Matlab: Gui

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Matlab: Gui

Matlab: Gui

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  • 1. Matlab:Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)
  • 2. GUIs
    Graphical User Interfaces provide the users a rich and hassle free environment for viewing, manipulating or running their programs.
  • 3. GUIs
    MATLAB provides a useful tool called ‘GUIDE’ for building Graphical User Interfaces. GUIDE stands for GUI Design Environment. It can be initiated by the command:
  • 4. GUIDE
    The main window of ‘GUIDE’ looks like this:
    You can visit the HELP and documentation section for sample codes and examples!
  • 5. GUIDE
    This is the first window of GUIDE. It allows you to select the prototype of the graphical user interface.
  • 6. GUIDE
    After selecting the first option you’ll come to this window. This is our GUI editor.
  • 7. GUIDE
    Adding 3 push buttons and an ‘axes’ area.
  • 8. GUIDE
    Use the ‘align’ option from ‘Tools’ to align the three pus buttons.
  • 9. GUIDE
    The toolbar option allows you to design your custom toolbar.
  • 10. GUIDE
    Save your work by pressing ‘ctrl+s’ or select ‘save’ from the ‘File’ menu.
  • 11. GUIDE
    Run the GUI from the ‘Run Figure’ option.
  • 12. GUIDE
    This is what we have built till now.
  • 13. GUIDE
    Now, lets write a code that opens an image when the first button is pressed. Search for ‘pushbutton1_Callback(…)’ line and write the following code in your figure’s m file: (img.bmp is the image that will open when this button is pressed)
  • 14. GUIDE
    Now save the m file and run the figure. Now press the first pushbutton!
  • 15. GUIDE
    This was a simple example of implementing a GUI using the matlab tool GUIDE.
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