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Typefaces for poster

  1. 1. Typefaces
  2. 2. Typefaces introductionWhen creating my horror poster, it is important that an effective typefaceis chosen in order to attract the reader. A Typeface is the visualrepresentation of how the text is displayed, therefore a typeface has to bechosen carefully with the genre in mind. As my poster is horror thetypefaces I will be looking at will be following conventions that I havenoticed when analysing existing posters. The typeface conventions I havenoticed is that the typefaces are usually distorted in order to createenigma and appear scary, they are usually dark colours in order torepresent the genre more effectively and they are presented big in orderto make it more eye catching and noticeable to the passing audience. Ihave looked at many typefaces on the website “dafont”, this is done toallow me to explore the different styles in more detail and help me decidewhat typeface is more appealing. When trying to create a horror poster,typefaces are one of the key conventions in order to make the posternoticeable and popular, if the typeface is unique and original I will allow abuzz to be created, therefore distributing the acknowledgement of theposter and creating an audience.
  3. 3. Masterhead typefaces
  4. 4. MasterheadThe masterhead is the main title, my masterhead for my poster will be “Rosie Black”. I have included a selection of masterhead’s that I think would work well with my poster and link with my genre of horror
  5. 5. This is an example of a typeface I could use for my main heading, I chose thistypeface as I think it relates to the main character. Rosie Black sketchesthroughout the film, therefore the typeface I chose to consider using has asketchy look towards it, therefore portraying Rosie. By using this font for myposter it creates a direct emotional link from the poster to the maincharacter. The “sketchy” look this typeface has adds enigma as it isnt anormal simple font, it looks like someone wrote it themselves thereforeadding mystery to the film and the poster. Adding mystery and enigma to theposter supports the horror genre that the film tries to gain, as not to much isrevealed through the poster, the horror must be portrayed through visualimages such as text.
  6. 6. This is another font that I am considering using, this font portrays distortion as theletters are cut and burnt into , this creates enigma and mystery as the text isnt as awhole. The typeface is very narrow and straight, this is a common convention forhorror posters, the narrowness of the text could connotate the enigma the film has,the secrets it hides. The name of the text “nightmare” allows me to understand thatthe genre for this text is mainly horror, therefore it is a good typeface to considerusing. The layout of the letters are on a slope, this could connotate that the film hasan edge to it, that it isnt the same as normal horror films. The length of the lettersare very long and thin, this makes it creepy and disturbing, therefore this is aneffective typeface to use.
  7. 7. This is an example of another typeface I have explored, this typeface could be used forthe main title for my horror poster, this is because the typeface portrays distortioneffectively. The letters are scratched in to, this shows the “animalistic” side to the filmand could portray the antagonistic side of Rosie “trying to escape” from herself. Thescratching effect could also show the state of mind Rosie is in, she is confused andangry which is shown by the “ripping” of the text. This typeface is effective as it createsa link between the poster and the film and allows the audience to imagine and thinkfor themselves about the storyline of the film. The text is bold and masculine, this iseffective as it makes the typeface easy to read and makes the poster more noticeablefor the passing audience.
  8. 8. This is an another example of a typeface, it is similar to the previous one as it looked like asketch effective, this typeface shows that I have explored the sketch effect in more detailas I think it could be an effective style to use for the main title. This typeface is effective touse as it creates a link with the audience as allows them to make their own conclusions asto what the film is about, this typeface could also allow the reader to think that is Inwritten in blood, blood is a common conventions within horror films, therefore using thisfont will allow the audience to understand the genre of the film. The fact that it is writtenin the style of blood, it creates a disturbing feelings and a sense of unease, thereforemaking the audience connect more to the poster, engaging them to see the film.
  9. 9. This is an effective typeface because the style represents Rosie, the sketchy drawingeffect represents the side of Rosie, throughout the trailer Rosie sketches, thereforethis typeface portrays that effectively. The fact that the “R” is backwards couldrepresent Rosie, the fact that she isnt normal, half of her is disturbed and abnormal,this could be represented by the “R”.
  10. 10. This is a typeface I thought would be good to use each letter is uneven, not the sameand distorted, this effect could portray the state of mind of Rosie Black, she isconfused and different, therefore this typeface represents her and her attitudes. Theletters are black and white, the black letters could connotate her evil “bad” side asBlack is a conventional colour to portray horror. The white letters could connoate the“good”, protagonist Rosie as white symbolises purity and innocence.
  11. 11. The chosen typeface For my poster this was my chosen masterhead font, this is because out of all the other options I considered this one as it relates more to my genre of horror
  12. 12. Text
  13. 13. TextI have included a selection of different typefaces that I would use to present text in my poster. The chosen typeface will be used for the tagline, the main star involved and all the other added information such as the website address and “coming soon”. I have included a range of typefaces to show my opinion, each typeface is different yet I have kept to the idea of having a simple easy to read font, this is because for the passing eye, the audience will be able to see the poster and read it. Each typeface has a sharp edges, this is done to link with the genre of horror, it makes the typeface more dominant and masculine.
  14. 14. Copperplate Gothic bold
  15. 15. Footlight MT Light
  16. 16. Microsoft Sans Serif
  17. 17. Chosen Text typefaceThis is the typeface that I have chosen, the typeface is bold and think thereforemaking it stand out and obvious, the letters are all in capitals making it easier toread and more dominant. The style of the font Is edgy as each corner is pointed,this creates a scary effect
  18. 18. Credits
  19. 19. Credits• Credits are where all added information is shown, from analysing other posters I have noticed that the credits are normally at the bottom of the poster. The typeface chosen for them is usually a skinny long text, this is done as the credits are not the main important focus on the poster. I have included a range of typefaces that I think would demonstrate my understanding of typefaces. Each typeface is different yet follow the convention of the typeface being skinny and long.
  20. 20. Felix Titling
  21. 21. Birch Std
  22. 22. Gill Sans MT Condensed
  23. 23. Chosen Credits typefaceThis is the typeface I have chosen, this is because is it simple and easy to read. Thetypeface is thin and narrow, therefore following existing conventions