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Floor Plans Ideas is a HUGE collection of over 6,000 HIGH quality floor plans including styles such as Cottage, Victorian, Georgian Colonial, Faux Chateu, Laneway House, Queenslander, Saltbox, Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Second Empire, Shingle.
Floor Plans Ideas can be easily and immediately downloaded – all of the files are .jpg files.

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Floor plans ideas

  1. 1. In Just A Few Minutes You’ll Have INSTANT Access To 6,000 IncredibleAnd High Quality Floor Plans Done By A Recognized Architect! Click Image to Read Full Presentation
  2. 2. If You’ve Been Looking DesperatelyFor Floor Plans WITHOUT Spending A Fortune This Might Be Your Lucky Day!
  3. 3. Click HereListen, building a house is not a game.It’s something really serious – you have to put all of your energy and you need ONLY high-quality stuff.You and I know this.You see, as an architect I met a lot of people who were really obsessed with the idea of gettingeverything right.I mean, I really understand them as everyone wants the perfect house to live in. It happened tome and I’m sure that you, right now, want your house to be absolutely perfect; the ideal spacewhere you and your beloved family will live…After all, your house is going to be the place where you’re going to live your whole life right?I’m about to give you access to my personal collection of floor plans that helped hundreds uponhundreds of persons all over the world.
  4. 4. Click HereThere are many feelings that are common amongpeople from all around the world and one of thosefeelings is the wish to have your own house. Rentalsand fear of leaving the house is a constant threat topeople who don’t have their own house. Shifting andrelocating in a new area comes with many sacrificesnot to mention the sudden jerk to your finances.However, when the lucky people have saved enoughmoney to build their own house, they don’t knowthe first step that needs to be taken. At the sametime, they are not aware of the importance of floorplans.
  5. 5. Click HereIf you are one of those lucky people who are close tomaking their dream come true, you must realize theimportance of floor plans and the purpose theyserve. While it may seem like a paper with someimages drawn with pencil but it is much more thanthat and it definitely saves you from a lot of hassle ifyou examine it closely before the house is built. Youdon’t want your contractors to build you a housethat doesn’t even look like a house after entering. Atthe same time, you have to make sure that youutilize every inch of the space you have paid for.
  6. 6. Click HereUtilizing every inch of the space and presenting adesign of the home that serves the needs of allfamily members is what a perfect floor plan is. Ofcourse, you wouldn’t want your bathroom doorto open in your front garden. You don’t want yourrooms to be so tightly packed that there’s notspace for you to walk either. You wouldn’t wantyour kitchen to be located in such a way that yourhouse becomes a furnace when you are cooking.All these things and much more is coveredthrough the floor plans.
  7. 7. Click HereIn short, you are looking at your future home with theroof top removed when you are looking at a floor plan.The floor plan also tells you the dimensions of yourrooms so you are already aware what type of furnitureshould go in what room. For instance, if have a big threedoor closet for your clothes you certainly need a bigspace to fit it in. You don’t want to end up putting acloset in the room and having no space to adjust thebeds. Of course, you don’t want to sleep in the closetsince it’s not as comfortable as a bed.
  8. 8. Click HereThe importance of floor plans has increased somuch in the recent years that most of the realestate websites have floor plans with theirproperties. The better the floor plan of thehouse, the higher the price would be. Not only doyou use the space perfectly with the help of afloor plan but you also add to the value of yourhouse. Whether you are willing to sell your houseor renting one to the tenants, your floor plan willplay a major role in deciding the price of thehouse or the rental.
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  10. 10. Click HereTestimonial"As a house flipper I bought the Floor Plans Ideas because I needed help! The collection provides valuable information to SAVE you money when building a house. Buy this collection, you cant fail for this price!...Moreover the BONUSES are just AWESOMEThank you Max!"Richard J. Coal City, IL
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