We Forgive You, America


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  • And I'll buy you a ticket back to africa if you promise not to come back.
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  • Hahaha! If you believe all this crap, your a dipshit. The spanish, Mr. Gonzalez, were much worse. Africans, arabs and muslims still run a thriving slave trade today. African slaves were bought from your african brothers. They were caught in tribal warfare. If they weren't sold, they were murdered or worked to death. Consider yourself lucky. Dumbass.
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We Forgive You, America

  1. 1. Today we forgive you, America
  2. 2. Today we forgive you America, for having been the scene of a merciless slavery for 300 years, treating black men, women and children as if they were animals, robbing them the right to live with dignity and freedom...
  3. 3. Today we give you the forgiveness America, because you allowed for many years the existence of secret societies like the Knights of the White Camellia and the Ku Klux Klan, who harassed, tortured and burned alive in public squares any black or white person who fought against non-racial segregation...
  4. 4. Today we forgave you for having coldly murdered Abraham Lincoln in 1865, a Republican president against slavery abolitionist of human beings... Today you irrevocably grant the pardon by mistake to have marked forever the body and soul of men and women such as Peter, a slave from Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1863. The scars were an irremovable outcome of the whip from his white foreman...
  5. 5.   Today we forgive you America, for having, in 1968, robbed the life of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Nobel Peace Prize, with a bullet fired by a white activist who hated him because of his ideas of racial equality and civil rights.
  6. 6. Today we forgive you America, for having destroyed the dream of many Americans, black or not, poor or not, segregated or not, when you cowardly murdered in 1963, President John Kennedy the only Democrat who had the courage to send army troops to ensure the civil rights of black people in states where the blacks were massacred. Kennedy was killed under the orders of those who did not like his openly position defending the causes of oppressed minorities.
  7. 7.     Today we forgive you America, for up less than half a century ago, those laws allowed prohibited inter-racial marriages (between white and black people).   We forgave the cowardice of having killed another Kennedy, a Democrat, Senator and Minister of Justice, Robert Kennedy, U.S. president likely, tireless fighter for human rights and racial equality, in 1968, only 5 years after the assassination of his brother John Kennedy.
  8. 8.     We forgave and we do not want to satisfy our thirst for freedom in the drinking cup of bitterness, of hatred, of revenge or with others doing what we do not want the others to do.    We forgive because even though so late, America recognizes that human beings of any color will not be successful if walk in fear of each other, especially being naive to think the difference is the color of the skin.
  9. 9. We forgave, which was acknowledged by a man with white skin, President George Bush, rich and powerful, for a few almost led the world in an unprecedented global war, for his arrogance and wickedness. We forgave, because today, you have a "just" in the continuity of an error that bring shame to America and its citizens for good.
  10. 10. We forgive because you allowed together with Martin Luther King his dream of equality and freedom. I dream that one day, America will find the true meaning of its principles and recognized that all men should be treated and distinguished by his character, his intelligence, his ability to produce good things and promote peace, not because of the color of their skin or their genetic inheritance.
  11. 11.    We forgave you, because of Martin Luther King's dream of seeing “a day in Fury hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and so that the sons of former slaves could sit together at the table of brotherhood ... and even the state of Mississippi, a state smothered by the heat of injustice, were transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice "... Today, it emblematically happened.
  12. 12. I forgave, because you have elected the first USA president of the republic, a black man, deserved post for anyone with merits, regardless of the color of their skin. We forgave you for having elected a senator, the intellectual and Democrat Barack Obama,    someone who can hit, you can miss, can be successful or not, can lead to success or not the destinations of the most powerful nation on Earth, but, whatever is the result will not be because of their color, but on its merits as a human being, unique values for which men and women should be respected anywhere in the world.
  13. 13.   This pardon is that we want to forget the past anywhere in the world where people are discriminated against for any reason. But we will not be tolerant in the future with those who require that President Obama would require more than any other president, just because he is black. He has a moral duty to fulfill what he promised the American people and the world. His victory is a victory for all who struggle for peace and harmony in the world. His election does not solve the issue of racism that is still internalized in significant mass of Americans. This is a problem that will be fighting by education in human values, whether in America or anywhere in the world.
  14. 14.     People need to learn to respect each other, and not by their differences. The election of Obama, only shows that an individual, whether black, white, yellow, Indian, wealthy class or poor, can rise to prominent positions and help to govern a country. The victory of Obama is a victory for all of us, men and women looking for PEACE AND HARMONY.
  15. 15. Author: Mathias Gonzalez Music: Perhaps Love – Kenny G Copyright are free to copy and distribuition http://mathias.gonzalez.sites.uol.com.br http://www.artigonal.com/authors_48927.html Earth, 05 of November, 2008 Century XXI