Jeopardy geography
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Jeopardy geography






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  • Eleanor M. Savko 08/28/11

Jeopardy geography Jeopardy geography Presentation Transcript

  • 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt Landforms Continents Where in the World? Terms Hodge Podge
  • A large area of flat or gently sloping land
  • What is a plain?
  • A deep valley with steep sides
  • What is a canyon ?
  • An area of flat land that is higher than the surrounding land
  • What is a plateau?
  • The longest river in the United States
  • What is the Mississippi River?
  • The longest mountain range in the United States
  • What are the Appalachian Mountains?
  • The continent where the United States is located
  • What is North America?
  • The continent which is entirely in the Western Hemishere?
  • What is South America?
  • Name the four oceans
  • Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Arctic Ocean
  • Two continents which are entirely in the southern hemisphere
  • What are Australia and Antarctica?
  • Name the 7 continents
  • What are North America South America Europe Asia Africa Australia Antarctica
  • The Mississippi River ends in the
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • The line of latitude which divides the north and the south hemisphere
  • What is the equator?
  • Name two states not on the mainland U.S.
  • What are Alaska and Hawaii?
  • The highest mountain range in the U.S. is located in this part of the U.S.
  • What are the Rocky Mountains?
  • The prime meridian runs on what line of longitude
  • What is 0 degrees
  • The study of a place and the way the people live in it and use it
  • What is geography?
  • Rain and snow that fall to the earth are called
  • What is precipitation?
  • Climate is the kind of weather a region experiences over many --
  • What are years?
  • Canyons, mountains, plateaus, and plains are different types of -----
  • What are landforms?
  • The United States is made up of ------ regions
  • What is five?
  • A region of the U.S.
  • What are West, Southwest, Southeast, Middle West and North East? Name 1
  • An area’s altitude is determined by its
  • What is height above sea level?
  • A major natural resource of the United States is
  • What are metals?
  • Forests supply us with
  • What are fossil fuels?
  • The Central Plains and the Great Plains make up the
  • What are the Interior Plains?