Putting Social Back In Social Media - SMSS London 2011


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Putting Social Back In Social Media - SMSS London 2011

  1. 1. social media strategies summit london 2011putting social back insocial mediamassimo burgio global search interactive / sempo
  2. 2. who is massimo burgio? Global Search Interactive --- the agency SEMPO Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization --- the industry Burning Man --- the creative network Asturias Paraiso Cultural --- dead project ... and much more --- =)
  3. 3. burningmanchangedmy life
  4. 4. i’m not theonly one...
  5. 5. let’s see if Ican manageto helpchange somelives too...
  6. 6. social mediaonline practices and technologies that users adopt toshare content, feelings, opinions, experiences, andthe same media. (wikipedia)
  7. 7. socialinnovation
  8. 8. socialinnovationgeneric concept referred, among others, toaptitudes, orientations or behaviours that take inconsideration other people’s interests and needs(as opposed to asocial attitude).terms such as social justice, social psycology andsocial capital imply that there is a sort of socialprocess that is part of the equation.
  9. 9. socialinnovationinnovation is a shift in a mental process orientedtowards the creation of something new, somethingthat reveals to be useful for individuals, society orenvironment. the goal of innovation is a positivechange, transforming something or someone intosomething better.
  10. 10. socialinnovationdenotes revolutionary, radical or incrementallyemerging changes in awareness, thoughts,products, processes, individuals or organizations.
  11. 11. socialinnovationschumpeter (1934) and the innovation literitureauthors make a distintion between invention(ideas publicly shared) and innovation (ideassuccessfully applied in real world practices).
  12. 12. socialinnovationin arts, economics and governments’ politics,something new has to be sustancially different tobe an innovation.in economics change also needs to produce valuefor the consumer and/or the producer.
  13. 13. socialinnovationitalian foodnew strategies, concepts, ideas, practices andorganizations who focus on social needs of all kind:labour conditions, human rights, education,environment, sustainable growth, health and more -extending and contributing to the evolution of thecivil society.
  14. 14. what are youtalking about?i’m saying that we need to invent something newthat can take in consideration real social issues,instead of keep talking about facebook or thecapitalistic world domination of brands who wantto keep selling more and more stuff to us.
  15. 15. anybody knows join(RED)?
  16. 16. RED(italian food) tried a pitch but didn’t work
  17. 17. and i love africa too much to dropthe idea of being able to help
  18. 18. i needed anew idea!!!
  19. 19. Text... and the idea came this summer, frommy participation to afri-tech kenya summit
  20. 20. kenya is beautiful, right?check out some of themost common publicimages of kenya
  21. 21. kenya is beautiful, right?check out some of themost common publicimages of kenya
  22. 22. kenya is beautiful, right?check out some of themost common publicimages of kenya
  23. 23. kenya is beautiful, right?check out some of themost common publicimages of kenya
  24. 24. kenya is beautiful, right?check out some of themost common publicimages of kenya
  25. 25. and kenya is even very well advanced oninternet marketing - check out how theyspotted me as speaker and used socialmedia to pitch me a targeted safari offer
  26. 26. this is the kenya i’vebeen sold - VIP resorts
  27. 27. but kenya (and the restof africa) is also like this
  28. 28. the idea!!!
  29. 29. ++= friends + gift economy + apps = it could work! =)
  30. 30. introducing theiPad4Africa project!
  31. 31. the friends network =
  32. 32. a blog is already upand running, whilewe work on the iPadapp development
  33. 33. www.ipad4africa.org
  34. 34. some previews fromthe upcoming app
  35. 35. some previews fromthe upcoming app
  36. 36. some previews fromthe upcoming app
  37. 37. some previews fromthe upcoming app
  38. 38. some previews fromthe upcoming app
  39. 39. we needed a charitypartner to support
  40. 40. xa sustainable one...
  41. 41. Bujumbura, BurundiNGO: Jus VitaeKilambe, CongoNGO: COETutu, GhanaNGO: Sunrise Africa BilbaoGilgil, KenyaNGO: Harambee SchoolsAntintorona, MadagascarNGO: We Work It WorksKouroulamini, MaliNGO: Mali DevelopmentLouga, SenegalNGO: Aldeas Infantiles it’s better to work to support committed NGOsLakasa, ZambiaNGO: Proteus
  42. 42. coming soon to your ipads !!! =)
  43. 43. thank you!massimo burgioglobal search interactive / sempowww.globalsearchinteractive.netwww.sempo.orgwww.massimoburgio.com