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Hitler Hitler Presentation Transcript

  • Class Notes 9:7 Adolf Hitler Modern World History, by Dan McDowell. Teaching Point, ©2003
  • Background
    • Born in Austria – not Germany!
    • Had ambitions to be an artist, but could not get into art school
    • Worked various jobs prior to WWI
    • Enlisted in Germany army; distinguished himself with two bravery medals
  • Post-War Germany
    • When war ended he believed Germany was “stabbed in the back” by Weimar Republic politicians who signed the Versailles treaty (no military officers at the signing)
    • With a handful of other dissenters, he formed the party that would evolve into the National Socialists (Nazis)
  • Post-War Germany
    • As party leader, he gave numerous speeches blaming Germany’s new found weakness on the current politicians, the French, the communists, and the Jews
  • Post-War Germany
    • Early popularity was limited, the Nazi party received less that 10% of the vote in the early 1920s
    • Organized a raid to capture the Bavarian government in Munich in 1923, but was crushed by the regular German army
  • Post-War Germany
    • Convicted and sent to prison for nine months where he wrote Mein Kampf
  • Philosophy of Hitler
    • First outlined his political philosophy in Mein Kampf
      • Versailles Treaty must be repealed, it had dismantled the very nature of the Fatherland
      • All German -speaking people must be united in a single nation which therefore needed additional “living space”
      • Aryans are the highest form of life, must never intermingle with lesser races including Slavs and Jews; these groups must be separated from Aryans
  • Philosophy of Hitler
    • After prison, Hitler reorganized Nazi party and developed a political platform that would utilize the democratic system to obtain power
  • National Socialist Platform
    • Stop all compliance with the Versailles Treaty and punish those responsible for this “stab in the back”
    • Rid Germany of corrupt non-Aryan influences, including the Jews who he said had an international plan to take over world
    • Only allow people of German blood to be citizens
  • National Socialist Platform
    • Rebuild greatness of the German army; build an unrivaled navy
    • Unify the German peoples
    • Rebuild the German economy without foreign influences – protecting German workers and farmers
  • National Socialist Platform
    • Education in the name of the nation should be available to everyone and the press should have limitations placed on it
    • All citizens have equal access to pensions and medical care in their old age