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  1. 1. Zailina Hashim Professor of Environmental Health Department of Community Health Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Tel. Office: 603 8947-2406 Fax: 603 8947-2585 of Appointment1983Administrative PositionHead of Environmental Health UnitWorking Experience (As Academician)28 YearsQualificationsDoctoral of Philosophy (Ph.D)(Environmental Health Sciences as Major and Occupational Health as Minor))University of Michigan,Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A (1994)Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Public Health(Environmental Health Sciences)University of Minnesota,Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S.A. (1981)Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)(Chemistry & Environmental Studies)Macalester College,St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. (1978)
  2. 2. Professional Affiliations  Member of International Society of Environmental Epidemiology  Member of East Asian Chapter International Environmental Epidemiology Association and  Regional Board Member of International Children’s Health and Environment Society  (INCHES.)  Malaysian Industrial Hygiene Association  Honorary Member of Malaysian Association of Environmental Health.Specializations  Environmental Health Science  Health Risk Assessment  Environmental and Occupational Health ChemistNumber of Publications Published in the Area of Expertise  Journal: 75  Conference Proceedings: 30  Books/Monographs: 1  Chapter in Books: 5  Technical/Consultancy Reports: 30Recent Publications1. Zailina H. and Norhidayah R. (2011). Assessment Of Toluene Exposure And Colour Vision Among Workers At The Engineering And Maintenance Section In An Airport. Journal of Medical Safety. Special edt (2) (Accepted).2. Aghasi, M, Zailina H., Saidi, M, Dzulkhifli O., and Mehrabani, M. (2010) .Socio-demographic Characteristics and Safety Practices in Pesticide Applicators in Zangiabad Area, Iran. Australia Journal of Basic and Applied Science 4(1): 5689-5696.3. Junaidah Z., Zailina H., Lye MS and Jamal H.H. (2010). Allergy to air pollution as risk factors to the frequency of asthmatic attacks among asthmatic primary school children. American Eurasian Journal of Toxicological Science. 2(2): 83-924. Majid A., Zailina H., Mitra M., Dzulkhifli O. and Saidi M. (2010). Assessment of inhalation exposure to amitraz among pesticide sprayers in Zangiabad, Iran. World Journal of Applied Science 9(3):268-274.5. Nurul Izzah AS, Zailina H, Saidi, M, and Haslinda A. (2010). Assessment of stress and its risk factors among primary school teachers in The Klang Valley, Malaysia. Global Journal of Health Sciences. 2(2):163-171.
  3. 3. 6. Rumaizah R., Zailina H., Ismi Arif I, Naing L. and Rusli N. ( 2010). The implications of a health promotion program on the knowledge and practice of automotive workers exposed to solvent. American Journal of Applied Sciences. 7 (5): 661-668.7. Nurul Izzah AS, Haslinda A. Saidi, M, Shamsul Bahri MT and Zailina H. (2010). Prevalence of low back pain and ts risk factors among school teachers. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 7 (5): 634-639.8. Mohd Azuan K., Zailina, H., Syazwan Aizat I., Shamsul Bahari MT and Nurul Asyikin MA. (2010). Neck, upper back, and lower back pain and associated risk factors among primary school children. Journal of Applied Science 10(5):431-4359. Nurul Asyikin MA., Shamsul BMT., Mohd Shahrizal D., Mohamad Azhar MN., Mohd Rafee B. and Zailina H. (2009). Neck, shoulder, upper and lower back pain and associated risk factors among primary school children in Malaysia. Journal of Medical Safety 2: 37-47.10. Zailina H., Hanachi P., Asmila Shahnaz AS., Norazura, I. Naing L., Jamal HH., and Rusli N. (2009). Toxic effects of naphtha exposure on respiratory system among workers in the tyre industry. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. 3(10): 294-300.11. Syazwan Aizat I., Shamsul Bahri MT., and Zailina H., (2009). The association between ergonomic risk factors, RULA score and musculoskeletal pain among school children: A Preliminary result. Global Journal of Health Science. 1(2):72-84.12. Hanachi P., Zailina H. and Noradila MS. (2009).The association between kidney functions and naphtha exposure among workers in the tyre industry. Songkla Medical Journal. 26(6):573-579.13. Zailina H., Junidah R., Josephine Y., and Jamal H.H (2008). The Influence of Low Blood Lead Concentrations on the Cognitive and Physical Development of Primary School Children in Malaysia. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health. 20(4):317-32614. Saliza ME, Zailina H, Zamaliah MM, ASalam A and Jamal HH. (2007). Relationship Between Blood Lead Concentration And Nutritional Status Among Malay Primary School Children In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health 19(3):29-44.15. Zailina H. Junidah R. and Jamal H.H (2005) Lead exposure indicators on children: after the use of unleaded gasoline (1998) in Malaysia. Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences:Vol 1(2) June 2005: 71-8016. Zailina H. Chua SK Noor Hassim I and Jamal H H (2005). Lead And Other Risk Factors Influencing Hearing Impairment Among Urban School Children. International Medical Journal. Vol. 4 (1) Webpage: Jamal HH. and Zailina H. (2005). Assessing cancer risk from chemical carcinogen. Environmental Health Focus.Vol. 2 (2): 11-20