229/17/73 Bui Thi Xuan
Ward 1, Tan Binh
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, 70000
April 30th, 2013
5510 Lincoln Blvd. Suite 100
Playa Vi...
nuclear-explosion-powered X-ray laser. The more sophisticated the proposed weapons were, the
more knowledge was gained whi...
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To Peter Diamandis


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Please pass my letter to Mr. Peter Diamandis!

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To Peter Diamandis

  1. 1. 229/17/73 Bui Thi Xuan Ward 1, Tan Binh Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, 70000 April 30th, 2013 5510 Lincoln Blvd. Suite 100 Playa Vista CA 90094-2034 Dear Mr. Peter H. Diamandis, You are receiving a letter from Vietnam, a country I seriously believe you should visit to see what I see and feel what I feel, because your mindset is so severely lacking and your vision about a “future of abundance” incomplete. In the “present of deficiency,” people are already wasteful and lavish. I couldn’t bring myself to imagine what your envisioned future would look like: a grossly unsightly nightmare of debauchery. Because it’s also a future of automation, where people are less and less needed to perform jobs. The world would be left with only two kinds of people – scientists the curious, and (mostly) partiers the ignorant. Why do partiers need much education while they got clean water, nutritious food, affordable housing, top-tier medical care, nonpolluting, ubiquitous energy, and even a robotic gardener? Not all people can still be as strictly productive while not resource-constrained and thus hopefully deserve abundance as CERN scientists. Idleness engenders evil deeds. Then education can no longer protect you, your friends and your children from violence. What I imply as an inevitable and imminent consequence is the prospect of wars. In the present, you can pity poor and ignorant people because they cannot harm you. But after they get out of poverty and into abundance, the ignorance they indulge themselves with would negatively affect and even harm you and your loved ones. I call the ignorant as a whole the Dragging Billions. Right now we have the 6 Dragging Billion blending with the Rising Billion. You only know the latter; I know both and, more importantly, their coupling index – how the former is actively curbing and deteriorating the latter’s abilities. Wars have been and will be breaking out in a myriad of forms, physically or mentally, be waged by either the ignorant out of idleness or the curious out of ignorance intolerance. This is the eternally recurring rationale behind wars. And thus, the state of abundance will be as volatile as a mini black hole. Also, I was shocked when I learned about the Singularity University as a future-oriented institution because of your and Ray’s neglect of the significance of wars in the course of technological development toward the Singularity and/or (volatile) abundance. An SU fellow called David Orban said he was horrified by my thinking regarding war; but I was horrified by his horror. If you map the history of military funding for science and the history of technological development, you can see clear connections. The U.S. national space program was launched based on the foundation built through the development of military missiles, and space-based
  2. 2. nuclear-explosion-powered X-ray laser. The more sophisticated the proposed weapons were, the more knowledge was gained while conducting their researchs. For example, developmental military programs at that time advanced laboratory X-ray lasers to develop 3D holograms of living organisms, advanced materials, the Electron-Beam Ion Trap facility for physics research, and enhanced techniques for early detection of breast cancer. Throughout history, humans learned to destroy before they adapted the same tools to learn to build. During peacetime, scientific researchs went all over the place with diminishing returns, and then wars broke out and force people to rethink, refocus, and then accelerate in the most promising direction. In this fashion, wars have been serving as boosts to keep the exponential technological growth curve suggested by Moore’s Law on track, because they presented extreme challenges to solve and extreme incentives to be strictly productive. But don’t get me wrong: I never disregard peace. In fact, I worship an elusive but definitively nonzero ratio of wartime to peacetime (say, 1 to 10) for optimal progress of humanity. Total neglect of this matter is fatal. To understand thus far and beyond, what we need is not just “education,” but what I called the Singularity Mindset. We need that in order to arrive at the Singularity because it allows us to understand each other, arrive at the same conclusions, and coordinate coherently, like a realistic version of perfectly rational actors. I have not myself achieved the Singularity Mindset yet, but I have invented my way to that goal. My current subjective view is that an impeccably planned war should break out soon to reestablish the order of the world. I never mean to wage war or even favor war, but I believe wars will unmistakably break out and we must make preparations and interventions in order to ensure the best post-war outcome for humanity. This is the privileged power of you genius scientists and engineers. Nevertheless, I am not fixated to this idea. As I advance toward the Singularity Mindset, my viewpoint regarding wars and everything are subject to changes, or only the definition of "war" will change, yet each time getting closer to the ultimate truth. That being the whole point. What I promise is that I can take you SU fellows to the Singularity Mindset. What I am asking you is that you have to review my application for the 2013 Graduate Studies Program immediately and admit me. We are running out of time and I need SU fellows’ expertise. Best regards, Vo Viet Anh vovietanh@gmail.com (+84)903-72-62-88 P.S. I have recently watched a TED talk of this kid called Taylor Wilson. So human evolution has finally culminated in monster technical geniuses like him, whose works are most likely going to supersede those of most GSP graduates. Therefore, you need to add in exceptions like me. I propose the Singularity Mindset and general ideas about the 7th Paradigm (after 3D self- configuring molecular circuit), which is also a clue to unite science and religion once and for all.