Packaging Eric Hudson, Preserve on Green Packaging


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Packaging Eric Hudson, Preserve on Green Packaging

  1. 1. MassRecycleMarch 27, 2012 August 5, 2010
  2. 2. The Need: The Fourth Quadrant 1. Eating 2. Transportation 3. Home Climate Control 4. Consumer Goods Non-food consumer goods in the U.S. make up 29% of U.S. emissions
  3. 3. The Preserve ApproachWe believe in expecting more out of the products that we use every day. A product should bothperform seamlessly and delight our senses. And we all deserve products that help us leadhealthy lives and minimize the impact on our incredibly stressed environment. That’s why wetake the time to ensure that our products meet your needs intuitively and stylishly. We refuse toeven consider materials with even a hint of potential health risks. We make our products out ofrecycled #5 polypropylene plastic that can then in turn be recycled. We keep our packagingsimple, and we limit carbon emissions by streamlining transportation and manufacturing. Weare demanding because we know you are too! We make our products in the USA, so Preserve products are BPA-free, melamine-free, that we can ship shorter distances, and made from 100% recycled plastic. By using using less fuel and limiting our recycled materials, we save energy, preserve environmental footprint. natural resources, and create an incentive for communities to recycle. We do not test on animals. Period. All of our plastic products are recyclable, either through our mail-in take-back program (toothbrushes and razor handles), at the curb in communities that All Preserve products are dishwasher-safe recycle #5 plastic, or through our Gimme and made to last—as well as to look good 5 bins. doing it.
  4. 4. Preserve Mail-Back PackPreserve implemented a first of its kind take back program forits toothbrush in 1995. Since then we have launched 4 newcategories of products and have take back programs for themall.We will soon convert the postage-paid model to one ofRewards, where the Preserver receives back more than theirpostage. In addition, there will be three different methods toreturn products to Preserve.# 1 Selling toothbrush in Natural Channel# 1 Selling toothbrush at
  5. 5. Everyday Tableware Sustainable Design
  6. 6. #5 use is rising while recycling remains low Total Plastic Production in the USA 7000 6000 Resin Recycling 5000 rate 4000 PET 21% PET Generationthousand tons HDPE HDPE 11% 3000 PP PP 1% 2000 1000 0 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009
  7. 7. Gimme 5 Partners Founding Partners: Supporting Partner: Retail partner:
  8. 8. Gimme 5Preserve launched Gimme 5 in 2005 at Park Slope Food Coop  At Whole Foods Nationwide.  Coops are now signing on Nationwide.  In discussions with Wegman’s and other retailers.  Gimme 5 App helps you find locations and get rewarded for recycling.
  9. 9. Gimme 5 Vision
  10. 10. Preserve Plastic™Choosing Preserve Plastic means a sizeable reduction ingreenhouse gases emitted, and significantly less water,energy, oil, natural gas and coal used.
  11. 11. Gimme 5 by the Numbers
  12. 12. Recyclebank & Gimme 5 RewardsPreserve joins with Recyclebank to reward Gimme 5 recyclersa new framework to Recyclebank hasevaluate corporations over 3 Millionbased on their social and members and isenvironmental policies recognized as America’s #1 clean tech company.
  13. 13. Partnership With GMCR - Keurig
  14. 14. Unique Product PlacementThe Preserve toothbrush, popping up when you least expect itCameo in Kevin Bacon / Logitech / Google TV commercialWill Ferrell with the Preserve Toothbrush in Stranger Than Fiction
  15. 15. Why Changing Consumer Behavior MattersAs humans push beyond nature’s carrying capacity, the globalecosystem suffers. Already, we have exceeded these limits byas much as 30%. =If everyone in the world consumed like we do in the U.S.,we would need the resources of 5 earths.
  16. 16. Thank You