Build OS X Apps on Travis CI

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Build OS X Apps on Travis CI

Build OS X Apps on Travis CI

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  • 1. Build OS X Apps on Travis CI Kiwamu Okabe
  • 2. Who am I? ☆ ☆ Twitter: @master_q ☆ Organizer of Metasepi project ☆ A developer of Ajhc Haskell compiler ☆ A Debian Maintainer ☆ 10 years' experience in developing OS using NetBSD.
  • 3. Do you use Travis CI?
  • 4. Ajhc is tested on Travis CI ☆ Travis CI is a continuous integration service. ☆ It builds code on Ubuntu Linux. ☆ But some people use Mac OS X. ☆ Are there CI services for OS X Apps?
  • 5. Travis CI can build iOS apps If so, also can build Mac OS X apps?
  • 6. Detail to build Mac OS X Apps Detail:
  • 7. Setting to build OS X Apps #1 # .travis.yml language: objective-c before_install: - date - export PATH="$HOME/Library/Haskell/bin:$PATH" - ./travis-ci/ - git fetch --tags - ./travis-ci/ script: - ./travis-ci/ - make selftest - make rtstest after_script: - date
  • 8. Setting to build OS X Apps #2 # travis-ci/ #!/usr/bin/env sh wget " Haskell Platform 2013.2.0.0 32bit.pkg" sudo installer -pkg "Haskell Platform 2013.2.0.0 32bit.pkg" target / brew update brew install valgrind echo "yes" | sudo cpan install YAML cabal update export HSPACKS="derive temporary haskeline utf8-string HsSyck cpphs test-framework-th test-framework-hunit test-frameworkquickcheck2 uniplate" export HSOPTS="-j --disable-documentation --disable-libraryprofiling --disable-executable-profiling" cabal install $HSOPTS cabal-install cabal install $HSOPTS $HSPACKS
  • 9. Demonstration We have a time to watch demo?
  • 10. PR: Ajhc Haskell compiler ☆ ☆ Ajhc apps are able to running on tiny CPU has only 40kB RAM. ☆ Ajhc also build Android NDK apps. ☆ In future, would like to rewrite NetBSD kernel with Ajhc!
  • 11. PR: Call For Articles ☆ ☆ Fanzine of functional programming. ☆ About Haskell or OCaml or . . . ☆ Article about Ajhc in C84 book. ☆ Call me if you read it!