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Master credit banking groupe new

  1. 1. While some brokers, some arranger, for some its just about transactions and then there’s us. “ You areat MasterCredit. We do things a little different.”We don’t just look at the transactions or deals. For us it isn’t a number game. Its about our solutionsbeing able to deliver and support our clients effectively and look after your best business interests. Wedeliver finances and our relationship delivers value to building your finances. The intangibles that weprovide proves valuable and irreplaceable for you and your business. Look at a stronger tomorrowWITH US. Welcome to MasterCredit Banking.
  2. 2. Our Partnership is not about only providing ready-made solutions to clients, rather it is to pool ourknowledge and world-wide expertise in structuring and delivering the finances and the requiredsolutions for your requirements.An important aspect of our philosophy is that, our work is not limited to specific transactions. Weservice you as your “Support – Partners”. We support over the time and through business cycles,assisting your business’s within and outside India. Our approach has led to exceptionally close andlong term relationships that form the core of our business. Come to us. We understand banking better.
  3. 3. Prime Banking Investment Banking Lending Partners• Export Finance. • Private Equity. • Factoring. • Pre Shipment. • PE Investments. • Domestic. • Post Shipment. • Growth Capital. • Exports. • Forfaiting • Vendor Factoring. • Factoring. • MC Deals. • Gold Mines. • Working Capital• Import Finance. • Oil Blocks. Management Solutions. • Buyer’s Credit. • Gas Blocks. • Diamond Mines. • Project Finance.• Global Banking Solutions. • Coal Mines. • Business Deals Come to us. We understand banking better.
  4. 4. Specialised Banking. for International Trade. Prime Banking is a specialised unit for clients in International Trade. Be it your Post Shipment or Pre Shipment Finance requirements or your Import Finance needs, we offer the best foreign currency banking solutions. For your global ventures and expansions, we offer you banking solutions locally in the countries you venture. Putting together our networking for your expansions. Come to us. We understand banking better.
  5. 5. Export Finance Import Finance Global Banking Solutions• Pre Shipment Facilities. • Revolving Buyer’s Credit. • Joint Ventures. • Against Collaterals • Projects. • Against Stand – by • Suppliers Credit (UPAS) • Contracts. L/C’s. • Expansions. • Buyer’s Credit Finance.• Post Shipment Finance. • Capital Goods • Discounting of L/C’s • Raw Materials • Avalisation of DA • Trading Bills. Commodities.• Forfaiting.• Factoring. Come to us. We understand banking better.
  6. 6. Welcome to Investment Banking. Private Equity. MC Deals. Come to us. We understand banking better.
  7. 7. Welcome to the world. of Private Equity. We specialise and focus on companies and projects to promote and facilitate for Equity Investments from our High Networth Institutional Investors overseas. Our role and focus is act as catalysts and bring in and synergize the allied intangibles to make our clients “Investment Ready” for our investors to invest. Private Equity calls for a Partnership lasting longer than investments. So together : We Partner. We Work. We Achieve. Come to us. We understand banking better.
  8. 8. Private Equity Investment Solutions Sectors That We PartnerFor all your , • Investments through High • Bio Technology and Life• Growth Capital Net Investors Overseas. Sciences.• Mergers • Pharma.• Acquisitions • Professional Services for • Chemicals.• Diversifications. Appraisals, Valuations & • Engineering.• Management Buy-Outs Due Diligences. • Logistics.• Management Buy – Ins. • Telecommunications.• Overseas Ventures. • Legal Services to make our • Manufacturing Core• Business Deals. Investments compliant to Industries.• Projects. laws and regulations. • Real Estate.MC Capital forms genuine • Banking & Treasurypartnerships. Services. Come to us. We understand banking better.
  9. 9. The Gateway. of your Deals. Kazakhstan India Africa Indonesia• Gold Mining License.• Diamond Mining License. We provide you with complete “Package” “End to End” Solutions to facilitate these• Oil & Gas Exploration Blocks. investments into your business• Coal Mining Blocks. opportunities.• Business Deals.• Slump & Scrap Sale of Factories. Come to us. We understand banking better.
  10. 10. Lending Partners.Factoring Working Capital Project Finance Come to us. We understand banking better.
  11. 11. Factoring. It makes business sense. It is the preferred way to do business today. All you have to do is assign us your invoices and we advance you a pre-payment at the earliest. On the settlement of the respective invoice by your debtor, the balance amount is credited to your account. In other words, benefits include improved cash flows, sales ledger administration and since there is no collection hassles, you can focus on your core business. What’s more your credit line grows as your business expands. Come to us. We understand banking better.
  12. 12. Global Partnerships.MasterCredit’s Global Partnership spans across 22 countries and among 38Bankers, Banks, Investors, Financial Institutions, Facilitators, Syndicators, Advisors, GovernmentOffices and Agencies, Management Firms and Law Firms and organisations that form nexus with ourorganisation’s businesses and services. Come to us. We understand banking better.
  13. 13. Global Partnerships. Talent knows no frontiers. The closely knit relations fostered among the network partners helps share and cross – pollinate information, resources, experience and locational expertise to serve better needs of our globalisation. We garner the world – wide resources, wisdom and cutting edge banking solutions, keeping us one step ahead in what we do best. That’s not all. The expertise is not limited to a specific transaction but is focused to support your expansions over the times through business cycles, assisting your businesses world-wide. Come to us. We understand banking better.
  14. 14. Sriram Muralidharan Gaurav ThackerDirector. Director.+91 9819929993 +91 We shall be happy to attend to you. MasterCredit Banking Solutions Private Limited. 422, Himalaya House, 79 – Palton Road, Fort. Mumbai – 400 001. India. Come to us. We understand banking better.