Spin Doctor Magazin feat.Joujouka


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Spin Doctor Magazin feat.Joujouka

  1. 1. SpinDoctors DJ Cedric LASS Genre Of Music: HOUSE ELECTRO TRANCE HARD TRANCE DJ KoFlow Brief Bio: Born in Savoy, France and now based in Bali, Indonesia, Genre Of Music: this 26 year-old DJ has been at the decks for a decade FUNK DOWNTEMPO now. Mixing alongside Bob SINCLAR, Armand VAN HIP HOP SCRATCH MUSIC HELDEN, Robbie RIVERA, Laurent WOLF and Roger RAGGA SANCHEZ, just to name a few. Of late Cedric has been adding pressure to dance floors across Indonesia. Not Brief Bio: only is this DJ skillful but Cedric is armed with superb Representing Singapore at 2 International DJ competitions, technical knowledge in sound and light. Being the KoFlow is a popular figure in the Asian Hip Hop community. perfectionist it is not uncommon to see Cedric working Other than his current residency at Plush in Singapore, with the light and sound technicians at sound check. His KoFlow plays at many clubs in and around the region for mixing skills and hard edge beats have put Cedric’s name themed events that target the URBAN or HIP HOP fan base. on the rosters of numerous clubs across Indonesia. When on his sets, KoFlow uses his MPC to incorporate self-produced grooves and beats with the vinyl he spins. Appeared At: He is currently working on a turntablism album with other Indonesia: Club 66, Bahiana, Paparazzi, Deja Vu, Pacha, Singapore based musicians. My Room, Kudos (Bali), Gospi (Lombok), X2, Emra, Stadium, Red Square (Jakarta), Boche (Yogjakarta), Appeared At: Club 123 (Semarang), Red Box, Vertical Six (Surabaya) Singapore: Zouk, MOS, Liquid Room, Attica Suited for: Suited for: Rooms Rooms Chill Out/Lounge Bars Chill Out/Lounge Bars Small - Mid - Large Clubs Small - Mid - Large Clubs Fashion Shows Fashion Shows Private Events Private Events Underground Parties Underground Parties Product Launch Urban/Street Events Product Launch Promoter: Cedric Lass Promoter: cedriclass@orange.fr Ko Flow dj_koflow@yahoo.com 24 | Baг&BistгoAsia
  2. 2. SpinDoctors DJ P@t Genre Of Music: TRANCE Appeared At: DOWNTEMPO Singapore: MoS, One, Onyx, Centro, HOUSE Barbaablackchic, Liquid Room, Double O, Phuture, Velvet Underground, SoundBar, Oosh Suited for: Rooms Chill Out/Lounge Bars Brief Bio: Mid - Large CLubs P@t is not just a DJ. He’s a music veteran with extensive experience in music Music/Media Festivals marketing and label management. Bringing his knowledge to the decks, this DJ Open Arena knows what and when to play to keep the floor packed. A TRANCE aficionado, he’s one of the founding members of the most talked about TRANCE events in Promoter: Singapore, Progressions. Bringing his sound to some of the most trendiest venues Patrick in Singapore, like MoS, P@t is one of the most sought after guest DJs today. patrick@kosmicmusic.com DJ Wordy Genre Of Music: HIP HOP TURNTABLISM Appeared At: DRUM & BASS China: Mix, Bonbon, Guandi, Vics. Germany: WÜRZBURG. Hongkong: Club Sugar. Paris: Club Batofa. Suited for: Rooms Small - Mid - Large Clubs Brief Bio: Music/Media Festivals Representing China, twice in a row (05/06), at 2 DMC Championships is an Underground Parties achievement that apprentice DJs and turtablists often dream about. Despite Urban/Street Events the lack of funds and equipment, DJ Wordy worked his way to buy 1 turntable, Open Arena practicing 5 to 8 hours a day for many months before doing his thing live. His Product Launch passion and persistence paid off with his winnings at the DMC Championships in China. Today, DJ Wordy has travelled the globe displaying his skills and is Promoter: a household name in China. Eating, sleeping and breathing turntablism, this Liang Wang hard working DJ has yet to pass a day without his fingers on vinyl. djwordy@yahoo.com.cn Baг&BistгoAsia | 25
  3. 3. SpinDoctors DJ Latrama Appeared At: USA: Underground SF (San Francisco) Genre Of Music: Spain: REC Festival, Círculo Bellas Artes BREAKS ASIAN UNDERGROUND (Madrid), Mestival (Elche) BREAKBEAT GLOBAL BEATS China: I’m PULSE (Beijing) DRUM N’ BASS Holland: New Year’s Eve Festival (Amsterdam) UK: Blue (London) Brief Bio: Spinning & producing the sounds of Indian Electronic & World music since the end of Suited for: 90s, Latrama & his collective, Chandra Sound System, represent the mix of traditional Rooms music & electronic beats in Spain. Latrama & The Chandra Sound System collective have Chill Out/Lounge Bars been delivering their particular style of music in many ways and forms around the world. Small - Mid - Large Clubs Latrama, together with the Chandra Sound System, have had their original productions Fashion Shows in compilations and releases like Azra Records, Canada (Genetic Drugs: Contagious, Music/Media Festivals 2007), Radio1/Multikulti, Germany (Berlin Calling, 2007), Music Mosaic, Australia (Drum Art Galleries & trance, 2006), Chill Om records, India (Azaad-E, 2007), Tarifa Records, Spain (Flamenko Underground Parties Deep, 2006 & Souk: Ethnic Fusion, 2005), Respect Records, Japan (An evening with Open Arena Ryukyu Underground, 2005), OneWorld Music, Australia (Zen Connection 3, 2004) and Product Launch 1KRecords, Germany (Reflections Vol2, 2005). Promoter: When Latrama is on the decks you can be sure that the sounds are not only unique and Eduardo Duque original, but also contagious, and this I say from attending his show! Email: latrama@hotmail.com DJ Rizal Genre Of Music: CHILL HOUSE PROGRESSIVE SOULFUL HOUSE PROGRESSIVE TRANCE Appeared At: ELECTRO HOUSE Indonesia: Bali Globe, Old Bounty, Double Six, La Boheme, Amnesia, Tu Brief Bio: Bar, Spy Bar, Fuel, Dance for Life, F- DJ Rizal began spinning classics in his home town of Surabaya in 1992 before taking a two- Lounge (Bali). year break as a 150cc motorcycle racer for Team Suzuki. A bad accident saw his return to the decks, a blessing indeed! Moving to Bali, he established his name and reputation by securing Suited for: guest DJ spots until he acquired a permanent residency at Kuta’s Old Bounty, followed by a Rooms 2-year stint at Bali Globe. It was only a progression, pun intended, from then on with guest DJ Chill Out/Lounge Bars slots at Bali’s best like, Double Six, Amnesia, Tu Bar, Spy Bar, Fuel and more. Small - Mid - Large Clubs Fashion Shows In 2005 he took up (ongoing) a residency at F-Lounge, a chilled lounge bar that caters to Private Events a unique musical niche and a discerning audience. He still gets his regular guest DJ slots at various clubs across Bali and other Indonesian cities like Java, where he plays at the Promoter: prestigious Balcony Embassy in Jakarta, and Gili Trawangan, where he holds an ad hoc Tel: + (62) (361) 860 0144 / residency at Dive Indonesia. A 10-week Western Australian tour, the Amini DJ tour in New + (62) (81) 9081 50400 Zealand, and a tour of Malaysia and Thailand in 2007, saw Rizal securing bookings for 2008! Email: rwsbgb737503@hotmail.com 26 | Baг&BistгoAsia
  4. 4. SpinDoctors Mellow Yellow Joujouka Genre Of Music: ELECTRO Genre Of Music: MASH UP PSYTRANCE ELECTRO ROCK DUBSTEP TRANCE ELECTRO HOUSE COLD ROCK TRASH Brief Bio: PUNK ELECTRO Joujouka was formed in 1998, catapulting right into the world wide arena BREAKS that same year by releasing their debut album “¡ÈAoki URU¡É “ in the UK. MINIMAL TECHNO They toured Tokyo, London, Paris, Bali and more, to electrifying response. Joujouka performs their music at numerous big festivals such as Japan’s FUJI ROCK, FES Summer, Sonic ALVIKA FESTIVAL in Norway. All of Joujouka’s members are also DJs organizing numerous club events called “JOUJOUKA Brief Bio: EXCLUSIVE”, mostly in the Tokyo club scene. Their sets are loud in every Some wonder if she is an artist or a DJ. aspect of the word and their repertoire consists of original compositions. A regular face at art galleries in Beijing, What’s creative about this group is their exploitation of digital technology. Mellow Yellow is the sound around the Digital decks, effects processors with an electric guitarist, and a digital artist canvas. The passionate Belgian moved to inking the club walls and ceilings as the beats flow certainly places this group Beijing in 2004 and has since played in all in a class of its own. They must be experienced live! Joujouka comprises of kinds of clubs, art galleries and settings. DJ Tsuyoshi, Funky Gong, Lyoki and Kazoo. DJ Tsuyoshi is popularly known as Mellow Yellow frequently organizes one of the pioneers of Psytrance. parties, video art festivals and art exhibitions. She will be moving to Berlin in Appeared At: the spring of 2008. Indonesia: Club 66 (Bali), Embassy (Jakarta) Japan: Fai, La Fabrique, Liquid, Amateraxi (Tokyo) Appeared At: South Korea: Circle China: The Vibes, Yugongyishan, Tango, Yen Club, Bed Bar, Inner Affairs, Stone Suited for: Boat, Club 69, Club Obiwan, Dashanzi, Rooms 2Kolegas, Platform China (Beijing). Small - Mid - Large Clubs Music/Media Festivals Suited for: Private Events Art Galleries Underground Parties Small Clubs Open Arena Fashion Shows Private Events Promoter: Underground Parties Silvie Nebauer Product Launch C/o C.V. Sinar Matahari Taksu Tel: +62 8123849828 Promoter: Fax: +62 361733678 Pauline Doutreluingne Email: silvie@massivevibrations.com Email: paulinedoutreluingne@gmail.com URL: http://www.massivevibrations.com or http://www.myspace.com/joujoukajapan Baг&BistгoAsia | 27