MATSITI Project Overview


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Overview of the National More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers Initiative (MATSITI)

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  • Generic presentation for More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers Initiative to be modified for audiences as required As at May 2012 Project partners are welcome to use and modify the presentation as long as attribution is given to the MATSITI Project under Creative Commons licence
  • Presentation contents
  • Full Project Plan at
  • See Aboriginal and Toores Strait Islander Education Action Plan 2010-2014 Leadership, Quality Teaching and Workforce Development is one of 6 priority domains – the other 5 priorities are Readiness for school Engagement and connections Attendance Literacy and Numeracy Pathways to Real Post-School Options
  • Research – teacher workforce profile, teacher education, career development, enablers and barriers Partnerships – school jurisdictions, teacher education institutions, professional associations, Indigenous education leaders and networks Marketing and communications – promotion campaign to attract Indigenous people to the teaching profession
  • Key activities identified in MATSITI Project Plan and 2012 Work Plan available on Over 50% to co-fund sustainable initiatives in schools, universities and professional networks
  • Indigenous workforce data available until 2008 when national collection ceased.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander School Student population in Australian States and Territories
  • Further details and video about the Australian Council of Deans of Education Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Retention and Graduation Project
  • First round MATSITI grants to school jurisdictions and teacher education institutions
  • Yamaiyamarna Paitya | ‘Teachers are deadly’ in the language of the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains
  • Project governance plus the three main sectors the Project will engage with – school jurisdictions, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators, and teacher education institutions. Project Working Party includes DEEWR (sponsor), AITSL, ACARA, SCSEEC Indigenous Education Working Group
  • Suggested information and news can be forwarded to to be considered for inclusion in the site.
  • – launched at 2012 Teachers are deadly! conference
  • MATSITI Project Overview

    1. 1. MATSITI Project OverviewProject Director: Professor Peter Buckskin | | 08 8302 0036 | May 2012
    2. 2. MATSITI Presentation Contents• MATSITI Project Objectives• Indigenous Education Policy Context• Teacher Workforce Research & Planning• Partnership Agreements• 2012 National Conference• Project Governance• Contact @matsiti This Project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations through the More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers Initiative.
    3. 3. Overview | More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers Initiative• 1% of Australian school teachers are Indigenous (4% of students)• $7.5m Initiative over 4 years funded by Australian Government (DEEWR)• Project managed by University of SA (DUCIER)• Led and governed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators• Project Plan on
    4. 4. MATSITI Project Objectives• Increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers in Australian schools• Enhance professional and leadership capabilities of experienced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers
    5. 5. An Australian Government Initiative• Council of Australian Governments (COAG)• National Indigenous Reform Agreement (Closing the Gap)• National Education Agreement
    6. 6. Policy Context | Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teacher Workforce Reform Action #33:A National Indigenous Workforce Strategy
    7. 7. Key Project Outcomes for Indigenous Teaching Workforce Reforms• Qualitative and quantitative research to inform teacher workforce planning• Lasting partnerships with school authorities, universities and professional associations• Teaching in schools widely promoted as a desirable and worthwhile career pathway
    8. 8. MATSITI Projected Budget Expenditure 2012-15
    9. 9. Research | Teacher workforce profile and education award completions
    10. 10. Research | Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school student populations
    11. 11. Research |Teacher education and career pathways
    12. 12. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teacher Views on Teaching
    13. 13. 2012 MATSITI Partnerships | ACDE Retention and Graduation Project• Audit of Indigenous student outcomes in teacher education• Review of approaches to retention and graduation• Report on course completion and early career experiences• Networks of educators in teacher education and Indigenous units• Institutional plans to improve Indigenous retention, success and graduation rates• Budget: $827,000
    14. 14. 2012 MATSITI Partnerships | Co-investment Grants• CDU Leadership and remote pathways• Yunggorendi (Flinders) video stories• Qld DETE ‘Murritech’ VET in schools• SCU early childhood education mentoring• UOW teacher and leadership mentoring• WA Dept of Ed AIEW transition to teaching• SA DECD leadership scholarships
    15. 15. MATSITI Project Governance School Jurisdictions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Universities Government schools Islander Communities Schools of Education Catholic schools School and community leaders Indigenous Education Schools Independent schools Professional networks & Research Centres Indigenous Schooling Units Negotiated agreements Negotiated agreements Negotiated agreements MATSITI Project Leadership Project Management TeamIndigenous Reference Group Professor Peter Buckskin Emeritus Professor Paul Hughes Dr Kaye Price Working Party External Project Evaluator MATSITI Contract Management DEEWR Program Delegate Standing Council on School Education and Early Childhood (formerly MCEECDYA)
    16. 16. MATSITI Project TeamProfessor Peter Buckskin (Project Director)Professor Paul Hughes*Dr Kaye Price*University of South Australia08 8302 MATSITI Research Associates *