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Comenius - Math is B.E.A.U - Summary
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Comenius - Math is B.E.A.U - Summary


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Summary of the whole project.

Summary of the whole project.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. The project number 2010-1-IT2-COM06-14377 Maths is B.E.A.U. (that is Beautiful Easy Amusing Useful) will be financed to all Partners. The funding for school partnerships consists of a lump sum. The amount is specified according to the number of mobilities the schools haveplanned to conduct during the two years project cycle (for all partners 24 mobilities) Start date activities 1 agosto 2010 End date activities 31 luglio 2012
  • 2. Partner:ITALY - Ist. Istr. Sup. San Giovanni Bosco - VIADANA - MN - IT (Coordinator)SPAIN- Instituto de Ensenanza Secundaria “Luis de Camoens” - Ceuta - ES (Partner)FRANCE - Lycee Francois Bazin - CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES - FR (Partner)NORTHERN IRELAND - South West College - Omagh – Irlanda del Nord - GB (Partner)ICELAND - Kopavogur Institute of Education - Kopavogur - IS (Partner)TURKEY - Ozel Sarıyer Doga Lisesi - İSTANBUL - TR (Partner) MEETING DATES (October – March – May) 2010/2011 ITALY SPAIN NORTH IRELAND 2011/2012 FRANCE ICELAND TURKEY
  • 3. OBJECTIVES- to promote students’ interest in mathematics, overcoming the reservations towards it- to motivate every student towards mathematics- to support the greatest development of capacities for each individual student- to make students aware that mathematics education is not mathematics- to increase knowledge, skills and aptitudes in the maths field for European students- to enlarge young people’s competence throughout their lives, for their personalfulfillment, motivation and future job satisfaction- to improve the ability to develop and apply mathematical thinking in order to solve arange of problems in everyday situations- to promote interest in foreign languages, team work, greater sense of involvement,student - centred initiatives- to foster friendship among students/teachers of partner schools.We intend to address our efforts to all students, but particularly to those in compulsoryeducation (14 – 16 years of age).- to recover and reinforce knowledge/competence (above all logical skills)- to acquire new maths competence.
  • 4. The teachers will plan team/group activities based on everyday experiencesto carry out with students in local schools and to share online with all partnerschools, using ICT tools and also during the transnational meetings/exchangeswithin the project. METHODOLOGIESThe teachers will look for opportunities within different vocational fields where Mathscan be used naturally- emphasizing process and activity, as well as knowledge- promoting new methods and innovative classroom activities- using different teaching strategies, according to the different learning strategiespreferred by each student- submitting a series of questions and exercises, different in type and degree ofdifficulty, to the students- encouraging group work and involving all students.Every student will find something that appeals to their taste and abilities.All exercises must be written out in all partner languages.The schools will collaborate with local firms and local authorities.
  • 5. RESULTS AND OUTCOMESSEPTEMBER 2010Submitting a common questionnaire to the students abouttheir feelings towards mathematics.MATH ANXIETY (why - who - how to cope with – how feeling)MATH DELIGHTOCTOBER 2010Mapping of questionnaire outcomes for each partner schooland mutual exchange of processed data. 1st Transnational Meeting in Viadana (MN) – ITALY from 18 to 22 October 2010
  • 6. RESULTS AND OUTCOMESNOVEMBER 2010Sharing proposals of activities about the subject “Imagine a worldwithout mathematics, can you?” (This project will help students toexplore how our everyday life is linked to mathematics).DECEMBER 2010Mutual communication of activities taking place in each school.JANUARY and FEBRUARY 2011Collection of materials about the project “Imagine a world withoutmathematics, can you?” 2nd Transnational Meeting in Ceuta – Spain From 7 to 11 March 2011
  • 7. RESULTS AND OUTCOMESMARCH 2011Monitoring and evaluation of the first results of the partnership work andadjustment of the project objectives. Planning of Geometry activitiesabout the architectural buildings in the surroundings of each partner town.(beautiful/matching shapes we find in buildings thought symmetries andgold ratio).APRIL and MAY 2011Production of a tourist guide book about the remarkable buildingsand key art monuments in each town. 3rd Transnational Meeting in Omagh - Northern Ireland – UK From 16 to 20 May 2011
  • 8. RESULTS AND OUTCOMESJUNE and JULY 2011Sharing the products of the 1st year of the project.SEPTEMBER 2011Activity planning for the 2nd year of the project. The subject willbe “Mathematics in Food costing… when we have to carryout a recipe” or (to know how to manage the costs andexpenditures when we want to realise a professional project atthe workplace) and the idea is that the teacher team groupanalyze the format of THE PRICE IS RIGHT game. 4th Transnational Meeting in Charleville Mezière – FRANCE From 3 to 7 October 2011
  • 9. RESULTS AND OUTCOMESOCTOBER / DECEMBER 2011Training of students, both locally and online, so that they canapproach enjoyable games.JANUARY / MARCH 2012Transnational competition which will involve students inmathematics games, both virtual (online) and during themeeting in Turkye. 5th Transnational Meeting in Kópavogur – ICELAND From … to … March 2012
  • 10. RESULTS AND OUTCOMESAPRIL / MAY 2012Production of a CD containing the final results and products ofthe project.JUNE / JULY 2012Evaluation and dissemination of the results and products of theproject. 6th Transnational Meeting in Instanbul – TURKEY From … to … May 2012
  • 11. HIGTLIGHTS2010/2011 - Common questionnaire about students’ feelings towards mathematics - Imagine a world without mathematics, can you? - Geometry activities about the architectural buildings in the surroundings of each partner town and production of a tourist guide book2011/2012 - Mathematics in Food costing … (The price is right?...) - Enjoyable games (Mathematics games competition) - Production of a CD containing the final results