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Causes Europe
Causes Europe
Causes Europe
Causes Europe
Causes Europe
Causes Europe
Causes Europe
Causes Europe
Causes Europe
Causes Europe
Causes Europe
Causes Europe
Causes Europe
Causes Europe
Causes Europe
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Causes Europe


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  • 1. Causes of World War II EUROPE
  • 2. Germany
    • March 1935- Hitler denounces VT and starts massive rearmament campaign.
    • League of Nations objected but did nothing
    • The Leagues failure to do anything convinced Hitler to take greater risk
    • Mussolini likewise noticed what happened.
  • 3. Mussolini attacks Ethiopia
    • Italy was defeated by Ethiopia in the 1890s.
    • Oct 1935 Italy invaded and conquered the African Nation easily.
  • 4. League of Nations reaction to Italian invasion
    • Condemned it but did nothing.
    • Britain and France hoped to keep the peace in Europe.
    • “ God and history will remember your judgment..It is us today. It will be you tomorrow ”
    • -Haile Selassie
    • Ethiopian Emperor
  • 5. German Expansion: A Turning Point!!!!
    • March 1936-Germany reoccupies the Rhineland
    • What is the Rhineland according to the VT treaty?
  • 6. The Rhineland: Reactions
    • France is shocked
    • Britain urged appeasement
    • Oct 1936 “Rome-Berlin Pact”
    • Nov 1936 Japan allies with Italy and Germany forming the AXIS powers
  • 7. Meanwhile in Spain: Civil War
    • Spain is a monarchy until 1931- turned into a republic
    • July 1936 the Army wanting a Fascist style gov’t revolted. Lead by Francisco Franco
  • 8. Meanwhile in Spain: Civil War
    • 3 yr Civil War 1936-1939
    • Nationalist -Fascist vs.. Replicans -democratic
    • Hitler and Mus. Supported Nationalist
    • Soviets supported Republicans
    • Nationalist under Franco won!
  • 9. The German Reich expands: to unite all German speaking people. “Today Germany! Tomorrow the World”
    • VT prohibited Anchluss: the unification of Austria and Germany
    • March 1938 Hitler invaded Austria and annexed it.
    • LoN did nothing
  • 10. The Third Reich Expands: Czechoslovakia
    • Germany wanted the Sudetenland: the German speaking portion of Czech.
    • Sept 1938 Hitler demanded the territory
    • Czech gov’t fearing invasion asked for help from GB and France.
  • 11. The Munich Conference
    • France and Great Britain prepared for war.
    • Mussolini proposed a conference between all countries involved
    • They met on
    • Sept 29, 1938
  • 12. The Munich Conference
    • British Prime Minister Chamberlin wanted appeasement .
    • Britain and France agreed to let Hitler have the Sudetenland if Czech borders were respected thereafter.
    • Hitler agreed
    • War was avoided (for now)
  • 13. Further Fascist Aggression
    • 6 months later Hitler takes all of Czech
    • Mussolini seizes Albania
    • Hitler demands Polish port of Danzig.
    • Poles plead to France and Great Britain for help.
  • 14.  
  • 15. The Nonaggression Pact
    • Stalin resented being left out of Munich Conference.
    • Soviets and Nazis signed non aggression pact August 23, 1939
    • War seemed inevitable