Task two – understanding the limitations of the television ident


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Task two – understanding the limitations of the television ident

  1. 1. http://12acl.blogspot.co.uk Task Two – Understanding the limitations of the television ident When making TV idents there may be limitations to them for example in the typography, color, aspect ratio and duration. Typography is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. (wiki) Having loads of words in your ident can limit you, as it would be harder to become international, as people would not be able to understand the text. Another limitation of typography can be that if there are to many fonts in one logo or ident this can possibly become confusing to read. When using words in idents, if they move you have to make sure that the speed of this is not fats as viewers watching will need enough time to see it. http://detimination.wordpress.com/kerry-western-tv-idents/tv-idents-task-2-1limitations/tv-ident-task-2-1-limitations/ Colour Colour is a important factor to TV idents, they have to be able to attract the audience while also not being to over powering. Possible limitations of colours in idents could be that when your idents are being shown on the TV they could come across as being disorientated this may be because to many colours are used to together, allot of idents tend to stick to using primary colour as they look better when on TV, if to much colour is used it may come across as distracting and have less impact on the audience. Another limitation in tv idents is that most channels have a specific colour related to their channel for example e4 purple, cbbc green and itv yellow this means that there is less choice when choosing colour for your idents and as you want to be individual and stand out. I would say its important to have your own colour related to your channel as it would start to build up brand awareness. Also the colours also need to be able to relate to the channels logo and be recognisable to the audience for example e4’s logo is purple and this also comes across in their idents
  2. 2. http://phoebeseston.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/limittations/ http://larissaalexanderbtec32.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/task-2-limitations-of-tvidents.html Aspect ratio Aspect ratio is the to do with the dimensions of TV and screens. Most TV screens to in Britain are around the 16:9 sizes. A limitation of aspect ratio is that idents will show up differently on different sized screens for example most people have 16:9 sized screens but if they had 4:3 screens they may look different or more wider leaving a possibly deformed image. The way the designer makes ident way not be the size of the representative on TV’s in general. If the aspect ratio is not right it may effect people viewing it. http://naomibillington.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/opportunities-limitationsof-tv-idents/ http://jonnydowlingidents.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/the-opportunities-andlimitations-of-tv-idents/ Adhering to a desired tone Channels will have a type of style of genre. The channels idents need to correspond with the channels genre and reflect it in their idents. For example
  3. 3. bbc 2 is more serious and formal and this comes across in their idents, bbc 3 is more colourful and funny to show that that’s the kind of programmes they show. Duration Duration of TV idents is important as if the ident is too long it may bore people or lead them to switch over. Ident need to be quick and get the message across. Idents can range between 5-15 seconds. Some times idents are longer if the narrator is speaking over it e.g. explaining what is on now and later. But some idents may be just the images and are shown in-between programme switchovers. Positive limitations Typography Typography can have a positive limitation. One positive limitation is that because ident are only shown for a short amount of time they don’t have to be really long or complex. This may be easier to create the ident Colour A positive limitation of colour is that people will be able to recognise the colours in the idents and link them to the logo to create brand awareness Aspect ratio/size A positive limitation for aspect ratio is that broadcasters will be asked from TV company to make idents but they will need to make ones that all screens for example TV, laptops, tablets and phones. This means that they will plenty of work to do. Duration
  4. 4. A positive limitation of duration is that idents do not always need to be shown in full. For example in between programmes a short 3-5 second ident may be shown. I think this gives the ident more creativity and stop people getting bored of it. Adhering to tone A positive limitation of adhering to tone is that it is very easy to show what you channel is about and reflects through the ident for example you could ass something silly to an ident to show that the type of shows being shown are possibly comedy.