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Outreach to your community

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  • In between place, not home, not work. But they want a space to hangout in and get Opportunity for public libraries. Community spaces we have, sometimes. Vibrant community spaces…well not. Base Camp
  • From I to We: Changing the Conversation is the theme of the Summit. Young professionals will learn how to collaboratively contribute to Omaha. Imagine what can be accomplished together!
  • Restore Omaha – promote the practice of restorationOmaha by Design is a civic planning organization dedicated to the development, implementation and monitoring of urban design and environmental public policy in the metro. Emerging Terrain is an educational non-profit research and design collaborative operating with a mission to creatively engage the public about factors shaping the built environment.We communicate with the public through exhibition, publication, and educational programming in order to establish a broad reaching forum for discussion.
  • Nexus strategic support to the mega community approach
  • Civic Technologies - This means that the library is addressing an extremely diverse range of people, but not bases on main stream definition of ethnic or racial classification.
  • Tapestry segmentation system organizes every U.S. neighborhood into one of 65 segments based upon their socioeconomic and demographic composition. Each neighborhood is analyzed and sorted by over 60 attributes. The data sources include Census 2000, ESRI’s proprietary demographic updates, Acxiom’s InfoBase consumer database, Mediamark Research Inc.’s national consumer survey, and other sourcesto capture the subtlety and vibrancy of the U.S. marketplace.
  • Surprised that the numbers are low here, but only within the last 5 years has Omaha become the place for entrepreneurs, etc.etc.
  • Contextual outreach tla

    1. 1. Contextual Outreach:Making the Library Matter for your Community Presented by Amy Mather April 19, 2012
    2. 2. Agenda• Who are we not reaching?• Vibrant communities• Library as linchpin• Marketing• Business Outreach & Reengaging your community• Contextual outreach & the future of libraries• Big picture
    3. 3. The patron exodus“we are failing to engage people who are a hugeportion of our tax base and potential advocates: adults between the age of 20 and 40ish.” Abigail Goben, LISNews, February 15, 2010 Don’t Forget About Us
    4. 4. They continue to frequent…
    5. 5. New community work spaces
    6. 6. Intellectual entertainment
    7. 7. Intellectual entertainment
    8. 8. Intellectual entertainment
    9. 9. My game changerGary Vaynerchuk – A glut of user-generated content has changed the game. Any more, context is more important than content, because theres so much of the latter. "Theres so much content that comes through," Vaynerchuk says, "that there’s only so much you can consume."
    10. 10. Vibrant communities What makes a vibrant community? Often times community development is reduced to the development of physical space or capital, but a vibrant community is made up of much more,including: social, human, environmental, financial, political & cultural capital. From I to We: Changing the Conversation 2011 Young Professional Summit. Holistic Community
    11. 11. Six components of a vibrant community• Physical Capital• Social Capital• Cultural Capital• Financial Capital• Environmental Capital• Human Capital
    12. 12. Physical capital Neighborhood Associations
    13. 13. Social capital• Your Neighborhood Association• Your Local Faith Community
    14. 14. Cultural capital
    15. 15. Financial capital
    16. 16. Environmental capital
    17. 17. Human capital
    18. 18. What was missing?
    19. 19. Library as linchpin & long tail (Nexus and long reach)• Leverage - what is your ROI? – Outcome measurements – measure impact• Adaptive – More proactive, less reactive• Patrons versus communities – pulse• Strategic alliances versus partners
    20. 20. Market segmentation• Helps organizations find new customers, gain insights, improve service delivery and become customer-centric• Tapestry segmentation classifies neighborhoods into one of 65 segments – Douglas County has 42 of the 65 segments – The top eight segments account for just over half of the population (266,352 people) while the top 12 segments account for two-thirds of the population (336,671 people)
    21. 21. Tapestry market segmentation• 20’s /singles/couples (organized by lifestage) – Young and Restless (22.2) – Old and Newcomers (11.4) – Metropolitans (3.8) – College Towns (2.5)
    22. 22. Tapestry market segmentation• Single/Couple Professional – Enterprising Professionals (6.1) – In Style (1.5) – Laptops and Lattes (3.2) – Metro Renters (1.8)
    23. 23. Tapestry market segmentation up close
    24. 24. A closer look ‘Young and Restless’
    25. 25. Business Outreach - Resources• Leverage your databases – target appropriately – Business Decision• Bibliocommons• Libguides and partnerships• Book Clubs• Workshops & Classes – Have Laptop Will Travel• Business Center
    26. 26. Business Outreach – Social Media• LinkedIn• Facebook• Twitter• Pinterest
    27. 27. Business Outreach – Get Involved• Young Professionals• Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce• Leadership Omaha• Educator Directors meetings• Entrepreneurs• Attend meetups& other social business events
    28. 28. Reengaging your community• Entertainment - Board Silly, Craft events• Connections – Book Clubs, Speed Dating• Community outreach – Farmer’s market, Buy the Big O, Young Professional Summit, Bar Camp• Business outreach• Issuing library cards…wherever you are!• Facebook,Twitter, & Pinterest
    29. 29. Contextual outreach & the future of libraries• Seth Godinwas right: “Want to watch a movie? Netflix is a better librarian, with a better library, than any library in the country. The Netflix librarian knows about every movie, knows what youve seen and what youre likely to want to see. If the goal is to connect viewers with movies, Netflix wins.”
    30. 30. Contextual outreach & the future of libraries• Seth goes on to say… “The library is no longer a warehouse for dead books. Just in time for the information economy, the library ought to be the local nerve center for information.”
    31. 31. Contextual outreach & the future of libraries• And Seth brings it home with“The next library is a place, still. A place where people come together to do co-working and coordinate and invent projects worth working on together. Aided by a librarian who understands the Mesh, a librarian who can bring domain knowledge and people knowledge and access to information to bear.”
    32. 32. People will create their own space
    33. 33. Big picture• Environmental Scan• Find the Woo in your organization• Get involved!• Bibliocommons• Discover stuff outside the library world• Outreach• 24 hour advocacy
    34. 34. Questions?•• facebook/matherita••••