Husqvarna AIESEC in Poland Application

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Husqvarna AIESEC in Poland Application Quality Management

Husqvarna AIESEC in Poland Application Quality Management

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  • 1. AIESEC in Poland Showcase Application
  • 2. AIESEC in Poland wants its stakeholders to have the best customer experiences as possible so we work hard to keep track of our Exchange Quality and our Customers feedback. This is how we do it!
  • 3. National Control Board Communication Channel
  • 4. National Control Board Communication Channel
  • 5. National Control Board Communication Channel Through our communication channels with both the network of AIESEC in Poland and with our exchange students we seek to give as much information and support, ensuring that all who seek information about the area of operations can find it easily.
  • 6. National NPS Reports We also provide National NPS Reports where the network can see what are the strong points they have and main weakness to work on with advices from NCB focused on Customer Centricity. Here you can see our reports: July August September October
  • 7. Customer Orientation Management We are running a CEM Challenge with our network. In this challenge we will provide trainings and materials to improve and develop our relationship with our customers.
  • 8. CEM
  • 9. Contact with Detractors We incorage our LCs to get in touch with our detractors so they can understand better what happened but we also get in touch, from National Level, with them if we don’t see if the case is being taken care of.
  • 10. Contact with Detractors Our contact is made among two “Red phones”. Our email, that we focus in 48h answers ( as a rule and our Podio form for complaints/suggestions.
  • 11. NPS Evolution
  • 12. As  Membership  of  AIESEC  in  Poland,  as  Local  representa<ves   and  with  the  passion  by  the  organiza<on  and  the  will  to  change  it  to  a  Customer   Oriented   Organiza<on   we   are   shaping   since   the   very   1st   day   of   our   term   this   behavior  among  our  team,  among  our  network,  and  specially  among  our  members.   That’s   why   we   iden<fy   so   much   with   Husqvarna   purpose,   and   to   the   end   of   this   Award.     AIESEC  in  Poland,  2013-­‐14.  
  • 13. AIESEC in Poland 2013-14 Responsibles:       MCVP Operations: Matheus Koerich – National Control Board Chair: Rafaela Bortoli -