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PPC Landing Copy PPC Landing Copy Presentation Transcript

  • 10-Spaces Consulting, Inc design & strategy for the web PPC Training Session 7 Landing Copy Writing
  • PPC Training Recap • Session 1 - Keyword Meaning • Session 2 - Keyword Research • Session 3 - Adwords Campaign Setup • Session 4 - Advanced Adwords Tools • Session 5 - PPC Ad Copy • Session 6 - PPC Landing Pages
  • Landing Page Mechanics Review
  • Landing Page Mechanics • Logo • Response Devices • Headline • Hero Shot • Hero Shot/Caption • Subheadline
  • Landing Page Mechanics • Sentence 1, Sentence 2, Sentence 3 Sequence • Testimonials • Guarantees • Offer Bonuses • Deadlines
  • Landing Page Mechanics • Credibility, Trust and Assurance Icons • Response Devices • Call-to-Action
  • Call-to-Action • Free shipping • Free Shipping with cut off • Inventory indicator / Limited quantity • Add to cart • Irresistible Offer - bonuses, extras
  • Copy Writing Model AIDA
  • AIDA • A = Attention - benefits in harmony with keyword intent. Identify needs & empathize • I = Interest (features) • D = Desire - offer + bonuses/incentives • A= Action - add to cart
  • Copy Writing Sequence
  • Copy Writing Sequence #1 - Bly • Get Attention • Show a Need • Satisfy Need • Position Product as a Solution • Prove Your Product Can Do What You Say • Ask for Action
  • Copy Writing Sequence #2 - Sugarman • Interest/Excitement - Echo Customer Need • Drama • Why Different • Benefits - How to use • Unique Features • Justify Purchase • Guarantees - Explain Lasting Value & Service • Ask for Order
  • Landing Page Sequence Breakdown
  • Effective Landing Page Copy
  • Getting Attention • Belief - what do your customers believe; attitudes toward product • Feelings - confident, brash, nervous, fearful • Desires - what are their goals? what change do they want in their lives?
  • Important Things to Know about Copy Sequence • Customers start their decision process on emotions • Customers justify their decision process based on logic • They use logic to justify their emotions
  • Rules for Copy Length • High price = more explanation • Less known = more explanation
  • Rules for Effective Landing Copy • Headline Leads to Subheadline to 1st Sentence, to 2nd, etc • Use conversational tone - ‘you’ not ‘we’ • “Don’t wee wee on yourself” - Karon Thackston • Use active voice - who did what?
  • Rules for Effective Landing Copy • Harmonize copy with benefits and search intent • Product descriptions- explain simple products in complex way, complicated products in simple way.
  • Psychological Triggers
  • Pyschological Triggers • Involvement and Ownership - take, imagine, description of use, description of the end results
  • Pyschological Triggers • Honesty - copy describes product accurately, even at the cost of opting some customers out of the sale--”maybe its not for you”
  • Pyschological Triggers • Integrity - clean and polished presentation design and layout--reflection of company
  • Pyschological Triggers • Credibility - establish truthfulness about what the product will and won’t do. Not cliche, rash, exaggerated.
  • Pyschological Triggers • Proof of Value - position and compare your product to something similar on the market. Disharmony = can’t find good reason
  • Pyschological Triggers • Justify - response to customer’s internal question: “Can I really justify this purchase”
  • Pyschological Triggers • Greed - attraction to bargains
  • Pyschological Triggers • Establish Authority - find way to establish company as the authority on the topic
  • Pyschological Triggers • Satisfaction - rule out the fear of being dissatisfied by explaining guarantees
  • Pyschological Triggers • Prospect Nature - emotional aspects of your prospect what would respond best to a solution to their exact needs (i.e. problem, frustration, etc).
  • Pyschological Triggers • Linking - link product to what the consumer already knows and understands (i.e. simile, personification).
  • Pyschological Triggers • Consistency - consumer will continue to act consistently with their commitment. Feel like they can’t turn back; its 2x easier to ask customer to buy more while they are still nodding their heads (double profit in once setting).
  • Pyschological Triggers • Harmonize - ride the jet stream of where your market is, and what customers are demanding; either fads or expectations
  • Pyschological Triggers • Desire to Belong - don’t want to be left out of the result, lifestyle, clique, or social status they desire
  • Pyschological Triggers • Curiosity - paint a picture of the outcome, but tell just enough. Left with response “I’m curious whether this thing will work the way they describe it. If it did, WOW! I’d finally solve my problem.”
  • Pyschological Triggers • Urgency - if they don’t feel guilty if they don’t buy now, they probably won’t buy. The feel guilty because the offer is too good to pass up.
  • Pyschological Triggers • Fear - part of urgency is based on fear; don’t want to miss out on the opportunity. Fear can also be about wanting to avoid an outcome: get sick, loose money.
  • Pyschological Triggers • Gratification - expedited shipping could be a deciding factor in and of itself.
  • Pyschological Triggers • Exclusivity, Rarity, Uniqueness - limited production, factors can only get from you, harmonized benefits that would be hard to find (i.e. simply describing the offer in the right way can achieve this).
  • Pyschological Triggers • Human Relationships - humanize the offer with conversational copy in harmony with searcher intent. Design elements, like pictures etc, should also help bring human element.
  • Pyschological Triggers • Storytelling - humans are wired to listen to stories. Telling one can captivate audience, if they don’t want to be captivated (e.g. Barack Obama, Lee Herrington, etc)
  • Pyschological Triggers • Mental Engagement - being kept in suspense can keep engaged; forced to listen to the details when in suspense mode.
  • Pyschological Triggers • Guilt - Receiving something of value you feel an obligation to take some action in return
  • Pyschological Triggers • Specificity - be specific in your explanations; establishes credibility (e.g. “doctors everywhere recommend” vs. “90% of doctors recommend”).
  • Pyschological Triggers • Familiarity - create familiarity (as you would feel comfortable with family) by using familiar words: “red”, “7”, “10”, “free”, “sale”
  • Pyschological Triggers • Hope - the hope of solving something, attaining, achieving, etc is a trigger.
  • Landing Page Headlines & Subheadlines
  • Tips for Landing Page Headlines/Subheadlines • 1) Put a number in the subject line. - Subject: The 22 habits of financially successful writers • 2) Be mysterious. - Subject: The easiest product to sell online
  • Tips for Landing Page Headlines/Subheadlines • 3) Make a big promise. - Subject: Get paid $22,500 to write a letter? • 4) Make a 2nd promise - offer something more believable as a second offer
  • Tips for Landing Page Headlines/Subheadlines • 5) Ask a question. - Subject: Is there a book inside you? • 6) Offer to reveal some secrets. - Subject: 3 "lost secrets" of a winning USP
  • Session 8 - PPC/ Adwords Q and A