Predictive analytics with streaming sensor data


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Presented at Big Data Analytics Tokyo 2017
Real-time IoT sensor data collected from on a working, moving robot is used to predict failure using anomaly detection with autoencoders with H2O, all running on the MapR Converged Platform and MapR Streams (a Kafka superset implementation). This drives an AR headset to visualize the results (green OK red FAILURE) on a marker attached to the robot.

See the demo video:

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  • It’s just not true ML solves all problems. ML seeks to make predictions, which is very useful. But most business processes don’t need prediction every step of the way, they are rather more like a series of steps with conditionals arranged in a DAG
  • What is Industry 4.0 in relation to IoT
    What is predictive maintenance, how does this have value?
    Save down time: get replacement parts before the machine breaks
    Planned downtime is MUCH cheaper than unplanned
    Increased quality: preventive maintenance of robots
    Lower cost: use highly qualified technicians more efficiently
  • One industrial customer requires the response time to be 2s or less, because that’s the time it takes an operator to turn around and check on a machine.
  • Scope; detect electric engine failure using outside movement sensor
  • Show the slide and show the setup together
  • Show the slide and show the setup together
  • We can show the little sensor generating data in real time?
  • Prediction =>予測 (yosoku)
  • Mention why we are doing it with machine learning at all!
    No rules, automatically learn the best parameters for each application without new coding and not based on supervised techniques.
    Especially good when we don’t know what we are looking for: machines can break in a variety of ways.
  • Note that the zeros are our choice of what to record. The sensor can record all of them.
  • 教師なし学習 => unsupervised learning
    異常認識 => anomaly detection
    The real data is very noisy
    Why use ML at all? We don’t want to use rules for every type of robot and every situation
    Don’t mention threshold, just say we did some parameter tuning of the ML algorithms or something

  • 閾値 (shiki-ichi) => threshold
    標準偏差 (hyoujun-hensa) => SD
  • Global publish-subscribe event streaming system for big data
    Decouple Hardware input and output from data analysis
    The stream is a reliable data store
    Scales to millions of events per seconds
    REST Proxy: Easy and fast multi-language API

    Streaming Architecture is state of the art in data analytics architecture at scale
  • H2O Exports the models as Java POJO’s
    Custom coding in Scala
    Kafka native API (0.9 – MapR Implementation)
    Consume input data
    Format data for input into model
    Get model prediction
    Publish result to output stream
  • H2O Exports the models as Java POJO’s
    Custom coding in Scala
    Kafka native API (0.9 – MapR Implementation)
    Consume input data
    Format data for input into model
    Get model prediction
    Publish result to output stream
  • Comment: The reason ML is not used everywhere in IoT is because IT’S REALLY HARD TO DO.
  • Predictive analytics with streaming sensor data

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