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IIR Performance Measurement Conferance Apr.2008 Budapest

IIR Performance Measurement Conferance Apr.2008 Budapest



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Performance Measurement 02 Performance Measurement 02 Document Transcript

  • Researched & Produced By With 15 Operator Case Studies 28 April – 1 May 2008 • Corinthia Grand Hotel, Budapest The world’s only event dedicated to optimising performance measurement for mobile networks and the services they deliver Gain practical strategies for measuring Expert speakers include and monitoring the performance of your Salvatore Allegrezza, Head of Network Environment, network and services, and use the Swisscom operator case studies and networking opportunities to: Wolfgang Tertnig, Senior Network Quality Measurements Manager, T-Mobile Austria Ensure efficient and cost-effective end Pat Kelly, Roaming Product Manager, O2 UK to end performance measurement Ana Sierra, Project Leader - Radio Access, Meet the challenges of measuring and Telefónica I&D monitoring evolving mobile networks Zarrar H Khan, Director, Performance Management & QoS, including HSPA, 3G and mobile WiMAX Mobilink Define meaningful KPIs and KQIs to Roberto Micali, Senior Network Engineer, Telecom Italia optimise end to end performance Omer Demir, Management Information Systems Analyst, measurement Turkcell Optimise service quality management Martin Binder, Network Performance Manager, to dramatically improve the customer Mobilkom Austria experience Attila Kása, Radio Network Optimisation Expert, T-Mobile - Magyar Telekom Post-Conference Workshop Pedro Ramos, RF Network Quality Analyst, TMN Thursday 1st May Marjan Mursec, Assistant Network Planning Manager, Mobitel Devising A Customer Experience Bertus Ehmke, Senior Technology Strategist, MTN Measurement Strategy To Deliver End-To-End Service Quality And Abu Usman Ayemere, Head of Division, Network Performance, Increase Customer Satisfaction Celtel Nigeria Endorsed By Media Partners Register now! Please Call: +44 (0) 20 7017 7483 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 7825 Email: Web:
  • 28 April – 1 May 2008 • Corinthia Grand Hotel, Budapest • The world’s on Monday 28 April – Conference Day One Ensuring proactive and preventative testing of roaming service availability and performance by implementing automated roaming testing MEASURING AND MONITORING END TO END Exploring the difficulties of ensuring that your roaming partners uphold NETWORK PERFORMANCE their service level agreements (SLAs): - Examining QoS on roaming partners’ networks as well as your own 9.00 Registration - Monitoring SLA compliance 9.30 Opening Remarks from the Chair - Proactively rectifying problems on multiple networks 9.40 Examining Innovations in Automated Remote Developing tools and techniques that allow you to monitor roaming service quality for both your own subscribers that are abroad and for Performance Measurement visitors that have roamed onto your network Leveraging automated performance measurement to identify issues in the network in real time, enabling engineers to solve problems more Pat Kelly, Roaming Product Manager, O2 quickly 14.40 Assessing The Impact On Performance Measurement Of Determining the effectiveness of automated performance measurement Moving From Wireless To Wired Services to detect and prevent performance problems before they negatively Measuring the performance of mobile TV and IPTV: to what extent can impact customers KQIs from wireless be used for wired services? Utilising innovative remote control methods and leveraging public Identifying the demands that mobile Internet places on the service vehicles to detect real network performance with minimum effort performance evaluation: examining the differences between wired and Filtering radio conditions to identify areas for further performance mobile internet improvement and capacity upgrade Integrating a new service based on IMS using a measurement tool very Quantifying the ROI of automated performance measurement tools: popular in the mobile world comparing initial outlay and maintenance costs with the operational José Pedro Diogo Pinto, End-to-end QoS Group Manager, cost savings delivered by them Sonaecom (Subject to final confirmation) Dr. Wen-Yi Kuo, CEO, BandRich Inc. 15.20 Afternoon Tea 10.20 MTN Case Study: Deploying WiMAX In Regions Where 15.50 Upgrading Your Mobile Backhaul To Meet The Network 3G/HSDPA Has Already Been Launched And Performance Requirements Of Mobile Broadband Considering The Performance Measurement Challenges Outlining the role of the mobile backhaul in network performance and cost Identifying the drivers for mobile operators to deploy WiMAX - do these still apply in areas where HSDPA/3G have already been Ensuring your backhaul network is designed and equipped to meet peak launched? traffic demand, not just average usage levels - Minimising cross-cannibalisation between the two technologies Determining the impact on end user data rates and number of active Integrating the management of a WiMAX network into the existing subscribers served of the backhaul technology employed network management system to minimise incremental Comparing the different backhaul solutions in terms of network maintenance/service requirements performance and CAPEX/OPEX: Identifying and meeting the specific challenges of end to end - microwave performance measurement for WiMAX: - Ethernet over fibre - Wide range of applications with different QoS requirements - Ethernet over copper - Interference Roberto Micali, Senior Network Engineer, Telecom Italia - Defining effective, measurable KPIs and KQIs 16.30 Closing remarks from the Chair Determining how performance measurement for WiMAX differs from that of HSDPA/3G 16.40 End of Conference Day One Lessons learned: case studies from various MTN networks Bertus Ehmke, Senior Technology Strategist, MTN Tuesday 29 April - Conference Day Two 11.00 Morning Coffee 11.30 Ensuring Customer Centric Network Performance MEASURING AND MONITORING SERVICE QUALITY Management Through Deployment Of A Probe Based TO IMPROVE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Monitoring System 9.00 Registration Analysing the case for using signaling message analysis to build network performance KPIs 9.30 Opening Remarks from the Chair Predicting performance anomalies before they become customer 9.40 Ensuring End To End Customer Experience Measurement complaints And Management Examining the Customer Centric Performance doctrine, where TCH Understanding what KPIs and KQIs should be used to measure the Blocking, dropped calls or Setup Success KPIs are measured based customer experience: what is important to the customer? on customer segmentation Developing strategies to directly measure customer perception of service Using signaling analysis for effective churn prediction performance and satisfaction levels Zarrar H Khan, Director, Performance Management & QoS, Determining to what extent customer-centric, rather than network-centric Mobilink (PMCL) metrics should be used to measure network and service performance 12.10 Deploying A Probe-Based Measurement System To Jim Morrish, Senior Consultant, Analysys Mason Deliver Cost-Effective And Scalable End-To-End 10.20 Leveraging Deep Packet Inspection Technology To Network Performance Visibility And Quality Assurance Manage Quality of Experience For Mobile Data Services Identifying the drivers for deploying a probe-based measurement Identifying the main factors affecting the mobile data customer experience system in terms of: Examining Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology and determining the - Ability to collect large volumes of useful data extent to which it changes the way mobile data customer experience is - Cost-effectiveness managed - Speed of problem identification Identifying the most relevant KPIs issued from DPI for mobile data Abu Usman Ayemere, Head of Division, Network Performance, customer experience management Celtel Nigeria Case study: Building a Quality of Experience index to monitor QoE trends 12.50 Lunch for a large Asian operator 14.00 Identifying The Specific Challenges Of Measuring The Leveraging OSS applications using a DPI platform to provide a thorough Performance And Quality Of Service Experienced By mobile data management framework Roaming Customers Yann Boquillod, Technical Director, Theta Networks Examining the performance implications of the increase in mobile data © IIR BV 2008. usage when roaming To Register Please Call: +44 (0) 20 7017 7483 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 7825
  • nly event dedicated to optimising performance measurement for mobile networks an 11.00 Morning Coffee Wednesday 30 April – Conference Day Three 11.30 Swisscom Mobile Case Study: Mapping Technical Performance KPIs With Customer Experiences OPTIMISING PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT FOR Examining how the Swisscom VISTA project surveyed their customers to EVOLVING MOBILE NETWORKS identify their needs, perceptions and expectations as regards Swisscom’s 9.00 Registration network Analysing customer behaviour and reactions to the network and services 9.30 Opening Remarks from the Chair Using the data collected to adjust network KPIs to ensure that network 9.40 Optimising Performance Measurement For 3G Networks and service characteristics, properties and qualities are customer-relevant Identifying the data that needs to be collected and analysed to effectively Examining how the customer characteristics and profiles identified have measure 3G network performance: impacted the network in terms of: - Coverage - choice of technologies and network structures - Availability - better customer focus for infrastructure investments - Session establishment attempts and failure reasons - supporting strategic network planning - Session establishment time - Up and downlink transmission rates Salvatore Allegrezza, Head of Network Environment, Swisscom - Data latency 12.10 PANEL SESSION: Overcoming The Problems And - Error rates for up and downlink data Challenges Of Monitoring The Customer Experience – Defining KPIs and KQIs that are relevant for all services in your 3G network How Can You Make Sure That You Focus On Service Monitoring and managing the impact of increased traffic and new services Quality, Not Just Network Quality? on 3G network quality This will be an interactive discussion session, which is your chance to put Leveraging the results of performance measurement to optimise fault your questions to our expert panellists and to share your experiences and management, network quality and capacity in 3G networks learn from the successes and mistakes of others. Martin Binder, Network Performance Manager, Mobilkom Austria 12.50 Lunch 10.20 Leveraging Event Based Recordings For Efficient 14.00 Developing Service Level Agreements Which Support Performance Management In 3G Radio Access Networks Your Performance Measurement Strategy Overcoming the challenges of carrying out effective performance Identifying missing inter RAT neighbour relations measurement in 3G networks: Improving overall network quality optimising handover related network - Different statistical data sources KPIs: - Increased number of indicators - Call success rates - Versatile services - Dropped call rates - Identifying the main KPIs used for 3G network optimisation - Call completion rates Determining how to use your measurements for: Determining how to minimise delay on 2G/3G handover to optimise the - fault detection customer experience - network optimisation - capacity management Enabling seamless 2G/3G/2G idle mode transitions Understanding how event based recordings can improve performance Performing success and failure rate analysis of both soft and hard management and network quality: handover - data processing Nick Smith, Manager, Service Delivery, Orange Switzerland - optimisation methods and solutions (Subject to final confirmation) Utilising Drive Testing and Tracings for network optimisation: 14.40 Case Study: Installing A Customer Experience - Identifying the right tools and procedures Management Tool To Optimise QoS And Improve The Attila Kása, Radio Network Optimisation Expert, Customer Experience T-Mobile - Magyar Telekom Determining how to monitor the end-user experience of services and 11.00 Morning Coffee determining the drivers for installing a customer experience management tool 11.30 Case Study: Optimising Mobility Procedures Between 2G Examining and comparing the different tools available for customer And 3G To Improve Call Drop Rate And Call Setup experience management Success Rate Analysing the information gained and using it to adjust network KPIs and Defining new metrics and KPIs to measure and optimise different mobility KQIs procedures between 2G and 3G: - Handover 3G/2G What changes have been made to T-Mobile Austria’s network as a result - Cell Reselection 2G<->3G of deploying customer experience management? Determining and measuring the impact of: Wolfgang Tertnig, Senior Network Quality Measurements Manager, - Handover IRAT (Inter Radio Access Technology) on Call Drop Rate (CDR) T-Mobile Austria - Cell Reselection on Call Setup Success Rate (CSSR) 15.20 Afternoon Tea - Compress Mode on Listing Quality, EcNo, RSC and UeTxPower Analysing network performance in different speed environments 15.50 Case Study: Deploying Service Score Logic And Service Management At Turkcell To Optimise Service Examining the measures put in place by TMN to improve the customer Performance experience: - Change network parameters to reduce Compress Mode to ensure Examining how Turkcell have deployed Service Score Logic to monitor better Listing Quality customer perceptions of service performance - Reducing “ping-pong” between 2G and 3G to improve CSSR and Deploying service management to quickly and effectively monitor both Call Completion Rate (CCR) voice and data service performance - Accelerating Handover and Cell Reselection in the 3G border Analysing performance data and mapping it against other network Examining the results achieved by TMN in terms of: data to identify performance issues and enable real-time service - Handover IRAT time management - Compress Mode time Meeting the challenges of maintaining complex, multi-vendor, multi- - CSSR platform networks and systems, and ensuring smooth running and - CCR constant service delivery throughout Pedro Ramos, RF Network Quality Analyst, Omer Demir, Management Information Systems Analyst, TMN (Subject to final confirmation) Turkcell 16.30 Closing Remarks from the Chair 16.40 End of Conference Day Two Email: Web:
  • nd the services they deliver 12.10 Optimising Handover From 2G To 3G To Minimise Post-Conference Workshop Dropped Calls And Improve The Customer Experience Identifying missing inter RAT neighbour relations Thursday 1st May Defining handover related network KPIs: - Call success rates - Dropped call rates - Call completion rates Devising A Customer Determining how to minimise delay on 2G/3G handover to optimise the customer experience Experience Measurement Enabling seamless 2G/3G/2G idle mode transitions Performing success and failure rate analysis of both soft and hard handover Strategy To Deliver End- Marjan Mursec, Assistant Network Planning Manager, Mobitel To-End Service Quality 12.50 Lunch And Increase Customer 14.00 Examining The Network Optimisation Challenges And Expected End To End Performance In Long Term Evolution (LTE) Networks Satisfaction Outlining the self-optimising functions of LTE: - Automatic optimisation of neighbour cell lists perators are beginning to realise that it’s not - Use of UE history information at handover Determining standardised measurements for network optimisation and Key Performance Indicators Identifying the enhanced QoS capabilities supported by LTE, and the impact on: O enough to define network KPIs and analyse results from traditional network performance indicators. Increasingly, they are focussing on - Throughput measuring the performance of the services delivered - Delay over their networks, which means not only identifying Comparing the performance of services over an LTE network as opposed new KPIs and KQIs, but also finding new ways of to current 3G networks communicating with customers to find out how they Eiko Seidel, CTO, Nomor Research perceive service performance. 14.40 Leveraging Performance Measurement Data To Optimise Your HSPA Network This interactive workshop gives you the tools and Identifying the most appropriate tools and techniques for gathering field techniques you need to develop a strategy for measurements and data from your HSPA network to enable significant performance analysis measuring the customer experience of services, and to Defining KPIs and KQIs for the new and complex data services delivered dramatically improve network and service performance, over HSPA and customer satisfaction. Meeting the challenges of mobility management and handover procedures in HSPA Analysing test and measurement results and using them to improve traffic management in your HSPA network Topics covered will include: Simo Pätäri, Senior Consultant, Omnitele • Developing strategies to ensure you focus on service 15.20 Achieving End To End Performance Measurement In quality as well as network performance Mobile WiMAX Networks Identifying and meeting the specific challenges of end to end performance • Identifying the most relevant Key Performance measurement for WiMAX: Indicators (KPIs) and Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) to - Wide range of applications with different QoS requirements measure the customer experience - Interference Defining effective, measurable KPIs for WiMAX networks • Communicating effectively with your customers to - Throughput - Spectral efficiency understand their perception of service performance - Sensitivity and quality - Signal analysis - Signal generation Workshop Leader to be confirmed – - Output power please check for details - Adjacent and alternate adjacent channel rejection Considering the effectiveness of drive tests for Mobile WiMAX Ana Sierra, Project Leader - Radio Access, Telefónica I&D 16.00 Closing Remarks from the Chair 16.10 End of Conference Day Three Who Will Attend Performance Measurement 2008? This event will attract Managers, Directors and Engineers from the following departments at Mobile Operators from across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and beyond: Network Performance Measurement and Monitoring, Radio Network Planning & Development, RF Optimisation, Network and Service Quality, Service Management, Service Provisioning and Network Operation & Maintenance. Due to unforeseen circumstances the conference programme may change and IIR reserves the right to alter the venue and/or speakers. To Register Please Call: +44 (0) 20 7017 7483 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 7825
  • 28 April – 1 May 2008 • Corinthia Grand Hotel, Budapest Why Attend Performance Measurement 2008? This is the only event in the marketplace which focuses specifically on performance measurement for mobile networks and services, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet with the key players and decision makers in network and service performance measurement from operators from across the EMEA region. With case study presentations from 15 operators who will be sharing their experiences of solving performance issues in their networks, this is a highly focussed and unique forum for debate and discussion on achieving accurate and cost-effective performance measurement for evolving networks and services, and using the results to optimise network capacity, service quality and customer satisfaction. Highlights include: • Learn from the experiences of the Swisscom team responsible for the VISTA project, which surveyed customers and used the information gained to adjust KPIs and KQIs to improve network and service performance • Find out how Mobilkom Austria and T-Mobile are meeting the challenges of optimising performance measurement for 3G networks • Hear how Telecom Italia are upgrading their mobile backhaul to meet the performance requirements of mobile broadband • Learn from Sonaecom’s approach to defining KPIs and KQIs specifically for converged services • Benefit from hearing the details of O2‘s strategy for measuring the performance and Quality Of Service experienced by roaming “Insightful presentations from operators, giving information about problems they have or have solved. Good networking. Plamen Grozdanov, RF Expert, Andrew Network Solutions @ Performance Measurement 2007 “Good overview of current solutions of PM systems. Innovative input for actual work. Very good networking possibilities for experience exchange” Wolfgang Tertnig, Senior Manager Network Quality Measurements, T-Mobile Austria @ Performance Measurement 2007 Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities: Performance Measurement 2008 is an excellent opportunity to raise your profile with high-level Mobile Operator representatives from across Europe and beyond. Why not join them to achieve the exposure your company needs to tap the business opportunities on offer? Whatever your needs, we can develop a tailored solution that will fulfil both your business objectives and your budgetary needs. To discuss your options, please contact Stephan Groves on +44 (0)20 7017 7098 or ENDORSED BY Formed in 1996 the UMTS Forum is an international industry association committed to the success of Third Generation (3G) UMTS mobile systems. Bringing together players from across the mobile industry on a peer-to-peer basis, the UMTS Forum promotes a common vision of 3G/UMTS and its Long Term Evolution as well as its worldwide commercial success. Membership of the UMTS Forum is open to all organisations with a commercial interest in 3G/UMTS mobile – including fixed and mobile network operators, infrastructure vendors, terminal device manufacturers, regulators, media/content providers and developers of 3G/UMTS services and applications. MEDIA PARTNERS The Institution of Engineering and Technology is one of the largest engineering and technology institutions in the world and reflects the interdisciplinary, global and inclusive nature of engineering. With a worldwide membership of more than 160,000, the Institution aims to lead in the advancement of engineering and technology by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas at a local and global level and promoting best practice, ensuring that its members are thoroughly equipped to meet the needs of today's rapidly changing technological world.Membership comprises of individuals from a diverse range of technical backgrounds including IT, communications technology, electronics, electrical, power engineering, software, control, informatics and manufacturing and range from students to leading figures in industry, research and development and education. For more information about the Institution of Engineering and Technology please visit Mobile Europe analyses the major developments in wireless technologies and markets. It reaches top decision makers within Operators, Service Providers, OEMs and the large user corporations that have driven demand in the world's leading mobile market. With the largest distribution of any wireless magazine in Europe, Mobile Europe is established as the leading title for the European mobile industry. Its website gives the industry a fast-moving channel for marketing campaigns and launches and readers immediate access to the latest developments. Offering news, news analysis and strong opinion, combined with in-depth articles, Mobile Europe covers the issues that matter. Managed Services: The Business Case for Outsourcing Network Operations and Services Hosting strategic Report from Informa Telecoms & Media provides you with a comprehensive analysis allowing you to fully understand the growing opportunities within network operations and services hosting. This extensive strategic report will provide you with business critical information within this growing market. For more information, to download your free table of contents and to order online, visit: strives to help educate and inform industry professionals through focusing on a balance of wireless and mobile technology and applications as well as regulatory and business issues. is dedicated to professionals engaged in the wireless and mobile network profession, including product and service providers, infrastructure and software developers, consultants and analysts, and the investment community. Come visit us at TelecomRedux is an essential intelligence tool for professionals in the world's converging telecom, IT, wireless and new media industries. It provides lively commentary on major industry events each working day. TelecomRedux also provides a searchable archive of major industry news releases and produces features and white papers addressing the issues of the day. Visitors to the site can opt to receive free weekly news briefings, via e-mail, to hone their understanding of the latest developments. Register now! Please Call: +44 (0) 20 7017 7483 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 7825 Email: Web:
  • 28 April – 1 May 2008 • Corinthia Grand Hotel, Budapest CG2441 Venue & Accommodation Details Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, Erzsébet körút 43-49, H-1073, Budapest, Hungary E-mail: Tel.: +36 1 479 4000 Fax: +36 1 479 4333 Delegates are responsible for the arrangement and payment of their own travel and accommodation. IIR has arranged a special room rate with the hotel for the IIR delegates. To book your accommodation for Roaming World Congress and take advantage of the IIR discount at the hotel, simply call or email the hotel stating IIR’s Performance Measurement for Mobile Network and Services in the subject line’. UNABLE TO ATTEND? Nothing compares with being there - but you need not miss out. Simply tick the box, send the form along with payment and we will Performance provide Measurement you with a secure password to enable you to access to the conference presentations online, 4 weeks from the event being held. ■ Online Docs @ £399 (excl VAT) Fax the form to: +44 (0) 20 7017 7825 We regret that we can only accept payment by credit card. Your VIP number is on the address label. If there is no label, please quote A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Step 1 Decide what you want to attend For more than one delegate please photocopy this form. ✓ Title Date Code ■ Conference Day One Monday 28th April 08 CG2441C SPECIAL GROUP DISCOUNTS ■ Conference Day Two Tuesday 29th April 08 CG2441M Contact Anthony Streeter Tel: +44 (0) 20 7017 7145 ■ Conference Day Three Wednesday 30th April 08 CG2441N ■ Post-Conference Workshop Thursday 1st May 08 CG2441W Step 2 Work out the price Visas: If you need a visa to attend, please book early. Please register me for: BETWEEN 04/02/08 and 03/03/08 (Tick box) BETWEEN 03/03/08 and 31/03/08 (Tick box) AFTER 31/03/08 (Tick box) All 4 Days ■ £2385 (+ VAT@ 20% = £2862) ■ £2685 (+ VAT@ 20% = £3222) ■ £2785 (+ VAT@ 20% = £3342) Any 3 Days ■ £1790 (+ VAT@ 20% = £2148) ■ £1990 (+ VAT@ 20% = £2388) ■ £2090 (+ VAT@ 20% = £2508) Any 2 Days ■ £1195 (+ VAT@ 20% = £1434) ■ £1295 (+ VAT@ 20% = £1554) ■ £1395 (+ VAT@ 20% = £1674) Any 1 Day ■ £795 (+ VAT@ 20% = £954) ■ £895 (+ VAT@ 20% = £1074) ■ £895 (+ VAT@ 20% = £1074) (The conference fee includes 3 course lunch, refreshments and full conference documentation. The fee does not include travel or hotel accommodation. Please photocopy this form for multiple bookings.) Personal details Mr/Mrs/Ms First Name Last Name Job Title Department 1st delegate 2nd delegate To assist us with future correspondence, please supply the following details: Mr/Mrs/Ms First Name Last Name Job Title Department Head of Department: Booking Contact: Company: .........................................................................................................Address (if different from label above).................................................................................................................. .........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Postcode:....................................................... Tel: .....................................................................Fax: ..........................................................................Email: ...................................................................................................................................... No. of employees on your site: 1) ■ 0-49 2) ■ 50-249 3) ■ 250-499 4) ■ 500-999 5) ■ 1000+ Nature of your company’s business:.............................................................................................. Yes!, I would like to receive information about upcoming events via (please tick) ■ email ■ fax By giving you my email address I am giving ONLY IIR companies the permission to contact me by email Signature ..................................................................................................................................................................................................... Step 3 Easy ways to pay All registrations must be paid in advance of the event. Billing address if different from above: ■ Cheque. £ .............. Enclosed is our cheque in favour of IIR Ltd Please ensure that the Conference Code CG2441C/M/N/W is written on the back of the cheque. ■ Credit Card. Please debit my: ■ Visa ■ Amex ■ Eurocard ■ Mastercard Card No: ................................................................................................................................................................................. CCV Number: ......................................(three digit number on the back of most credit cards/front of American Express) Expiry Date: ........................................ Signature: ......................................................................................... Please note that cards will be debited within 7 days of your registration on to the conference Delegates are kindly requested to bring confirmation of payment with them to the event. Staff at the registration desk will request a credit card payment from delegates when payment has not yet been received. Full details of bank transfer options will be given with your invoice on registration Step 4 Five easy ways to register Data Protection - The personal information shown on this form, and/or provided by you, will be held on a database and may be shared with other companies Telephone: – +44 (0) 20 7017 7483 Please remember to quote CG2441C/M/N/W in the Informa Group in the UK and internationally. If you do not wish your details to be available to other companies in the Informa Group please contact the Database Manager at the above address, Tel +44 (0) 20 7017 7077, Fax +44 (0) 20 7017 7828 or email: Occasionally your details may be E-Mail – obtained from, or made available to, external companies who wish to communicate with you offers related to your business activities. If you do not wish to receive these offers, please tick the box ■ Web – What Happens If I Have to Cancel? - Confirm your cancellation in writing (letter or fax) on or before 14th April 2008 and receive a refund less a 10% + VAT service charge. If you cancel between this date and 21st April 2008 then you will receive a 50% refund. Regrettably, no refunds can be made for cancellations By Fax – Complete and send this registration form to: +44 (0)20 7017 7825 received less than one week prior to the conference. A substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. Incorrect Mailing - If you are receiving multiple mailings or you would like us to change any details or remove your name from our database, please contact the Post – Complete and return the registration form together with payment to: Database Manager at the above address, Tel +44 (0) 20 7017 7077, Fax +44 (0) 20 7017 7828 or - quoting the reference number printed on the Customer Service Manager, IIR Ltd, Cyan House, 1 Canada Road, Byfleet, mailing label. Additional Requirements - Please notify IIR at least one month before the conference date if you have any additional requirements e.g. wheelchair access, Surrey, KT14 7BF large print etc. Register now! Please Call: +44 (0) 20 7017 7483 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 7825 Email: Web: