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presentation about Matri Sadan Haridwar

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  1. 1. A mission to fight Corruptionand Environmental Destruction.
  2. 2.  To work towards elimination of all sorts of social evils and corruption prevailing in society through its Sanyasins who are established in soul consciousness. To uphold the Vedic Philosophy and tradition of India and to enlighten the entire humanity by igniting the soul consciousness in each individual so that each one sees the Light of Truth. To protect, promote and strive for conservation of the environment and prevent all sorts of polluting activities, both internal and external (including air, water, sound, etc). To encourage public servants, who are working for bringing transparency, discipline, sincerity and accountability in their respective spheres.
  3. 3. Satyagraha against Ganga PollutionSatyagraha against Stone CrushersSatyagraha against CorruptionSatyagraha for EnvironmentalProtection and Removal of Corruption
  4. 4.  In front of Matri Sadan, a tributary of the Ganga directly coming from Harakipairi is going past it. When in may 1997, Matri Sadan shifted here, hundreds of trucks, trolleys and other such vehicles were seen/found to be plying across the sacred bed of the Ganga and entering into the forest. In the forest, across the Ganga, the forest land was indiscriminately mined by mining Mafias to dig out the stones from the ground. Besides, felling of forest-trees, prominently the valuable ones of Khaira, killing of wild animals was conducted in clandestine manner whereby, causing a great damage to the forest altogether.The Mafia people were hand in globe with the district administration along with a coterie of corrupt ministers in Lucknow. The background of the nexus between them was based on sharing the booty in terms of money from bottom to top in every echelon. It was discovered when Matri Sadan launched its movement to stop the plying of such vehicles through the bed of the Ganga
  5. 5.  At the end of February 1998, just on the eve of Mukhya Kumbha Snana (the main auspicious bath of Kumbh Mela) during the Kumbh Mela period, Matri Sadan made a written complaint to the Additionl Mela officer expressing a deep concern over the pollution problem caused by six stone crushers at Jagjeetpur - five thickly clustered and a sixty located seperately, which had a common boundary with ITI Govt. College, Just beside Hardwar-Luxur road. It was also stated through the complaint that an exit road of Kumbh Mela was passing through amidst the clustered snone crushers. Due to this, millions of pilgrims were susceptible to the to the repercussions of the pollution. On the other hand, the stone crushers had no pollution control device and no check and control of any kind from any authority either. The situation of the stone crushers was so alarming that they were destroying the lives of thousands of people permanently, in addition to what damage it could do to the above-mentioned pilgrims. At a distance of hardly 100-200 metres, there were many ashrams, two schools--Guru Ram Rai Public school and Govt. Primary School -- Jegjeetpur village of about 10,000 population, the main road from Hardwar to Luxur, etc. At all times, a cloud of dust could be seen in the atmosphere above the clustered crushers On 14/02/99 the Mafia stone crushers made a murderous attack on four saints of Matri Sadan, including its head, Swami Shivanandji Maharaj, in connivance with the police. The lives of the saints were miraculously rescued by two constables -- Shri Rajendra Sharma and Shri Jagmohan Sharma, yet the saints fell unconscious and were drenched with blood. Accordingly an FIR was lodged. Despite that, the police could not arrest the culprits and helped them to get bail. Of course, a high level enquiry was set up which clearly reported the hand of Mr. B.M. Singh, the SO, Police Station, Kankhal. Consequently, he was penalised. Since then the stone crushers all closed and people affected thereof are able to breath frest air and free from incurable diseases called silicosis. This is how the divine organisation of Matri Sadan insured the divine victory - - welfare of human beings on the alter of above-mentioned suffering and self sacrifice.
  6. 6.  Matri Sadan is spiritually fighting to restore truth and eradicate the plethora of corruption in order to provide healthy environment to the society, both of subtle and gross nature. Since the system as a whole has become corrupt, it demands utmost martyrdom and involves venturesome toil (Tapas) to transform the situation. However, we have strong belief in persuasive measure to undo the threat. As a matter of principle, Matri Sadan is intent on evoking realization of ignorance to the people at fault rather than punishment to them untruthfully, in opposition to natural justice that obviously comes into fore. Probably, the system of judiciary has been installed with this motto.