Value Based Partnerships


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Value Based Partnerships

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Value Based Partnerships

  1. 1. Supply & Demand Smart International Relations in Global Internship Programme
  2. 2. VALUE BASED PARTNERSHIP Delivery of our promises Alignment of S&D
  3. 3. What does our customer say? I'm at the city by two weeks and still homeless, with no options of places to live. Without this, it's impossible to get national registration (and payment) on the country where I am. My local LC has been of great help, and answers to my questions very fast. The LC were I will do my internship do not always answer my emails, and if they do, I have to wait for a long time for it. I think it's very important . I matched my Project all by myself, no EP manager. But it's not bad, I could knew all the process in details. However if some people could let me know some skills about searching TN and matching, my work should be more effective. Thanks! The information about the visa process and documents should be more comprehensive including the list of ALL the documents required for it so that the intern does not have to search the web to find what else they should have to apply for the visa. Also to place weblinks of Country’s Consulates websites would be advisable. I must admit that I felt a bit uncomfortable due to the lack of comprehensive information.
  4. 4. Delivery of our promises to TNtakers to EPs To the entities
  5. 5. Deliver our promises to TN-takers What needs to be done • value understanding of GIP • value understanding exchange between exact countries • understanding needs of TN-taker • Talk to customer in his language As we’re positioning ourselves as organization which develops responsible and entrepreneurial leadership, we should prove it through our work with organization. We sell them our product as solution for their business, so we should be confident in it and deliver what we promised
  6. 6. Deliver our promises to EPs What needs to be done • value understanding of GIP for EPs • value understanding of sending this EP to exact country • Benefits understanding for each target • Needs of EPs understanding We’re promising to our EPs getting of life-changing experience, professional and personal skills development
  7. 7. Deliver our promises to the entities What needs to be done • internal and external analysis • value understanding for each side (country, EP, TN, members) • Planning • Execution • Feedback We’re establishing country partnerships for making our processes simpler and faster, to do relevant exchange
  8. 8. What is impact it does? for TN-takers for EPs • Retaining of companies (they will take more interns if they see that AIESEC does what promise) • Finding best solution for TN-taker • TN-taker become promoter of our Programme • Providing of the relevant experience for youth in your country • Creating more promoters for bigger impact • Upsales in our Programes (GCDP EPs go to GIP) for MCs • Establishing of longterm partnership • Co-delivery standards development • More while better experience • MoS achievement • MA rate increasing
  9. 9. VALUE BASED PARTNERSHIP Delivery of our promises Alignment of S&D
  10. 10. Alignment of S&D External analysis • Relevant countries for exchange • How we can solve exact bottlenecks in business, economy, any industry of area Internal analysis • How to boost your operations • On which cooperations capitalize on
  11. 11. Relevance of exchange between countries Make students understand Russia as a country, build cooperations not only between @ entities, but countries itself, because there's still a bad image of Russia among polish because of politics. We believe that GIP in Russia provides the possibility to gain real professional experience which is worth to get comparing with other options in Europe. Interns are contributing to the english level improvement among population and educational system changes which Russia needs due to their foreign perspective and knowledge. Russia For more information contact: Anuj Khanna – MC VP iGIP in India Margarita Abramova – MC VP oGIP in Russia Poland For more information contact: Victoria Puzach – MC VP GIP ICX in Russia Katarzyna Nabrdalik – MC VP GIP OGX in Poland Both of these countries from BRIC, so it means that we have similar level of economy development, living conditions, successes and bottlenecks and we’re facing similar challenges inside of the country. So, we believe that GIP in India will be the possibility for Russian students to get real working experience, contribute to the economy, education system and take a part in relations building between our counties. India Russia
  12. 12. Internal analysis • AFT • DAAL • OP
  13. 13. Overview of the country Partnership framework Analyze Plan Deliver ACCOUNTABILITY Retain and scale up
  14. 14. Roles division LC level MC level Choose focusing sub-product based on National strategy Understand S&D (industries and universities) Align LC goals with National establish LC2LC cooperation Servicing of cooperation Analyze current state internally and externally(universities and industries) Choose focusing sub-products Define value of exchange in exact industry for exact target audience Set goal for each sub-product Define CY partners based on S&D Align goals for cooperations by subproduct and country Spread the goals through LC Servicing of cooperation
  15. 15. What our customer will say? My experience was wonderful - it has helped me to discover myself better, to learn new things, to open a new world of country, culturally so different from mine!that's why i would love to reccommend AIESEC Exchange Programm to my collegues or friends, who want to get international experience. I'm very satisfied with the help which AIESEC committiees in Szczczecin and Sankt Petersburg provided me with. LC in Szczecin explained me the matching process, how to use and help with finding suitable offers. Also LC in Russia was very helpful. The manager helped me with contatcting schools, he organized the interview and informed me with results as soon as possible. I'm very pleased with the AIESEC intermediation.
  16. 16. Global Support Team GIP Supply & Demand 2013-14 AIESEC International: Nikita Singh – Poland: Matheus Koerich – Russia: Margarita Abramova - Brazil: Luisa Bittencourt -
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