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Report 3rd teachers' meeting luxembourg 18 21 april2012
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Report 3rd teachers' meeting luxembourg 18 21 april2012


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  • 1. Comenius Multilateral Partnership: Natural Sciences, Natural EnglishReport of the third teachers’ meeting and the first pupils’ mobility in LuxembourgLuxembourg 18 th -21st April 2012Mobility No. 3Host Organisation:Receiving Country: LuxembourgReceiving Location: LuxembourgStart date: 18-04- 2012End date: 21-04-2012Duration (days): 3Participants: 1. Isabel Mira ( English teacher, Spain) 2. Fina Pons Candel (Literature teacher, Spain) 3. Carmen Ramos (English Teacher, Spain) 4. Julie Santer (Science teacher, Luxembourg) 5. Lars Johan Janson (History teacher, Sweden) 6. Natalia Mauro Nicolino (English teacher, Italy) 7. Patrick Hobbs (English teacher, Luxembourg) 8. Patrizia Mauri (Science teacher, Italy) 9. Edyta Kulawiak- Roman (Social and Polish teacher, Poland ) 10. Arkadiusz Zulewski (deputy headmaster, Poland) 11. Marcin Stanek ( IT teacher, Poland ) 12. Elwira Bonk ( English Teacher, Poland )Description of the activities:The activities of the meeting started informally with an evening meal at the EcolePrivée Fieldgen canteen on 18th April, when all the participating pupils from partnerschools were introduced to their hosting families.On the 19th April both host and guest pupils followed the timetable and the usualclassroom activities at the school from 8.00 until 12.00am.
  • 2. In the meantime the teachers had their official meeting that went on until dinner timeand they also visited the school.At the beginning of the meeting the coordinator of the project, Natalia Mauro Nicolino,pointed out that we were still lacking some lessons from partner schools on our officialwebsite. She also explained the importance of keeping the lessons uploaded on thewebsite together with evaluating surveys so that they can serve as resources for theothers. We all agreed that Sweden will prepare the general file, which can be used byall partner schools for uploading one content of the lesson and one evaluating surveytogether with maximum 4 photos ( with captions) from each country. The deadlineswere established as follow: 1. Italy by the 7th of May 2. Sweden – by the 9th of May 3. Luxembourg – by the 11th of May 4. Poland – by the 13th of May 5. Spain – by the 20th of MayThe participants also came to an agreement about the official logo of the project.We decided to keep two logos – the Spanish and the Polish ones as there was a verynarrow victory, by only couple of votes.After that, we discussed the objectives for the September mobility in Poland, where allthe partners should plan activities for the next school year. In order to do that, theparticipants will have to bring the programmes and the proposals for the lessons sothat we could choose a common topic in Biology, Physics, Chemistry orSociology/Social(SD).We also made some pre-planning for the October mobility in Spain, where the pupilsfrom partner schools are supposed to attend 5 lessons (45 minutes each) taught inEnglish.The Polish side declared to deal with Social, the Spanish – Renewable Energy, theItalian – Biology, the Luxembourgish postponed the decision for about two weeks andthe Swedish – Sustainable Development with general approach to show variety oftopics taught. However, in case the countries are having second thoughts, they canstill change their mind within one month. The prevailing means to be used during thelessons were: the Internet, the Power Point presentations and some visual aids.The official meeting ended up with visiting the school.
  • 3. After that, there was a midday meal at the canteen, followed by a guided tour of theNatural History Museum(Naturmuse’e), which both pupils and teachers found veryinteresting.The hosts also arranged a guided tour of the city of Luxembourg, during which theparticipants learned a lot about the history, the culture and especially the importanceof the Luxembourgish language. Moreover, it was emphasized that three mothertongues are taught: German, French and the Luxembourgish as well.The second day of the meeting (20th April) started with the workshops that went onuntil midday.The pupils participating in the project were allocated in three classrooms, where theylistened to power point presentations from the lessons that were carried out by allpartners within the last couple of months. The presentations ended up with theworkshops so that all the pupils could take part in it.During the break the teachers worked on two separate evaluating surveys concerningthe visit in Luxembourg: one for the guest students and one for the host students(see enclosed document).The surveys were handed out after the workshops and they were collected after theevening meal.The results of the survey will be published on the website.In the afternoon the participants visited the picturesque little town of Vianden, famousfor its medieval castle.The evening meal at the school canteen was followed by Karaoke and the studentstried to sing their favourite songs. The Polish side presented the song writtenespecially for the Comenius project by one of the Polish pupils who not only wrote thelyrics but also composed the music for that.Outcomes: 1. General file for uploading the lessons and surveys; 2. Two logos of the project; 3. Objectives of mobility in Poland; 4. Pre-planning of October mobility in Spain; 5. Pupils’ survey questionnaire
  • 4. Date of the outcomes: 21-04-2012Languages of the outcome: EnglishPrepared by: All the participantsMedias used: Pc