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Math syllabus 2010/11
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Math syllabus 2010/11



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  • 1. Math Syllabus 2010-11 Mr. Ryan Hansen
  • 2. At Minarets you take notes at home and homework is done in class with a trained mathematician.
  • 3. Students need number sense, so people like this don’t take all your ducats.
  • 4. Its a big world, with millions of resources, we’ll show you how to cope with the future with tools like these...
  • 5. Math classes will be
  • 6. The grading policy All assignments will be completed in a timely manner. Turn them in late, the best you can earn is a C.
  • 7. Standard Grading Rates Apply 90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C 60-69 D 0 - 50 F
  • 8. Checking Grades We are using powerschool You check grades whenever you want.
  • 9. Rules of The Game of School Students are expected to report to class on time and be prepared A prepared student has pen or pencil, paper, headphones, a laptop, and is focused on learning. Students will present themselves professionally at all times in dress and behavior. Students may listen to music during independent work time with earphones only, and only if they have grades of C or better in class. Language in class will be appropriate and professional and students will demonstrate respect towards others and their property.
  • 10. Tardies My door will be locked at the second bell, and students are given a bell assignment, If you are locked out you will not get credit for the bell assignment. If you are consistently tardy, grades will suffer and principals and parents will become involved.
  • 11. What will you learn in your Math class? The math curriculum will be guided by the California Math Standards set forth by the California Department of Education. Please refer to the link below: Math Standards
  • 12. Tools We will be Using
  • 13. This concludes the Minarets High Math Syllabus Any questions please contact Mr. Ryan Hansen Mrs. Denise Alvarez rhansen@mychawanakee.org dalvarez@mychawanakee.org This syllabus is subject to change at any time