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  • Goal: Excited about connecting your class and see the value in a global collaboration. Pick one tool to explore connecting class
  • My PLN changed the way I teach
    Great ideas, support, challenge
  • Amy “The format, short, succinct sentences is well-suited to the attention spans and language skills of my 5-year old munchkins”
    Twitter Video Next
  • Name - imp to class, Pic- who are we.. decide together,
  • Private acct: I choose who sees. Who to follow? 3 Purposes- Share our learning, See what other classes are learning, collaborate with other classes
  • Questions make us think
    Sentence structure
    How do we answer
  • Could use word, powerpoint or other apps
  • Same yet different
  • First time kids fighting over books about Canada- I knew then the power. Write down things we might want to research during week
  • Awkward silence
    Quiet kids do better
    Give them time!
  • Voicethread Video Next: Simply Speaking
  • Classroom around the world.
    Other ideas: Plants, animals, clothing, holidays
  • Old Way email document= Multiple versions Cloud based= one document assessable by all. Tip: use diff color font for each class
  • Other Ideas: Tell story together, comment on poems
    Make lists of important people
    Animals in a habitat
  • Documenting the connections: Bulletin board AND Virtual.
  • Global collaboration

    1. 1. Global Collaboration: Around the World with Science & Social Studies @mattBgomez                   
    2. 2. Global Learning Lead by example Global classrooms require global  teachers Not as scary as you think Connect: Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs,  Twitter & Conferences
    3. 3. Lead Learner What is authentic learning? Where interest lies, learning occurs Kids teaching kids Digital Citizenship
    4. 4. Twitter: How To Ultimate Guide: Educators Guide: Why twitter: Tweet in K:
    5. 5. Twitter Suggestions Profile Name Profile Pic Description Who to follow Favorite tweets When to tweet
    6. 6. Twitter: @MrGomezclass K Around the World
    7. 7. Global Audience
    8. 8. StoryBuddy 2 iPad App
    9. 9. Research Center
    10. 10. Skype Play:
    11. 11. Animal Experts: Skype
    12. 12. WHY? WHAT? Free Video Visual About us  Multimedia Poem reflection Vocabulary What is it? Can embed School tour Multiple participants Document Experiment VoiceThread
    13. 13. VOICETHREAD
    14. 14. WHY? WHAT? Free Research Web based  Describe  Share via link Make lists Real Time Mystery Image “Word” online 20 Questions Create a story Create a story Google Docs
    15. 15. Google Docs:
    16. 16. Eggciting Experiment
    17. 17. Text ScribbleMaps
    18. 18. Google Earth
    19. 19. Google Earth App
    20. 20. Other Options Blog Email Postcard Exchange Facebook Page/ Edmodo Ning Glogster
    21. 21. @mattBgomez
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