Country Partnership Framework


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Partnership Framework

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Country Partnership Framework

  1. 1. Supply & Demand Smart International Relations in Global Internship Programme
  2. 2. Partnership Framework
  3. 3. Using the country Partnership Framework for countries that have partnerships or do not have established partnerships
  4. 4. What is the country partnership framework? Analyze Plan Deliver ACCOUNTABILITY Retain and scale up
  5. 5. Relevance and Focus Define Timeline for Ra, Ma and Re Goals within the Partnership LC Alignment Minimum Deliverables of the partnership Plan Communication
  7. 7. Why is this Partnership Relevant? What is the impact it will make on an EP and to our countries? Relevance and Focus
  8. 8. Relevance and Focus
  9. 9. What to take into consideration while defining your goals? - Split Your goal between Partner countries (In Tiers) Goals within the Partnership - % of your goal you want to be enabled through a partnership - Check your current EP/TN supply in the specific sub-products and your Matching Rate to understand how many raises you need - Study the comments of the EP’s realized in TN partner countries in the past in the sub product to understand how you need to improve EP expectations and what to ask the TN country for better customer satisfaction (To set NPS % of Promoters and Response Rate)
  10. 10. What Goals to set? Goals within the Partnership - MoS: Number of Realizations: KPIs: Number of Ra, Ma, Ma rate, Matching time - NPS: % of Promoters Response Rate
  11. 11. Minimum Deliverables of the partnership Minimum Deliverables of the Partnership - EP Expectation setting and Preparation - Company expectation setting - Minimum Quality Promise and Delivery
  12. 12. Internship details • Duration • TN Requirements • EP Profile • Language focus (Teaching and Marketing) • Skills (Engineering and IT) Customize to Sub-Product as much as possible Define Timeline and details for Ra, Ma and Re
  13. 13. Define Timeline and details for Ra, Ma and Re • Clear Backwards Planning from Re-Raise • Can even discuss with each other Sales timeline, Recruitment timeline etc. Example: 50 Re by February 2014 Example: 70 Ma by December 31st Example: 150 EP Ra, 130 TN Ra by September 15 2013
  14. 14. Last two steps! LC Alignment Plan Communication
  15. 15. * oGIP UK Biggest Teaching Partnership during Q3
  16. 16. Partnership Information 57 Realizes during Q3 2013 45 EPs have English as native language It’s not required EPs with linguistic academic background
  17. 17. Partnership NPS “ I not only learned a lot about China and the other interns, but I learned a lot about myself and developed a stronger sense of confidence ” NPS Comment NPS Score 9,2
  18. 18. iGIP MoC – oGIP UK Delivery Time TN RA-MA 6 months+ 11% 94 days was the avarage days in Q3 for this partnership 4 months 12% 3 months 7% 2 months 12% 1 month 58%
  19. 19. * Delivery Time EP RA-MA Faster match! 6 months+ 3 months 5% 11% 2 months 10% 1 month 74% 56 days was the avarage days in Q3 of the partnership The overall average days to EP got matched is 81 days, in this partnership it was 15 days less
  20. 20. iGIP MoC – oGIP UK Delivery Time Match to Realize 2 weeks 9% 3 months 9% 2 months 42% 1 and a half month 16% 1 month 24% 33% of the EPs realized until 1 month after match Internship Duration More than 2 months 5% 2 months 95% 95% of the internships were 2 months duration
  21. 21. iGIP MoC – oGIP UK UK Teaching EPs realized Other Countries 39% China 61% China Teaching TNs realized US 26% Other Countries 74% More than half of UK EPs realized with MoC
  22. 22. What do I do now? Evaluate existing partnerships Check if you and your partner have available raises to meet the goals Plan for new partnerships by splitting your goals by Q and by sub-product into specific partner countries
  23. 23. What do I do now? Tier 3 or start up entities can even focus on partnerships with LCs Entities can look at CEEDs in GIP and different ways to use CEEDers
  24. 24. Global Support Team GIP Supply & Demand 2013-14 AIESEC International: Nikita Singh – Poland: Matheus Koerich – Russia: Margarita Abramova - Brazil: Luisa Bittencourt -