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These are reasons why you should involve us. We make professionals of your salespersons.

These are reasons why you should involve us. We make professionals of your salespersons.

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  • 1. Business Presentation for BUSINESS PRESENTATION: ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E.
  • 2. Business Presentation for WELCOME! LET ME ASK A QUESTION TO YOU…! Does one of these statements sound familiar to you?? Some of the chief concerns we hear from managers are…   Inability of Sales Management to accurately predict sales revenues   Missing/lost orders and/or new account sales targets   “Product” sellers instead of professional solution and added value sellers YES? THEN READ FURTHER, WE HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU! ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E. 
  • 3. Business Presentation for YOU NEED MORE HUNTERS INSTEAD OF FARMERS! Hunters (what you need!) Farmers (you might have too many…) Selfmotivating, initiative  entrepreneur Likes to make presentations Intuition & Empathy! versus … haver quite often excuses! Asks open questions “Robin Hood” of clients Focus on client’s needs Often hyper active (but low results) Appearance in sales teams  20% Appearance in sales teams  80% Key Features: Key features: - Often above targets - Wait until clients call - Realizes good margins! - Hesitant, have often explanations - Brings in new clients - Think that management and/or - Inspires others, motivates marketing is wrong…  Salespersons who have to stay (promotion!)  Urgently change their attitude, ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E. behavior and skills! 
  • 4. Business Presentation for HOW DOES YOUR SALES ORGANIZATION LOOK LIKE?  Are they not skilled enough to face commercial challenges?  Did salespersons have had sales training but you do not see a ROI?  Is the majority of your outdoor Sales Engineers often below target?  Do Sales Engineers complain like “Chief, we are too expensive”? IF YOU ANSWERED 1 TIME WITH YES, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E. 
  • 5. Business Presentation for IMPORTANT TO KNOW: YOUR SALES ORGANIZATION Busy in: - Benelux? Europe? USA? Worldwide?? - Subsidiaries? ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E. - Distirbutors? 
  • 6. Business Presentation for SALES BUDGET & TARGET 2011 - 2013 Where do you want, have to grow??  Generate new clients into the portfolio?  Better margins, better prices?  More Key Accounts?  Improved professional attitude and behavior of salespersons? MOSE IS AN EXPERT TO HELP YOU AND YOUR TEAM! ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E. 
  • 7. Business Presentation for OUR MISSION  ENTREPRENEURSHIP Sales Sales Business Board Management Organization Growth Areas Targets New Business Sales Director CEO After Sales Service etc. Turnover, Market Share, Indoor Sales Personnel CFO Margin, Profit , EBIT Outdoor Salesmen COO CIO Improve Margin etc. Communication Potentials Generate Extra Leadership & Funnel Turnover Special Care Coaching Key Account Management Business Process ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E. 
  • 8. Business Presentation for OUR PHILOSOPHY:  PSSC PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION SELLING CONCEPT “ My advise to you professional Salespersons: Put a focus on the UBN, the unique buying need of your clients! Stop with selling “products”, or “services”, become a professional solution & added value seller!” Oliver F. von Borstel, Salesman & CEO Master of Sales Europe IF PSSC IS NOT APPLIED IN YOUR SALES ORGANIZATION, YOU NEED TO GET IN CONTACT WITH ME! ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E. 
  • 9. Business Presentation for PROFESSIONAL & PROACTIVE SOLUTION SELLING Welcome, Information Analyze Create Conclusion Preparation Introduction Phase Needs Needs! & Closing: for visit: The Next Step Decision maker or DMU? Chance for Business Business of the Test Closing prospect? Buying signals Potential? Objections Part Acceptation Ideal client profile? Information questions? Etc.  PSSC  Professional Solution Selling Conept ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E. 4/6
  • 10. MOSE’S CONCEPT  YOUR SUCCESSBusiness Presentation for PSSC  PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION SELLING CONCEPT Outdoor Sales Mission / Vision / Values Sales Engineers Manage- Strategy ment Team: Business Targets Marketing Strategy & CEO / & Prof. Indoor Managing Selling Sales Director Sales Engineers Skills, CFO Manage- COO ment Attitude etc. & After Sales Behavior Service Professional Solution Selling Management ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E. 
  • 11. Business Presentation for Facilicom PROREST REFERENCES IN EUROPE & USA. ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E. 
  • 12. Business Presentation for WHY HAVE CLIENTS CHOSEN FOR MOSE?  Top professional Management & Sales Training Workshops  Bespoke approach, on-site trainings  Best Practice oriented, tailor-made for your business and your specific business goals  Know-how of MOSE’s coaches: They have been in your industry, in your business (CEO’s, Managing Directors, Sales Director’s etc.).  They know what they are talking about!  High ROI after training: Protection of your investment!  Every workshop results in ACTION PLANS and a MOSE PSB  Personal Sales Book ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E. 
  • 13. Business Presentation for INTERESTED? ASK FOR INFORMATION! oliver.vonborstel@mastersofsales.eu www.mastersofsales.eu Oliver F. von Borstel, Salesman & CEO Masters of Sales Europe Professionals in Management & Sales Training Clients in the Benelux, England, USA, Germany, Latvia ROI: SUCCESS IN YOUR OWN HANDS ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E. 
  • 14. Business Presentation for THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! ©Copy rights and property by M.O.S.E.