Final assignment #1 event planning


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Hi Elena!
Here is the assignment! You should know that a lot of my photos are missing cause they
didn't fit in this uploadl. But i will have them on my presentation if we are aloud to use our own computers.
But I am quite sure I will do some other changes before the presentations well since because I am not 100% satisfied with the presentation yet.

Kind regards,
Matilda Söderberg

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Final assignment #1 event planning

  1. 1. The objectives My client is Vodafone and I decided to make a tribute event for the top one hundred clients of Vodafone in Spain to show the appreciation from Vodafone to them. Their ´treat´ will be that they are invited to the VIP lounge to the Alejandro Sanz concert that is sponsored by Vodafone. The other 440 seats on the first floor will be sold with a 10% discount to Vodafone customers. What will happen during the night is, appart from watching the concert, beeing given a goodie bag up on the VIP which is held on the second floor which will be containing 50 different applications to download for free by Vodafone, Alejando Sanz new CD and a small sample of the champagne Veuve Cliequot. Also there will be a price handed out to the person who, during the break time of the concert, wins the new game which is being lounged on one of the applications by Vodafone. The winner will take home the best smartphone on the market along with his new applications to download to it. The winner will also, with the 10 runner ups from the competition, will also be given the opportunity to, after the concert, take a photo with Alejandro Sanz taken by a professional photographer.
  2. 2. The theme I want to create a luxurious atmosphere for the guests in the VIP area. I want them to really feel appreciated and special at this event. So i will decorate with a luxurious jet-set life style whilst serving champagne, canapés and caviar. The feeling I would like to get in the VIP lounge is luxurious and relaxed. The waiters will be carrying tailcoats and shiny shoes and will serve the food as well as keeping a low profile during the whole concert.
  3. 3. The theme Why I want to create this luxurious theme is because I think that the VIP guests will appreciate the effort Vodafone gives on showing their appreciation for them. Not only with the concert and contests. But I want the guest to feel they can relax a bit just for a night and forgett abour the every-day problems, just being there, getting served canapés with champagne and not having to think about anything else. I want them to feel pamempered.
  4. 4. The venue -Main entrance from the outside -Ticket booth on left side of entrance -Emergency/side doors -Map of location
  5. 5. The venue  Inside the main entrance with a view into the first floor and stair to the right and left leding up to the VIP area
  6. 6. The venue-View of the stage whenentering the room-To the left of the stage isthe ail to enter backstage-To the right of the stageIs the three emergencyExits.View from the stage upTo the VIP area, which ison the second floor
  7. 7. The venue-View of the VIP area and their view of the scene-To the right and left are booth for smaller parties, but the ones closest to the scene is alwasubscribed to the workers from the theater
  8. 8. The venue-When going upstairs from mainentrance you find the VIP bathroomfor woman and the only excistingone for men.-The corridor leads you to thebalconys to the right and left side ofthe VIP area.-Technicians place in the middle ofsecond floor.
  9. 9. The venue  Entrance from the audience room to the backstage area where there is a WC as well.  Across the stage on the right side is a stair down to the 10 green rooms where they have showers, WC etc.
  10. 10. The venue  Backstage to pass to the stair, you have to walk over a lot of cables etc. Which al need to be taped down better.  The elecricity things are backstage to the right of the stage, which also needs a lot more covering over.  One storage room excists on the second floor, but is already filled with stuff from the technicians etc.
  11. 11. The venue – Scouting andquestions
  12. 12. The venue- SWOT S. – Sound, lightning, electricity, central location, easy to access by public transportations. W. - WC problems, green rooms without windows/ventilation, one way street outside main entrance and side doors, small VIP area (with regards to serving the catering), only fire escapes to the right side of the stage, the stage also leans towards the audience. No support for handicapped persons. O. - Central location could have been a bigger event if not for the small capacity of the venue T. – Small teatre, old, difficult not to stop traffic when audience is arriving (becouse it´s narrow and there will probably be a lot of media), small mainentrance and traffic very close by it,
  13. 13. The decoration For decorations I will focus on the luxury theme with discrete touches. Since it is an old theatre with red velvet seats and red carpets, I think the venue already brings a feeling of luxury to. Since the theater already is red, which is Vodafones signature color, I will not use anymore red for the decoration. Outside and inside the main entrance I will have posters with Alejandro Sanz with a small Vodafone logo in each right corner. On the stage I will have a banner with the Vodafone logo and a signature of Alejandro on it in the background of the stage that will cover the whole wall from the stage floor to the roof. So the audience doesnt “forgett” who invited them to the concert and who is the reason for the concert happening. Also so that all fotos taken durng the show will have the Vodafone logo in the background.
  14. 14. The decoration -Alejando Sanz poster with logo -Stage with logo in background, but it will be in a soft white color -Velvet curtains, but in dark red by VIP entrance -Champagne fontain by the entran To the VIP area (second floor)
  15. 15. The decoration -I want to create a luxurious atmosphere with softer lights and red colors (from the velvet from the chairs, carpet and curtains. -The lightshow should go in red/yellow lights
  16. 16. How to solve the problems Storage- I would solve the problem I have with the storage place by renting a storage in the center of Madrid for 24 hours. Where I would storage everything that I need to get rid of from the stage area etc. Catering- I will solve the catering problem with having the catering food, champagne etc. Stored under serving tables by the second floor waiting area (between the bathrooms). They coud small refrigiators under the tables where they will put out canapés etc (as well as walking around the area serving). The tables will be covered with white cloths with red boarders to reinforce the Vodafone theme. WC- The WC issue regards to that only one men´s bathroom excist on the second floor where the VIP area is. I would put a sequrity guard above the stair that leads to that bathroom who will check that no one passes to the VIP without the access card given to the VIP guests. Sequrity- I will need plenty of sequrity guards placed out on diffrent places across the venue. I would have two by the main entrance to make sure no one without VIP card or ticket will enter the theater. I would also have on next to each stair that leads up to the VIP, including one guard that only checks that no one passes from the men´s bathroom to the VIP without the card. I would also place minimum two guards outside the fire exits, where the staff also has their smoking area. And ofcourse I would have a fence seperating the audience further from stage where minimun 5 gurads will be guarding. Also next to the entrance to backstage would have a guard.
  17. 17. How to solve theproblems Fire escape- There is only 3 fire escapes from the performance room, except for the main entrance. That i actually dont know how to solve at all. Parking facilities- I would subscribe aprox. 400 parking lots at the public parking by Plaza Santa Ana. Green rooms- Regards to ventilation/windows in the green rooms i would have fans put in to at least get som cirkulation of the air inside the rooms. The rooms are apart from being bad ventilated very old and worn out. I would definitly put the same luxurios decoration inside the lounges as in the VIP to pif it up a bit. For example I would have the red velvet curtains covering the door from the inside, and having textiles in white put up on the walls to make it look a bit fresh, a chandelier to give a more glamouros feeling and also have champagne on cold inside the lougne. One way street- The problem with having a one way street is that the media and press coming to take photos might block a big part of the street. Also the guest arriving in cars might get jammed up in traffic since the other one-way streets in this particular area leads to the one where the theater is. I dont know how to solve this problem.