MATC Scholars Program: Dr. Terri R. Norton
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  • 1. Town Hall Wrap-Up Dr. Terri R. Norton MATC Scholars Program October 3 – 6, 2012University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • 2. OUTLINE• Introduction• Learning Objective• Learning Outcome• Minute Paper• Overview of the Day• Unanswered Questions• Conclusion
  • 3. INTRODUCTION• Dr. Terri R. Norton o Assistant Professor, Durham School of Architectural Engineering & Construction, University of Nebraska- Lincoln o MS & PhD in Civil Engineering – Florida A&M University o BS in Civil Engineering – Florida State University
  • 4. LEARNING OBJECTIVES• Reinforce of the daily themes in an active learning environment• Provide open dialogue and knowledge exchange among the student participants
  • 5. EXPECTED OUTCOMES• Students participate in an organized, but informal peer discussion about the daily activities
  • 6. The One-Minute PaperWhat was the most important thing youlearned today?What important question(s)remains unanswered?
  • 7. OVERVIEW OF THE DAY• Why Graduate School?• Choosing A Graduate Program• Understanding Funding and Budgeting Finances
  • 8. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS• What are the pros and cons for going to graduate school?• How do you prepare for graduate school?• How do you choose where you should go for graduate school?• How do you pay for graduate school?
  • 9. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS• What are the graduate entrance requirements?• How important are recommendation letters?• How long will it take for you to complete your degree?
  • 10. Unanswered Questions
  • 11. CONCLUSION• Students participate in a open discussion to reinforce the learning objectives of the daily session presentations.• Active learning used as an assessment tool to evaluate seminar sessions.• Summary of dialog highlights.
  • 12. CREDITS Dr. Terri Norton Assistant ProfessorDurham School of Architectural Engineering & ConstructionUniversity of Nebraska - LincolnSlide design © 2009, Mid-America Transportation Center. All rights reserved.