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Vv nov 2010-final

  1. 1. Deepavali the Festival of Lights November 2010 www.stayvillage.com While Deepavali is popularly known as the “festival of lights”, the most significant spiritual meaning is “the awareness of the inner light”. Central to Hindu philosophy is the assertion of the Atman - that there is something beyond the physical body and mind which is pure, infinite, and eternal. Deepavali day rituals start with Hindus getting up early to take a ritual oil bath to remove impurities, after which new clothes in bright colours are worn, to welcome the new year. Elaborate floor-paintings called Kolam are used to decorate the entrance of all homes or offices, by using coloured rice grains or powdered rice as materials for the art piece. Mango leaves are used to decorate the main doors of houses as it is believed that it will attract positive energy and chase away evil spirits. is an important Hindu festival which ushers in the New Year. It is a reflection of the Hindu belief that the lighting of small oil-filled clay lamps (referred to as Diyas) signifies the triumph of good over evil. Allow us this opportunity to tell the tale of Ramayana – a Sanskrit epic that contains the teachings of ancient Hindu sages. In that teaching, Deepavali is a celebration and reminder of how Lord Rama (the incarnation of Vishnu the supreme god) vanquished Ravana (demon king). During which, the entire city of Ayodhya (the ancient city of India) was illuminated by the lighting of earthen lamps all over the city. Singapore is a multicultural society that celebrates racial harmony, and the heart of the Hindu community lies in none other than Little India – located along Serangoon Road. If you can spare just 30 minutes, walk down Serangoon Road in the evening to soak in the bustle, and be enthralled in the streets full of glittering coloured lights. If you have 2 hours, the temples in the area such as the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and the Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple, are adorned with spectacular displays of lights, multicoloured garlands and arches. Whether you’ll make it in time to catch the Deepavali festivities or not, fret not. The ever bustling heart of Little India will be sure to open eyes, into the culture and insights of our Hindu communities. Make Little India a destination on your week’s plans today! To mark the occasion, Albert Court Village Hotel will be giving out complimentary Indian bangles to celebrate and infuse the Deepavali spirit! Did you know?
  2. 2. Gulab Jamun Tasting AlbertCourtVillageHotel,LobbyBar Thursday,4November,5.30pm–6.30pm In the spirit of Deepavali festivities, taste the delicious Indian dessert Gulab Jamun. This sweet dish made from milk powder (also referred to as Mawa) is deep fried till it is a round, golden brown crisp. Served in delectable sugar syrup, its perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Henna Painting ChangiVillageHotel,VauWineBar Friday,5November,2.00pm Always wanted to get a tattoo but dreaded its permanence? Welcome to the world of henna painting, where you can enjoy temporal body art. The dye originates from a flowering plant of the same name, and in historical times, the art of henna was viewed as a bestowed blessing. It was also applied for luck, joy and beauty. 4NOV 11ACTIVITIES in NOVEMBER 5NOV Indian Cuisine Delight CentralSquareVillageResidences,SpiceRouteRestaurant Saturday, 13November,9.30am–11.30am Always wanted to try to flip an Indian Roti Prata? Now’s your chance at this live demonstration – watch and learn while getting the hands- on experience of doing so! That’s not all, as participants will also get to taste Indian food favourites such as Chicken Tikka, Tosai and Teh Tarik. 13NOV Cooking Class Series - Indian Vadai ChangiVillageHotel,OvalFoyer Saturday,13November, 2.00pm Join us in learning about this traditional savoury South Indian doughnut and pave your way to being a master chef, as Vadai is a major part in variations within Indian cuisine and festivals! At this class, you will learn how lentils are churned into a paste which in turn is deep fried into delicious, golden brown Vadais. Bon Appetit! 13NOV Nyonya Kueh Tasting AlbertCourtVillageHotel,LobbyBar Thursday,18November,5.30pm–6.30pm Gain an insight into the Peranakan culture of late 15th and 16th centuries, when ladies were referred to as Nyonya and gentlemen as Baba. They were predominantly Chinese that lived along the Straits of Malacca, and hence much of the Nyonya cuisine was influenced by Malay cuisine and campus. Today, Nyonya Kuehs are much craved- for sweet snacks which are usually made from glutinous rice. 18NOV Cooking Class Series - Chicken Cordon Bleu ChangiVillageHotel,OvalFoyer Saturday,27November,2.00pm A must-have in every chef’s recipe book, this French classic is a chef’s staple that is sure to hit home with its savoury bite. 27NOV Creative Balloon Sculpting ChangiVillageHotel,VauWineBar Sunday, 21 November, 2.00pm This is one activity your kids would love to be at! 21NOV Bobo Cha Cha Dessert Tasting LandmarkVillageHotel,Lobby Friday,26November,11.00am–1.00pm Coconut lovers will be instantly addicted to this local dessert, which is guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds! 26NOV
  3. 3. Bean Curd Tasting AlbertCourtVillageHotel,LobbyBar Thursday,11November,5.30pm–6.30pm This Chinese dessert, also known as Tau Huay, is a silky smooth beancurd custard in syrup. It is usually eaten warmed up, and makes a satisfying snack at any time of the day! Chef William’s Carrot Cake Recipe For the benefit of those who did not manage to attend the demonstration, here is the recipe. Do note that next time, you should try to be present because you need to taste it to believe it! Ingredients: DicedCarrotCake,PorkLardOil,Eggs,FishSauce,Pepper,ChoppedGarlic, PreservedRadish(alsoknownasChaiPoh)andSpringOnion Steps: 1. Heat up a flat frying pan with a thin layer of vegetable oil. 2. Pan-fry the carrot cake with a ladle full of pork lard oil until a light, crispy, golden brown layer forms around it. 3. Dabble a teaspoon of fish sauce into the pan, together with some preserved radish, chopped garlic and a little bit of pepper. 4. As the fragrance of the fish sauce emerges, gently and patiently add ladles of egg layer by layer. 5. Fry-in the spring onion and sprinkle a thin layer of pork lard oil to enhance the crispiness of the carrot cake. 6. Allow the carrot cake to set and flip until there is a light golden brown texture. 7. Dig in! CARROT CAKE BY EXECUTIVE CHEF WILLIAM SOH There is no better person to teach the craft of traditional carrot cake cooking other than our very own Executive Chef William Soh. Coming from a family of chefs famous for their hawker-style carrot cake, the affable chef is enthusiastic in imparting his knowledge and expertise. Carrot Cake, or Chai Tao Kway as it is known locally, originates from the Teochew cuisine in Chaoshan, China. It is not to be confused with the western dessert cake of the same name, but rather, is a savoury dish that is primarily made of rice flour. As the crowd gathered for the demo at Changi Village Hotel on 23rd October, Chef William warmed up the crowd with informative banter and expressed that he does not withhold any culinary secrets, as he firmly believes in sharing the joy of cooking (and eating!). One of the attendees Mr. Tan, actively asked for pointers and readily absorbed Chef William’s nuggets of wisdom. His wife Mrs. Tan later revealed to us that he was an avid cook himself, thus the attention to detail! By the end of the cooking demonstration, the savoury aroma of Chef William’s Carrot Cake generated a collective “Wow!” and plates of it were snatched up as quickly as they left the pan. It was delicious! Crispy on the outside, yet soft on the inside… no wonder some attendees went for seconds! COOKING DEMONSTRATION11NOV Honeydew Sago Tasting LandmarkVillageHotel,Lobby Friday,19November,11.00am–1.00pm Don’t forget to drop by for your icy dessert fix before venturing outdoors. Jelly-like Sago pearls and Honeydew are combined in a sweet fragrant concoction that is sure to cool you down. 19NOV Singapore River Cruise ClarkeQuay Saturday,27November,9.00pmto10.30pm Price:$15 Hop on to the 30 minute Singapore River Cruise for a cohesive insight into our history and heritage! Revel in the evening lights and enjoy the modernity of the Singapore landscape in the unique bum boats that preserve the river heritage of Old Singapore and are only found on the Singapore River Cruise. Please contact your resident managers for sign-up details. 27NOV A Village Residences Special
  4. 4. Stay Village. And Discover. Albert Court Village Hotel • Changi Village Hotel • Landmark Village Hotel Central Square Village Residences • Riverside Village Residences • Hougang Village Residences • West Coast Village Residences Brian Stampe General Manager, Serviced Residences What is Village to you? It’s a personalized integrated experience, where emphasis is not just singled out to within the Village premises, but where the respective vicinities strongly come into play by showcasing Singapore’s local flavour. So if Village is about its vicinity, has the brand been working with the community? Yes, some outreach efforts include inviting commercial activities in the neighbourhood to become business partners, so as to share their experiences with our guests. For example, when a floral arrangement activity was held as part of the Village group of activities, florists in the immediate vicinity were approached and hired. What’s in store for 2011? We will continue to cultivate this unique network with its strong sense of community. It is crucial that every individual in it plays a pivotal part in forming this experience. Besides operating as a service provider and a unique brand – the Village experience is about providing an unforgettable and positive experience. Seow Yen Nee Resident Manager, Central Square Village Residences What is the Village Experience to you? With Village there is this spirit of camaraderie. When my staff shared their home-made rice dumplings at a Village Signature Event during the Rice Dumpling Festival (also called Duan Wu Jie), guests who experienced it were exceptionally intrigued. The conversations extended throughout the month – discussing the best places to buy them, tips on ingredients and methods of preparations, etc. This form of rapport is representative of the Village brand – which is to emphasize an experience where guests are able to relive a home away from home. Doreen Lim Front Office Manager, Albert Court Village Hotel What is the Village Experience to you? It is about sharing the interesting sights, sounds and tastes of the Albert Court neighbourhood with our guests. For example, for the local cuisine-related Village Signature Activities held at Albert Court, we are sure to make purchases from the nearby Tekka Market. These include Kachang Puteh, Nonya Kueh, etc. I feel that the respective vicinities strongly come into play to showcase Singapore’s local flavour. How are your other front office colleagues involved? It must be a different experience – compared to working for other chain hotels. Certainly, everyone is involved in providing the Village experience. They are all invited to conduct the local food tasting sessions themselves, on a rotational basis. This way, everyone gets a go at demonstrating and sharing something local that is close to their heart. What’s your most memorable Village Signature Activity? Once, we shared a local desert – Tau Huay, an affordable yet tasty beancurd delicacy. I believe that it was the team’s sincerity in sharing our local culture and heritage. The treats were snatched up in no time! “Everyone seems to agree – that there is no other group that offers an experience quite like Village Hotels and Residences.” Village Hotels & Residences turns ONE