Guidelines to Maternity Photography


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Guidelines to Maternity Photography

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  2. 2. Guidelines to Maternity Photography Maternity photography is an art that brings out the true emotions and feeling of a mother. Pregnancy is a very special and unique phase in your life and maternity photography is a great way to capture these moments of life.
  3. 3. When to do it Best time to do the maternity photography is closer to the due date. The real beauty of pregnancy comes out only in the later stages and the belly is more prominent. It is important to dress up as comfortable as you can and if possible, wear solid colors.
  4. 4. Where to do it Maternity photography should be done in a professional studio that has exclusive lightings. The same setup can also be created at home so that there is no dependency on weather conditions and lighting outdoors. The comfort of home also helps make mom to be accentuate the natural movements and her unique personality comes out more naturally. The movements are more natural and the emotions are expressed in true form.
  5. 5. The highlights and shadows can be controlled that can create stunning silhouettes and exclusively highlight each unique line of pregnant woman's body.
  6. 6. After the Photo Shoot Outcome of the great maternity photographs depends largely on the mom who is posing but also on the artistic eye of the photographer. The best images need to be chosen and then they go through a detailed process of editing. Initially, hundreds of photographs are clicked but the selected few are custom cropped to give the flawless presentation. Maternity Photography is an art that requires detailed and fine understanding of tones, enhancement and color composition.
  7. 7. Most of the photographers engaging in maternity photography choose digital photography as it gives an exceptional image quality and there is endless flexibility in terms of creativity. There are all kind of professional equipments available and latest editing techniques enable photographers to make maternity photographs absolutely unique and of finest quality.
  8. 8. Prints and paper The prints for maternity photographs can be taken on fine quality cotton fiber paper. It is important to keep the tone and texture of the paper in mind so that the beauty of photographs is enhanced. Maternity photographer prefers to use archival quality pigment inks so that your photos will last for a long time if stored or displayed properly. Some of the photographers still offer you finest custom hand-printed archival photographs. There are numerous choices available such as Resin coated prints, fiber prints, selenium prints and sepia toned prints. For hand crafted albums, silks from Asia are most commonly used.
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