Innovation for better mobility Heartland ITS 2012


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ITS Heartland 2012
Annual Meeting
Kansas City, MO

Presented by Mark Owens, Senior Transportation Analyst, Meridian Environmental Technology

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  • 1990’s Boston 3 times 2001 1 st Self Sustaining and then N11 Other states Oh, Fl, Mi at one time in the past. Others are watching while others are taking a wait and see approach. FIRST LOOK AT the P3 for services Early 1990s Urban Only Focused on single Revenue Source Risk/Reward unequal Personnel intensive Little or no automation Failed
  • Demand innovation, then regulate to death Public attention to all funds (who gets what, how much, and why) The issue here is control of data
  • Some have them and others don’t maybe looked at as competitive in nature Will want to know why their golden goose is being taking away
  • Some will be more exposed to public than others
  • Today’s P3 for services needs a different approach Together or separate Best Value for the program
  • Innovation for better mobility Heartland ITS 2012

    1. 1. Heartland ITS 2012 March 2012 Innovation for better mobilityConfidentialConfidential Innovation for better mobility
    2. 2. Public/Private Partnership (P3) Expedited delivery State and local policies, plans, and programs focus Helps create innovation and private sector investment Transparency and accountability Efficient management of assets Economic growth and job creation Innovation for better mobility
    3. 3. CURRENT P3 OPTIONS Innovation for better mobility
    4. 4. History of Self Sustaining ATIS  Early Attempts – 1990’s  2001(First Self Sustaining Model) – Regulation Restrictions  2009 – Regulations Change  Current Activities – GA/MassDOT – Other States Innovation for better mobility
    5. 5. Issues Responsibilities and Regulations FHWA Transparency (Public v. Private) Manage Expectations – 0-2 year revenue, 2-4 year revenue, 6 + Control and Decisions – Sponsorship approval (Quick) – Styles (Standards) Innovation for better mobility
    6. 6. CENTRALIZED SYSTEM WIDE SYSTEM Acceptance SPONSORSHIP SPONSORSHIP MANAGEMENT Testing CONTROL APPLICATIONS Sponsorship 511 Web & IVR Public Administration Safety and Hampton Other Roads Agencies Public API Mobile 3rd Party Resellers Message Signs Incidents Standardization Cameras Work Zones Detectors Lane Closures Data Management Media Weather Sensors Gates Special Events Travel Time Administrative Shoulder Lanes User Support Ramps HAR Security6 Innovation for better mobility
    7. 7. Public Private Partnerships (P3) P3s promise continued funding for 511 and ensure that they are sustainable deployments The key premise - the inherent value of the transportation data. (Control) Revenue streams can include: – Sponsorship on the web-site and IVR – Wayside sign sponsorship – Location-based smart phone services – Data Access Innovation for better mobility
    8. 8. Public Private Partnerships (P3)  State Governance Board  Image  Issues – Current Laws – Sponsorship Requirements (Policy) – Define functionality of 511 system elements  These can impact the private ability to market and sell the assets  Points to a “shared risk/shared rewards scenario” with the system capital and O&M costs being returned over a time period Innovation for better mobility
    9. 9. (O&M) Services Transfer and Innovation Strictly Incentive basis. Program type determines exposure/control – Highway Assistance Patrols – Rest Stops/Wifi – Adopt a Highway – Highway Logo Program – ATIS • Web/mobile Web • ATIS 511 and Smart Phone • ATIS Video Innovation for better mobility
    10. 10. CURRENT P3 OPTIONS Innovation for better mobility
    11. 11. (O&M) Concessions  Transfer responsibility to the private sector.  Encouraging Innovation.  Fixed fee basis or incentive basis. Innovation for better mobility
    12. 12. (O&M) Services 0-2 Innovation for better mobility
    13. 13.  Request for Proposals for Sponsorship Naming Rights of Statewide Traveler Information System Q&A Due March 30, 2012 April 13, 2012 Innovation for better mobility