Math in the 21st century


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how to use technology in the classroom, using videos for notes and homework in the class

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  • Students know what to do, and where to go.

  • too much info,
  • i pick my top 10 or 12 at the begging of the year based on released questions, and from past experience.

  • introduce a concept
    they will see this at a station each time in class
  • i pick my top 10 or 12 at the begging of the year based on released questions, and from past experience.

  • story of austin covering my class
  • assignments

  • Math in the 21st century

    1. 1. Math in the 21st Century Ryan Hansen
    2. 2. How I run my three stations every student does three different activities in one period using a timer (this helps a lot!!!) all the information is on the wiki or moodle. notes are done at home
    3. 3. Two projectors are nice timers up wiki websites doc cam
    4. 4. Station 1 review notes, taken at home any questions on the new stuff
    5. 5. Station 2 all review students work together
    6. 6. Station 3 project or quiz station thatquiz(free) studyisland(paid) all scored on line no grading....
    7. 7. More on students create and solve keynotes videos studnets are working
    8. 8. Station students are working student's are helping one another i am working with students that need help
    9. 9. The book is not the way too much info not enough time too many details nobody likes to carry them
    10. 10. too much info focus on the top standards cover 10-12 with 100% understanding instead of all 25 with minimal understanding.
    11. 11. How to do this 5x5’s, Students do this everyday. they are given 5 to 8 problems that they have seen before and they are given so much time per problem to solve. these are checked at the end of class mark off on a clipboard, all or nothing
    12. 12. not enough time if you follow the book you would be unable to cover all material by testing 25% of my test is at the end of the end we need to create our own order, the book is full of examples which ones will you use?
    13. 13. I don’t use a textbook google clrn glencoe
    14. 14. All subjects
    15. 15. free stuff from and pick student/parent, your state subject
    16. 16. free stuff for all subjects Here it is
    17. 17. i love TIMERS keeps things moving sense of urgency students know how much time is chimoo timer, for macs left keeps me on
    18. 18. notes are done at home class time is homework time youtube vimeo schooltube and more...(come back tomorrow)
    19. 19. Most Students Today at Home
    20. 20. Why Can’t Home Be This
    21. 21. And Class Can Be This students working students smiling
    22. 22. Class Will Not Be This
    23. 23. Ways to make Notes Do it your self doc cams screen record video cameras Use Others Videos youtube vimeo schooltube khan academy mathtv Eng Vid History Channel
    24. 24. Doc Cams Easy to use Use in Class Make Videos Students can make Videos
    25. 25. Super HUGE Graph Paper
    26. 26. Giant Calculators Under the Doc Cam What the students see
    27. 27. Quiz for Everyone, Yay, we saved some trees!!!
    28. 28. Videos, on DOC CAM Students can make tutorials students can tell a story screenflow video with picture and picture
    29. 29. Screen Recording Record what takes place on your screen. quicktime jing screentoast (open source) cam studio (pc)
    30. 30. Screen Recording Students can, record keynotes, power points and add voice record a video clip record tutorials record a prezi and add voice
    31. 31. Screentoast Requirements internet computer tablet
    32. 32. Video Cameras Set up at home Set up at school Record your lessons
    33. 33. Use Others Videos
    34. 34. Students who have internet at home find videos for that week link them to your webpage, in the order you want students to watch. students watch add home by clicking on the link
    35. 35. Students who have NO internet at home, but a computer find videos for that week download videos using bender converter, students put the videos on their flash drive
    36. 36. Save Time This end goes in your machine Plug in 7 student flash drives
    37. 37. Every Student needs a flash drive
    38. 38. No internet, and No Computer, DVD player, yes find videos for that week burn onto dvd, they can watch at home use dvd player, playstation, or xbox, all can play dvd’s
    39. 39. vimeo free upload 1 gb a week pay to get 5 gbs a week make your own videos
    40. 40. Youtube theres a way to watch :) screen record the videos put on a flash drive and share show in class create an account for free upload as much as you want
    41. 41. Paste link, choose what type of file, and hit convert
    42. 42. Wait for it to download to server
    43. 43. Download to your mac or pc
    44. 44. Put on students flash drives or burn to a dvd.
    45. 45. MUST HAVE YOUTUBE STATIONS yaymath patrickJMTs channel
    46. 46. School Tube upload videos use others how to unblock
    47. 47. KHAN ACADEMY tons of videos, math and science all on youtube, so benderconverter http://
    48. 48. Google videos free sometimes blocked upload videos
    49. 49. Free Videos Create Channels Link to websites
    50. 50. What if they don’t do their notes at home? Suggestions Have them do it during class, have to make up what they miss at home If you have stations, they could do it at one of those, make up what they miss at that station at home If you have computers, no computers that day, give
    51. 51. teachers don’t like staying late tutor from home no more staying late requirements (internet, computer, wireless tablet)
    52. 52. everything is on the wiki lets take a tour
    53. 53. no more grading tests
    54. 54. Register today with the CUE priority code MWCUE to receive special CUE pricing (a $300 savings.) WIN WIRELESS TABLETS! HD CAMERAS! CLASS SETS OF CLICKERS! SEE TOP ED TECH TEACHERS SQUARE OFF IN THE IRON TECH BATTLE!
    55. 55. Funny Stuff
    56. 56. Thanks For Watching Questions Contact Ryan Hansen twitter @mathman314