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  1. 1. Team Leader Program While Exchange
  2. 2. Agenda • Growth and AIESEC 2015Why • StructuresHow • Models for TLP While X • From Induction to RealizationWhat • Step By step
  3. 3. Why and How TeamManagement While X?
  4. 4. Prepare AIESECers, not company clients Differential in a growing virtual High New worldOperations Management Level Challenges Enhace your portfolio Operations Keep and Enhace Quality Differential in a growing virtual world Formalize a process that already happens
  5. 5. Important• EPs are AIESEC members, who also live and generate AIESEC Experiences;• EPs should be prepared to be AIESECers, who have proactive behaviours towards their experiences. Otherwise your LC will be working as a simple exchange company;• Effective Induction is extremelly important• Brazilian EPs abroad already get together of they are in close countries. Virtual TLPs formalize this fact
  6. 6. EP EP EP EP EP• 4 EPs – 1 Team Leader (EP) + 3 EPs
  7. 7. Timeline• Part of the Experience is Physical and Virtual• Physical Part is CRUCIAL for alignment and delivery (see more on the next slides)• Average of three moths• Accountable to VPOGX, VP TM/TXP or Team Leader (According to reality)
  8. 8. Creating Strategical JDs Analyze your Operations You will find in thisIdentify Portfolio needs document some examples of most Create common Job Strategical Experiences Descriptions, but you can also customize according to your local reality! Team Leader XPs
  9. 9. Why? How? Large Scale Creating teams in OGX withProcesses and (preferred) Agility in people in the same Growth servicing Network ot abroad Country What? • Coach and track EPs them weeklyTLP While • Sharing about their experiencesExchange • Weekly report to Home LC
  10. 10. • Keep constantly in touch about their internships • Share between them learnings and experiences Team • Execute effectivelly their purposed JDs onLeader Job ExchangeDescriptio • Team Leader must work as a Virtual EP Manager • Track EPs Internship n • Coach them on any needs • Report to LC • Number of reintegrated EPs • Percentage of members personal goal setting JD MoS achievement • Percentage of EPs satisfaction with their exchanges (exchange quality evaluation)
  11. 11. Why? How? Global Promotion of Citizen tangible Promotion experiences, and Ensure well Execution for prepared EPs Q3/Q4 and supply What? • Build Materials about Country, City and Project such as blogs, news, etc. • Set Coperation with Host LCs andTL While Exchange maintain sustanable relationship • Cultural preparation material for Cy/LC
  12. 12. • Create Materials • Country PromotionTeam Leader • City Promotion Job • Project PromotionDescription • Cultural Preparation for the Experience • Cooperation Management and negociation for new TNs • Present Project to LC/University • Number of reintegrated EPs • Number of ensured TNs through LC-LC cooperations • Number of posts at the team blog/Material Promotion JD MoS • Percentage of members personal goal setting achievement • Percentage of EPs satisfaction with their exchanges (exchange quality evaluation)
  13. 13. Why? How? GlobalCitizen Third Promotion ofSector/Educat project ional Large abroad, guaraScale Project ntee supply What? • Cooperation Management with countryTLP While • Prepare Intern’s reception in home LCExchange • Promotion of Project in Host LC/Country
  14. 14. What we do?
  15. 15. Important Optimize your Be fast and smart X+T process to but still ensurework with a high quality volume Lean Thinking Think about massive (20% effort that TLP selection andwill generate 80% preparation of results)
  16. 16. • Sell and Promote X+T• Virtual Experience Promotion Step By Step • Smart and Simple Selections Preparing • Virtual Management Team Trainings • Leadership Leaders • Team Days • Jobs Timeline
  17. 17. • Team Building, Rules, etc. • Personal Goal Setting • Clear responsabilities • JD 1 • JD 2• Team Days Physical and Wrap Experience[2] Up
  18. 18. Promote Explain X+T Virtual XP Simplicity in ProcessSuccessful Induction
  19. 19. • Stimulate TLP while X as a normal process• Promote IXPs as the main diferential and show TLP Opportunities as a complement of Exchange XP (check other materials in the Integrated Experiences Wiki)• Promote Virtual features based on ‘Why’ in the beggining of the presentation and other arguments TM with a Sales Mindset
  20. 20. Virtual XP Quick and High Volumeas Normal Effective of TLP While Process Selection X Mindset Group people interested in same GNs (preferred)
  21. 21. • Seek for interested people during Induction• Think about effective and quick selection methodologies instead of applications – Use of members interviews on selection process in order to select TLPs (instead of making a new one so recently) – Form groups in induction ASAP• Try to group people with close destinies, but it’s not a necessary requirement
  22. 22. Deliver Trainings for TLP Simple and Fast Tips How to manage Team Building • One day Training for virtual teams Skills all leaders • Offer Virtual Training (Downloadable PPTs and Videos) Align • Urgency SenseTeam Management Responsabilities • Ensure responsabilitiesand Team Mimums TM + Team Leader • Tracking is extremely important
  23. 23. • Ensure Team Sinergy • Create Commitment GTKEO • Competencies to be developed, learning activities during X and team experience Personal • Main achievements to achieve and expectationsGoal Setting • Strategic operational plan • Common agreements and responsabiltiesTeam Goal Setting • Team Goals, deadlines, tracking system, deliveries
  24. 24. Execute Job DescriptionsRecommended in the beggining
  25. 25. • Check Team objectives and finishGoal Setting materials/goals Check-up • Next Steps Reflexion • Development and Leadingand Sharing • Present XP in University/LC Prepare for • TM areas contact for TLP opportunitiesreintegration