Agile values, methods and software

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How RedTurtle is moving into …

How RedTurtle is moving into
this exciting world

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  • 1. Agile values, methods and software how RedTurtle is moving into this exciting world Massimo Azzolini
  • 2. Massimo Azzolini Founder - Project manager RedTurtle - Ferrara - Italy @massimoazzolini Massimo Azzolini
  • 3. How are we made? Started in 1999, Ferrara - Italy A snapshot: • 15 people • 2 designer • 9 developer • 2 (+2) project manager • 1 biz admin • 1 seller • 4 freelancer (not in RT) • 4 partner involved in 2012 • We use Plone to rule the world Massimo Azzolini
  • 4. How are we made? in 2012 • 77 projects • 347 customer requests • 1943 tickets solved • 20K+ worked hours • 3 teams • (too) many “uncloseable” projects • “hurry” projects Massimo Azzolini
  • 5. ISO 9001
  • 6. so, agile..
  • 7. The agile manifesto➡ Individuals and interactions over processes and tools➡ Working software over comprehensive documentation➡ Customer collaboration over contract negotiation➡ Responding to change over following a plan Massimo Azzolini
  • 8. 12 principles 1/3➡ Satisfy the customer➡ Welcome changing requirements➡ deliver working software frequently➡ Business people and developers work together➡ Build projects around motivated individuals. Massimo Azzolini
  • 9. 12 principles 2/3➡ Face-to-face conversation➡ Working software is the primary measure of progress➡ Agile processes promote sustainable development➡ Attention to technical and design excellence Massimo Azzolini
  • 10. 12 principles 3/3➡ Simplicity is essential ‣ it’s the art of maximizing the amount of work not done➡ The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams➡ Retrospective Massimo Azzolini
  • 11. Scrum
  • 12. Scrum doesn’tcompletely fit to us➡ at lease 5 people in a team➡ on demand activities➡ customer not completely involved ‣ “I’ll send you an email”➡ we can steal values: ‣ respect, commitment, focus, courage, openness,...➡ ..and practice/tools: ‣ backlog, sprint, retrospective, standup meeting, iteration, release Massimo Azzolini
  • 13. Kanban
  • 14. yo man, Plone.. XPUG @ziobrando Bologna!!@gaunilone @bettazzoni @nusco Meet your local Agile UG
  • 15. trainings and conferences
  • 16. the path➡ Teams➡ Iterations➡ Sprints➡ Agile team to embrace the verb➡ Involve the customers ‣ time and material ‣ fixed price➡ Introduce 1-2 new tools/methods after every agile meeting, misure it, refactor it. Massimo Azzolini
  • 17. Changes, problemsand drawbacks➡ fit customer into the iteration logic ‣ agile contracts➡ kanban board ‣ personal vs group vs project ‣ online tool or wall? ‣ how to share it ‣ too verbose➡ Stand up meetings➡ WIP limit and customers’ delays Massimo Azzolini
  • 18. PM, SM or PO?➡ one role to rule them all ‣ contract, team selection, startup, analysis, scheduling, team support, quality assurance, meet the customer, budget, deadlines, close the project➡ do only things that value ‣ kickoff, consultancy, prioritize things, team works with customer?, remove obstacles, motivate team, manage budget, check deadlines➡ “I don’t want to close your tickets” ‣ I hate the tester role ‣ code review, pair programming Massimo Azzolini
  • 19. other “amenities”➡ meetings time boxed and pre- organized (SM rulez)➡ value your time ‣ prioritize your work ‣ use pomodoro technique➡ alerts/write everything➡ pair programming/code review ‣ not as often as we would Massimo Azzolini
  • 20. Which tools?➡ Email?!➡ Share Documents ‣ Google Drive ‣ Dropbox➡ Organize tasks ‣ Trello o Kanbanery ‣ Simple management (or other plone based solutions) ‣ Basecamp Massimo Azzolini
  • 21. getpenelope.github.comPenelope
  • 22. Questions ? Massimo Azzolini RedTurtle’s co-founder and project manager tw: @massimoazzolini