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By 2014, the majority of web searches will be coming from mobile devices. Get ahead of the trend— optimize your SEO campaign for mobile search, by understanding the two most defining elements of …

By 2014, the majority of web searches will be coming from mobile devices. Get ahead of the trend— optimize your SEO campaign for mobile search, by understanding the two most defining elements of mobile search: localization and social media.

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  • 2. Leveraging Mobile for SEO Complementing Web SEO To Increase ROI:• Anticipate mobile’s growing dominance in search• Understand unique mobile search behaviors• Optimize your existing campaign for mobile• Mobile SEO= Local & Social• Empower your executive team with ROI metrics
  • 3. Mobile Search: Past vs. The Future THE PAST: Way back in 2009… Type Of Device Used To Conduct Search 12% MOBILE PC/MAC 88%
  • 4. Mobile Search: Past vs. The FutureMOBILE SEARCH WILL OVERTAKE TraditionalSearch By 2014—Source: Google Type Of Device Used To Conduct Search: 2014 Projections 40% MOBILE PC/MAC 60%
  • 5. Mobile Search Behavior Is DifferentDimension MOBILE Web TRADITIONAL Web Mobile Search Engine ChallengesKeywords Few Characters Many/Descriptive Relevant Content Based On Sketchy User InputLocations (And Critical Not So Critical Relevant Content ToCategories) A User’s Immediate Location/NeedDevices/ Browsers Many, Varied Standardized Present Content InStandardization Way To Insure Good User Experience, Regardless of Device/BrowserMobile Site Content Poor Generally Good Deliver Quality UserStandardization Experience From Poorly Formatted Raw Site Source MaterialContent Formats Mobile-Specific Generic Use Device Info To Improve Results
  • 6. Optimize Your SEO Campaign For Mobile • Use your existing 1 campaigns– No need to rebuild • Adapt for mobile by 2 mining your user data eg,.What % of your users are mobile, what pages do they go to?) • Optimize the pages 3 that matter for mobile Source—
  • 7. What Matters The Most In Mobile SEO? 2 Things:#1 MOBILE= LOCAL• 95% of mobile search is local—Source: Google • Example: ―Best Burgers San Jose‖ • Example: ―Parking Moscone Center‖Optimize these first for LOCAL• Contact info• Phone numbers• DirectionsThen… Utilize 3rd party apps• Yelp• Google Maps
  • 8. What Matters The Most In Mobile SEO? 2 Things#2: MOBILE= SOCIAL• Most Popular Search Term on Mobile? Use social media to: • Share content to increase referral visits • Increase your PageRank through facebook ―likes,‖ tweets
  • 9. SEO Campaign Now Optimized for Mobile…Show Metrics and ROI To Executive Team • With Bright Edges comprehensive reporting, you get: A platform that unifies all your SEO reporting • Bright Edge delivers to you in one place all your SEO metrics such as rankings, backlinks, indexing coverage, as well as traffic and conversion metrics, for multiple search engines. • Executive and detailed reporting • Bright Edge makes it easy to get high-level SEO performance reports for executive visibility as well as in-depth reports for SEO managers or analysts for detailed analysis. • Competitive, trends, and snapshot reports • Bright Edges flexible reporting allows you understand your performance from any angle that you choose - compared to your competition, over time, or on a given day, week, or month.
  • 10. Mobile search will soon dominate themaket… Be Prepared: • Understand the smartphone revolution • Anticipate mobile search trends • Optimize your SEO campaign for a wide variety of smartphones • Think local and social • Show your executive team the value of mobile SEO and ROI