The use of conventions in our thriller massimo spagnoli


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The use of conventions in our thriller massimo spagnoli

  1. 1. The use of conventions in our thriller Massimo Spagnoli
  2. 2. TITLES • In our title sequence we followed the non official pre set order in which the titles have to go. In the top image we can see the title of our thriller which goes along just like the titles in an other thriller called Argo which was a great success. We decided to follow this order because we wanted our thriller to look as realistic as possible and because we are not experts in the making of movies we decided not to challenge this pre set order that could make it very a cheap and low class.
  3. 3. COMPOSITION OF THE TITLES • Just like in Argo we wanted everything to look as simple as possible. This would be done by the usage of simple texts and simple font which would make the tiles stand up as much as possible. In Shutter Island the colours used are Red and black which makes all the titles stand up. As well as that the colours the font is very simple but characteristic for the movie which can then be related to. Our font is a bit blurry to increase the suspense and the thrill in the audience.
  4. 4. EDITING AND LIGHTING • We decided to follow the convention of a slow editing because generates a lot of suspense and in the same time it gives the audience time to think of the locations and the story of the thriller. • As well as the editing we had to make sure that lighting was very dark in order create that extra suspense needed In a thriller. • Therefore we made the lighting very similar to the one used in shutter island were the shadow and darkness makes the audience feel a bit indangered.
  5. 5. THE USE OF CLOSE UPS IN OUR TITLE SEQUENCE. • In Argo the opening sequence is full of close ups as well as in Shutter Island. This helps to establish the characters in the movie to set the mood and atmosphere needed for the thriller. We did the same with the close up of the reporter that was then killed. This helped the movie to show the social class of the actors and in the background it will also tell you were the movie is set.
  6. 6. THE DETROYING OF A SAFE ENVIROMENT • In all of the thrillers that I’ve been looking at there is always something related to the destroying of a safe place. In shutter island for the example the safe place is at the port were the main characters are surrounded by a great number of armed guards which makes this place look very safe indeed. • The same we have done with our thriller which creates a safe environment in the car which is then destroyed when the reporter is killed in it. • This means that we have followed these pre set conventions which give the thrillers confidence.
  7. 7. SOUND • For our thriller we wanted to follow the convention of silence in the opening sequence. Therefore we only put the noise of the characters moving around and the gunshots to make them stick out and be noticed enhancing the level of suspense. As well as this constant silence we included a series of editing sounds which were introduced when something important happened like the killing of our reporter just like in Argo before the embassy scene starts.
  8. 8. MESE IN SCENE AND BINARY OPPISITES. • In our thriller we managed to create a substantial feeling of binary opposites. We managed to do this by the use of Mese En Scene and a lot by the costumes and the props. The first way that we did this was by using two different sets which made it very obvious the gap between the two social classes found in the movie. In fact at the start of the sequence we find expensive big cars and at the end we see a car park full of cheaper smaller cars illustrating the second set of social classes.