GCDP Strategic Meeting - Output Presentation - Short Version - 2
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GCDP Strategic Meeting - Output Presentation - Short Version - 2



GCDP Strategic Meeting - Output Presentation - Short Version - 2

GCDP Strategic Meeting - Output Presentation - Short Version - 2



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GCDP Strategic Meeting - Output Presentation - Short Version - 2 GCDP Strategic Meeting - Output Presentation - Short Version - 2 Presentation Transcript

  • + Expected outcome “Creating more promoters of AIESEC through a better customer experience and GCDP Delivery”
  • + GCDP Strategic Meeting Agenda Creating Promoters of AIESEC through a better GCDP delivery Output: "I incorporated the feedbacks I Output: "I understand how AIESEC creates Output: "I evolved the customer Output: "I created strategies and actions for received, I finalized the ouput which is value for the organization, for the market experience by developing strategies leveraging the potential of NPS system and I feasible to implement and create and for the individual. I also know what is the and actions for the TOP5 prepared the preliminary output of the promoters at every level of GCDP challenge in the experiences we provide" unsatisfied needs of customers" strategic meeting" operation" 7th 8th 9th 10th Date and Time Wed Thurs Fri Sat Date and Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 48:00 8:30 8:00 8:30 Breakfast8:30 9:00 Breakfast Breakfast 8:30 9:009:00 9:30 Check in and preparation 9:00 9:30 Sleep in9:30 10:00 Check in Check in 9:30 10:0010:00 10:30 GCDP Context 12/13 - 10:00 10:3010:30 11:00 Opening and agenda explanation Challenges & Strategies 10:30 11:0011:00 11:30 11:00 11:30 Presentation of final output11:30 12:00 Creating promoters through 11:30 12:00 Creating promoters by12:00 12:30 implementation plan 12:00 12:30 Belief of the "Why" generating solutions for12:30 13:00 12:30 13:00 key unsatisfied needs13:00 13:30 13:00 13:3013:30 14:00 Lunch 13:30 14:0014:00 14:30 Lunch 14:00 14:3014:30 15:00 Lunch Lunch 14:30 15:0015:00 15:30 Summary and next steps 15:00 15:3015:30 16:00 15:30 16:0016:00 16:30 Creating promoters through 16:00 16:3016:30 17:00 leveraging NPS, as a customer 16:30 17:00 The Experiences We Provide - Creating promoters by Closing17:00 17:30 experience tracking tool 17:00 17:30 NPS Analysis prioritization and17:30 18:00 17:30 18:00 detailes action planning18:00 18:30 18:00 18:3018:30 19:00 Virtual Output Presentation 18:30 19:00 Lets GO!19:00 19:30 19:00 19:3019:30 20:00 Check out Check out Check out 19:30 20:00
  • + Unsatisfied Needs of EPs 1. Job 2. Project 3. Logistical Description Preparation Support Alignment 5. 4. EP/Trainee Communication ELD Experience Alignment
  • + Idea generation to address EP’s concern Better Project visualization of Issue Management our policies and development Model standards EP/Trainee Partnering with Customer learning other feedback and experience organization resolving system Developmet
  • + 4 focuses to create more promoters EP/Intern Issue Learning Development Experience (1,2,4,5) Development (2,4,5) Customer Project Feedback and Management resolving Framework system (1,2,3,4,5) Creating (3,5) more Promoters*the numbers represents the EP needs being addressed (based on previous slide)
  • +
  • + Creating Promoters by Issue Development for JD alignment and better expectation setting
  • + WHY Customers said…  …there is a problem with the expectations setting with TN Taker  ..TNTakers do not fill in JD by themselves (AIESEC Members and TN Taker do not fill in the meeting)  …EP does not clearly understand JD (Lack of clarity in TN form)
  • GLOBAL NETWORK OF 110+ COUNTRRIES+ EP TN Perspective PerspectiveWE NEED A COMMON LANGUAGE! JD of a SOCIAL40% OF OUR CUSTOMERS(15,000 XPs) ISSUE RAISED A CONCERN ABOUT JD Social Activity ALIGNMENT, SOCIAL IMPACT CREATION AND Success Definition COMMUNICATION Value Creation between Stakeholders Responsibilities Sending Entity Hosting Entity Perspective Perspective
  • + HOW  It helps us standardize Job roles leading to more clarity , alignment and better understanding for both EPs and TN takers.  It clears the expectations from both the sides.  Helps the Hosting Entity to design the project.  It clears the responsibilities of all the stakeholders/Parties involved in the project.  It clears the value proposition for all the stakeholders,  Makes the desired result(success of the project clear) so that everyone is focussed and know what to work for.
  • TN TAKER AND EPGLOBAL NETWORK OF 110+ COUNTRRIES •Understanding the Job Role better(Clarity). •Understanding what is Success/Desired Output of a project. •Value to both the stakeholders because of the GCDP Internship. •Clear Expectation from both the parties.HOSTING ENTITY HOSTING ENTITY AND EP AND TN TAKER JD of a SOCIAL•Framework for Job Role ISSUE (15,000 XPs) •Clarity in aligning the Job RoleCreation. Social Activity•Helps in Project Success Definition •Help in Project CreationCreation. Value Creation between Stakeholders•Framework for Responsibilitiesresponsibility clarity . SENDING AND HOSTING ENTITY •Better Cooperation. •Co-delivering Quality Experiences. •Better Communication
  • + STRATEGIES & ACTIONS 1. Issue Segmentation & Sample JDs 2. Success Definition of GCDP Projects 3. Clarity on Value Creation and Responsibilities 4. JD Creation Framework
  • + Creating Promoters by Project Better Management
  • + Project Management Framework  PMF is a tool where any project can be based on. Which ensures all requirements of a project attached with the customer needs.
  • + WHY  EPs feedback based on NPS  no common project management framework within the network  structured way to create promoters  PMF based on customer needs
  • + HOW 1. Project Management Framework 2. Fulfilling Customer Needs in Project Delivery
  • + Creating Promoters by enhancing learning/leadership experience of GCDP EPs
  • + WHY Value Preposition: “Creating a better environment to our exchange participants where they can learn and explore the possibilities in their internship.” Addressing needs: 1,2,4,5 Actions: - EP Team Leader - Trainee Conference - LEAD for EPs - EP Micro-Experiences
  • + What we are doing goodPromoter Issues Detractor Issues Cross-cultural understanding & awareness (18%) Job-description clarity and alignment (21% Logistical support (16%) Personal development (16%) Integration by the hosting entity (11%) Opportunity to create positive societal impact (13%) Opportunity to create positive societal impact (8%) Cultural preparation (11%) Information provided about the GCDP programme (6%) Integration by the hosting entity (10%) Support by home entity during the experience (6%)
  • + HOW LEAD for EPs Cultural Trainee Conference Unders. Personal Cultural Dev. Prep. GCDP ExperienceEP Team Leader Social Integration ImpactEP Micro Experiences
  • + Concept of our strategies Pre During Pos Exchange Exchange Exchange Sending Extreme Extreme Extreme Sending Entity work work work Entity Shared Responsibilities Hosting Hosting Entity Entity Low Low Low Responsibility Responsibility Responsibility
  • + STRATEGIES & ACTIONS 1. EP Team Leader 2. Trainee Conference 3. EP Micro-Experiences 4. LEAD for EPs
  • + Creating promoters by customer feedback and resolving system for constant communication with our customers
  • + WHY Instant Real-tim Communication Fast Complaint Driving PositiveCustomer & Support with Resolution BehaviorsFeedback the Customer  AIESEC network needs to have a real-time customer feedbacks in order to understand how much they recommend their experience with AIESEC  Customers raised the concern that they can’t get in touch with AIESECers if they have a question or concern  Customers raised the concern that they don’t get response and solution for their problems. This leads to bad experience and ignorance from the customer  AIESEC network needs to drive positive behaviors in the network in order to enhance the customer experience
  • + Strategies & Actions Local Level National Level Global Level Implementation Quality Leveraging NPS of National Manager Usage Control Board
  • + 1. COUNTRY PARTNERSHIP REVIEW Defining the progress of the current operations and adjusting to the recommendation based on the strategies. What is missing? Current Operations with the 4 strategies for better GCDP Delivery How to What to improve? connect?
  • + 2. TRACKING THE PROCESS Define what each entity needs to do based on the strategy • Clear timeline and • Building the right responsibility communication (deadlines, PiC) center between • Clear expected result country partners • Reporting of the • Ex: facebook group process (most common), Podio Common Communication tracking center* center *Through online spreadsheet
  • + 2. COMMUNICATION TO THE NETWORK Defining how the network will be aware of the “WHY”, “HOW”, WHAT” of the strategies INFORM EDUCATE DELIVER STRATEGY •Newsletters •Webinars •Coaching Visits (Global, MCP, Exchangers, etc) •Coaching Visits by AI •Regional Boards •Wiki •Conferences and meetings •GCPs from the network (National Conference, Sub regional, transition camps)