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What emedia offers...

What emedia offers...

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  • 1. emedia Accelerated B2B Lead Generation – On Demand Matt Goldstein, Account Executive 800-782-6167 or 630-288-8458
  • 2. Accelerated - Quicker Results Lead - Prospects Interested in Your Solution Generation - Raising Prospects’ Awareness and Interest in Your Solution On Demand - On Your Schedule
  • 3. About emedia emedia provides high-quality leads, and drives website traffic, for marketing leaders in a variety of B2B growth industries. emedia’s clients enjoy the security of Guaranteed Cost-per-Lead programs, eliminating campaign risk and maximizing lead gen ROI.
  • 4. Our History • emedia launches in UK - 1998 • Independent company November 1999 • emedia launches in US - 2005 • Reed Business Information – emedia Partnership formed in 2006 • Over 3.5 million permission-based subscriptions
  • 5. IT Audiences
  • 6. IT Audiences (cont.)
  • 7. General Management Audiences Business Management Supply Chain Manufacturing Finance
  • 8. General Management Audiences Specialty HR Solutions Health/Safety Audiences
  • 9. Electronics Audiences
  • 10. Construction Audiences
  • 11. emedia Email Bulletins emedia keeps its clients’ lead funnels flowing with targeted email bulletins. These are published on a regular schedule to target audiences of responsive B2B decision makers – so that permission-based recipients expect and rely on them. Each bulletin consists of several client offers. Purposeful educational items like white papers, guides, webinars, product trials, and other collateral comprise bulletin content. Each offer drives leads – when meeting client qualifications – to fulfill insertion requirements. The majority of emedia’s advertisers select the risk-free benefit of our Cost-per-Lead guarantees.
  • 12. Our Bulletin Subscribers • Permission-Based • Dedicated Subscriber Center / Hotline Support • Option of HTML or plain text delivery • Easy to unsubscribe from any bulletin • Subscriber Personalization on website
  • 13. Program Options and Bulletin Formats • Cost-per-Lead Programs • Banner or Tower Inclusion • RapidRequest Inclusion • Sponsorship • Customized Surveys • Dedicated (Solus) Email
  • 14. emedia’s Cost-per-Lead Programs • Lead Volumes By Agreement with Client • Lead Profiling, Filters Facilitate Lead Quality • Competitive CPLs, Enviable ROI • Guaranteed Qualitatively and Quantitatively – Predictable & Measurable – Has Few Parallels in Demand Generation – Or in B2B Marketing
  • 15. Banners & Tower Inclusions Drive highly targeted audiences to client landing pages
  • 16. RapidRequest Inclusion Profiles of targeted decision makers interested in your company’s solution
  • 17. Sponsorship Inclusion Marriage of targeted lead generation with high-profile awareness
  • 18. Customized Survey Richer Lead Profiles – Up to 10 Custom Questions - To Better Prepare Your Sales Team
  • 19. Benefits of Working with emedia • Fast, effective Lead Generation • Quality Leads from Targeted, Responsive Audiences • Speedy Turnaround • Cost Effective CPLs • Measurable, Guaranteed Results • Standard-Setting ROI for our Clients
  • 20. Client Testimonials “I just want to say how pleased I have been with our pilot program with eMedia, and how it has performed thus far. In addition, our rep has provided great service to me. Good customer service is rare and I like to recognize it when it is great!”– Jennifer Randall, Product Marketing Manager, 3M “We've been extremely pleased by the performance of emedia's email bulletins. You can choose the right audience for your event and the response is instant. The service is quick and easy to use and most importantly, hassle free!”- Emma Greer, Gartner Group
  • 21. More Client Testimonials “My experience with emedia has been great. I have been more than pleased with all of the webinar and white paper campaigns I’ve run. With their own marketing sense, they’ve successfully generated the guaranteed leads on all of my campaigns, and the leads have been good titles from quality companies.” Sarah Howard, Mimosa Systems “emedia has proven expertise in reaching executives and C-suites in niche vertical audiences. They are masters in delivering both quality and efficiency on a scalable level” Danielle Modesto, Sr Associate, Mindshare Agency “emedia bulletin's have given our lead generation programs a real shot in the arm. In short, we get quality leads. Not only do we get a return on our spend, we can pinpoint our vertical markets using their diverse universe of e-bulletins. Lastly, they make it really easy to implement their program.” John Toraason, B&B Electronics
  • 22. Accelerated B2B Lead Generation – On Demand Matt Goldstein, Account Executive • 2000 Clearwater Drive, Oak Brook IL 60523 USA • 800-782-6167 or 630-288-8458 • •