealand Ice Cream manufacturers awards over the last 4 years 2010 NZ Ice Cream Awards - 6 Golds, 16 Silvers and 3 Best-in-Category Exporter of the Year - Winner 2010 NZ Franchise Awards Winner of the prestigious Massey Food Awards for product innovation Winner - 2009 New Zealand Trade and Enterprise “ Best New Zealand Business Operating Internationally between 10 and 50 million” Company owner Diane Foreman – Winner of the Ernst and Young New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year awards 2009
  15. 15. In-line - Tamworth, Australia Kiosk – Khureis Mall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia High St - Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, CA, USA Mobile Cart – Southbank,Brisbane,
  16. 16. Unlike some of our competitors, our MF’s have exclusive rights to all channel opportunities within the country (or contracted territory) for the brand Parlour set up costs differ from country to country and are subject to size but sit between NZD200,000 to NZD400,000 (equipped) for a 18 – 24m2 tenancy. Resort/Express parlours can cost between NZ$40,000 and NZ$80,000 (equipped) depending on the country and host resort Joint venture with existing brands and franchises – increased footfall and earnings; same costs Master Franchise General Strategy Rear deck kiosk – P&O Pacific Sun Vessel Bure – The Warwick Resort , Fiji
  17. 17. Selling Ice Cream, Frozen Yoghurts and Sorbets – we can offer all channels Parlours – 5 litre and 9.2 litre Foodservice; hotels, restaurants, cafes – 5 litre and 9.2 litre and 125ml Retail; supermarkets and convenience stores – 125, 473 and 946ml Franchise Sales – we have 3 or 4 models Royalties – Set by the MF; Marketing – Set by the MF; dependent on local market conditions Other Parlour/Franchise Supply e.g. Cones, Cups (sourced from NZN or directly in country to NZN specified and agreed NZN standards) Master Franchise Revenue Generation Style Full NZN Parlour – High Street NZN Mall Parlour NZN Express Parlour Co Franchise