3. teacher notes mp's and hm opposition


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3. teacher notes mp's and hm opposition

  1. 1. L2.20a: MPs and HM Opposition Teacher Notes: PowerPoint SWF file L2.20a MPs and HM Opposition As with all our IWB resources, these slides contains activities that could be used as a complete lesson. You may decide to use some or all of the resources to meet the needs of your students. Before the lesson Log in to www.politicsteacher.co.uk as you will need to be logged in to watch the videos. We advise opening the page with the video before your lesson as this helps to reduce the possibility of the video buffering. We strongly suggest arranging a visit to the House of Commons for this unit. Or to invite your local MP to come and talk to the students about life in Westminster. The following links are also available on L2.20 – mp and lords visits and visiting parliament http://www.parliament.uk/education/in-your-school/mp-and-lord-visits/ There are also some great, inspirational activities here http://www.parliament.uk/education/visiting-parliament/key-stage-5-programmes/ Networking Suggestions    If you have access to email you may find it useful to send a class email to your local MP If you have access to video-conferencing such as Skype, you may be able to ‘meet’ with your MP that way. Your students could find out if their MP is on Twitter and follow them that way, asking them questions with the @ facility. Slide 1: Introduce the lesson objectives: Click the mouse or tap the slide to reveal the following learning objectives: ● ● To develop an understanding of the role of backbench MPs To begin to consider the role of the Opposition
  2. 2. L2.20a: MPs and HM Opposition Slide 2: Role of an MP This lesson will focus on inviting your student to think about the Role of an MP Click the mouse or tap the slide to ask your students: What do you think these MPs do all day? Slide 3: MPs timetable A handout with a weekly calendar is available to download on L2.20a - timetable Give a copy of this calendar to each student. Invite your students to write a timetable for what you think an MP does in a day Invite your students to compare what time you think they start and finish work, what they do in a day with others in the class. Slide 4: Investigation The next part of the lesson provides resources for your students to investigate what it is like to be an MP. If you have access to computers or laptops the students can watch the following videos and play the online games independently. If you do not have access to individual computers you could do this as a whole class or set the investigation as a homework task. The following videos and resources are available as links on www.revisepolitics.co.uk - Lesson links -L20a ● A short video about the life of an MP (2 minutes). ● A video clip about Chloe Smith, the youngest MP and her ‘typical day’ ● Sometimes behaviour in the House of Commons is terrible! (This is ten minutes of selected footage showing some different types of behaviour in the house - you may wish to show/watch some or all of it to think about some of the challenges that MPs face in the debating chamber). ● MPs personal websites about their duties The following two links are available on the page http://www.nickymorgan.org/ http://www.giselastuartmp.co.uk/a-day-in-the-life/
  3. 3. L2.20a: MPs and HM Opposition (You may wish to use Google to find more to investigate) The following text is with these links : in order to get a picture of what an MP does with their time. Have a look at your MP’s website and see how they have been spending their time. ● A link to short video about an MPs typical week: http://www.parliament.uk/education/online-resources/videos/mps-in-their-own-words/mp-no-typicalweek/ ● Play the game MP for a week http://www.parliament.uk/education/online-resources/games/ It is aimed at slightly younger children but it still reinforces some of the activities that an MP ● BBC article - Role of an MP http://news.bbc.co.uk/democracylive/hi/guides/newsid_8148000/8148397.stm The following text is next to this video link: Read through this article and consider: What factors do they say effect the success of an MP? What can backbenchers who are in Opposition do to influence policy? Who instigates most of the legislation that goes through the Commons? ● MPs in their own words http://www.parliament.uk/education/online-resources/videos/ ● Voting on Bills in the House of Commons The following text is next to this video: This video provides a is technical explanation how MPs vote in the House. This is quite useful for revising the process of legislation again. It also provides the opportunity to discuss the archaic procedure and the importance of history on the behaviour in the House of Commons. Slide 5: Changes to timetable Having considered all these video clips and the article, would you now change your timetable for an MP? Slide 6: Revisit the lesson objectives These lessons objectives will be looked at in more detail in L2.20b