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Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
Lexington Training
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Lexington Training


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1.
    • Lexington Training.
    “ The Training Heard Around World”
  • 2. Voter I.D.
    • All Voters Are People
    • Not All People Are Voters.
    Massachusetts Republican Party Simple, but campaigns TOO OFTEN ignore this principle.
  • 3. The Reality of Signs
    • % of people driving by are not old enough to vote.
    • % of people driving by are not registered to vote.
    • % of people driving by are not citizens and thus can’t vote.
    • % of people driving by are registered but don’t actually vote.
    • % of voters driving by live in a neighboring district.
    • % of voters are already committed for/against you.
    • % of voters drove by and could not read the signs
    • % of voters that are undecided read your sign.
    How many “beeps” and “thumbs-ups” do you misinterpret as the last point? Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 4. 2 ways to campaign Hand out campaign flyers, newspaper advertisements, cable tv ads, billboards, shake hands at the supermarket. Election Day - crack open the champagne, turn on the news, cross your fingers and hope for the best. This is the WRONG way. PUSHING INFO ONTO VOTERS Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 5. 2 ways to campaign
    • Determine Number of Votes To Win (based on previous elections that are similar)
    • Find Those Voters.
    • Keep Track Of YOUR Voters.
    • Remind Voters To Vote On/Near Election Day.
    This is the RIGHT way. There is no finger crossing or “hoping” it’s HARD work. PULLING INFO FROM VOTERS
  • 6. Voter I.D.
    • “ To Identify A Voter Is To Know The Preference(s) Of A Voter”
    Know Thy Voter Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 7. Voter I.D.
    • Identify VOTING issues, not just any miscellaneous opinion.
    • Establish Target Pools for Persuasion.
    • Establish GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Base.
    Massachusetts Republican Party Phone Calls - Door Knocking - List Acquisition
  • 8. Voter I.D.
    • By Issue:
    • Education? High Taxes? Clean Environment? Anti Gambling? etc
    There are issues, and then there are VOTING issues. What incites MOVEMENT in a particular voter? Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 9. Voter I.D.
    • By Candidate:
    • Pro Perry, Und Perry, Anti Perry?
    Who Do We Mobilize To Vote? Who Do We Pursade? Who Do We Ignore? Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 10. Voter I.D.
    • Phones
    • Door Knocking
    • Paper Petitions
    • Internet Petitions
    Your Tool Box To Collect Data: Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 11. Voter I.D. via phone
    • Hi, this is Rob from the Smith Campaign calling with a few quick questions?
    • 1) What is the most important issue to you?
    • 2) Do you support Smith for State Representative?
            • Yes No Und
    • 3) Would you like an absentee ballot?
    • 4) Would you like a yard sign?
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 12. Voter I.D. via Door
    • “Hi, I’m a volunteer for the Smith Campaign and I just wanted to give you his brochure. As a voter, what is on your mind?
    • Have you made up your mind in this election?”
    Note Clues: NRA Sticker, Military, Private School, Old Glory, Bumper Stickers etc. Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 13. Voter I.D. via Events Raffle a $ gift certificate to the 99 restaurant. Name: Phone: Email: Address: Do you generally lean Republican or Democrat? What issue do you care about THE most? Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 14. Voter I.D. via Events cont...
    • Tell Beacon Hill What YOU Think!
    • Name: Phone: Email:
    • Address:
    • The MOST important issue facing Massachusetts IS....
    • High Taxes_ Environment Crime_ Education_
    • Health Care_ Roads/Bridges_ Gambling_
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 15. Voter I.D. via Web
    • Online Petitions to capitalize on recent news and collect data.
    Tap Into: Headlines to capitalize on Anger or Support Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 16. Voter I.D.
    • Questions?
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 17. Logistics
    • “ Amateurs study strategy, experts study logistics.”
    • - Napoleon Bonaparte
    “ the planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other operation.” Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 18. Logistics Cell Phones - use free minutes on weekends!
    • Phone Bank Locations?
    • Real Estate Offices
    • Law Offices
    • Travel Agencies
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 19. Logistics
    • Phone Bankers - Who Are They?
    • Candidates personal network
    • Republican activists.
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 20. Logistics
    • Scripts?
    • What does it say?
    • What data do you want?
    • Used Voter Vault?
    Stop Calling Time Policy? Who creates/prints scripts? Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 21. Logistics
    • GOAL: campaign needs 10,000 Positive ID’s.
    • AVG. 3/10 calls are complete 1/10 calls are positive
    • 100,000 Raw Calls Must Be Made
    • 100 Phone Banks
    • 1,000 calls per phone bank.
    • 10 People make 100 calls per volunteer per shift.
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 22. Logistics
    • Training? - don’t assume people know what a
    • “ phone bank” is.
    • Do your volunteers know how to call?
    • Few volunteers LOVE to make calls so make it less painful.
    • Compete - most phone calls wins ipod shuffle.
    • Make It Fun, but minimize chatter.
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 23. Logistics
    • What to do with phone completed scripts?
    • Who inputs it into VoterVault?
    • When is it put into Voter Vault?
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 24. Logistics
    • Door To Door
    • Maps & Walking List? Voter Vault?
    • Clipboards? Cell?
    • Apparel/Identifier? Vehicles/Local Drivers?
    • Proper Apparel - rain jackets?
    • Sneakers or Dress Shoes? Analysis - how many doors knocked? Number of Complete ID’s?
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 25. Logistics EVENTS Define Your Goals. Do you want to Register Voters? Voter ID? Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 26. Logistics EVENTS Register Voters NEED A SCREEN QUESTION: “Do You Support Bush’s War On Terrorism? Do you lean Republican or Democrat? Are you a registered to vote AT YOUR CURRENT RESIDENCE? Who got the Registration Cards? Where did they get them? Who is returning them and when? Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 27. Logistics EVENTS Voter ID Volunteers - NOT behind a table. Actively approaching people. What is the opening pitch? Each Volunteer should have at least 2 clipboards. CONSIDER event - Religious event, Gun Show, Town Day, etc... What are the individual volunteer goals at the event? Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 28. Logistics
    • How large? Determine number of vols needed.
    • Is it Legal?
    • Entrances/Exits?
    • Portable Bathrooms?
    • Food Lines?
    • Who Drives?
    • Pay for Parking?
    • Start Time? Early
    • Consider Draw & your district
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 29. Logistics
    • When were volunteers trained for Event?
    • Do they understand purpose and know terrain?
    • Volunteers understand candidates positions?
    • Is Volunteer well presented? Wearing a yankees hat? Wearing tie/jacket with dress shoes in 90 degrees?
    • Do Volunteers need food and drinks?
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 30. Logistics Expect PROBLEMS Complications should not surprise you but being ill prepared for them SHOULD surprise you. Formulate Emergency Process: Cell Phone Numbers for Staff and Volunteers should be distributed. EVERYTHING you use should have backups. Vehicles, Volunteers, Phone Bank Locations, Materials etc. Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 31. Logistics Organized Chaos - minimize chaos and maximize organized. You don’t need to be Karl Rove. You need TIME and DISCIPLINE to work on the DETAILS. Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 32. Voter Vault
    • Developed by the RNC
    • Free!
    • No Longer Have To Go To Town Halls for Data.
    • Can Add/Extract Valuable Data.
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 33. Voter Vault
    • Begins with basic data - R’s, U’s, D’s and how often they vote: 0,1,2,3,4.
    • Gives You Ability To Add VALUE to Data to use for current and FUTURE elections.
    Yard Sign Location Snowmobile Owner Gun Owner Top Issue Taxes Top Issue Environment Pro 2004 St. Rep. Candidate Over 90 Affiliations To Use! Social Conservative Marriage Signers Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 34. Voter Vault
    • Create Phone Lists and Mailing Labels
    • based on data to Target.
    • Target Your Message Just Like Companies Do With Products.
    + = Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 35. Voter Vault for Live Demonstration
  • 36. G.O.T.V.
    • GOTV is NOT:
    • Mass Voter Contact
    • One Contact Only
    • One Day Only
    • GOTV IS:
    • Targeted
    • Direct/Personal
    • Multiple Contacts
    • Several Days
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 37. G.O.T.V.
    • Candidate Smith Needs 11,000 votes for State Rep.
    • Candidate Smith ID’d 12,892 Pro Voters.
    • 12,892 Voters is 9,000 House Holds.
    Massachusetts Republican Party
    • All 9,000 Doors are Knocked and Called.
    • Election Day - Poll Checkers equipped with list of 12,892 from 7AM to 1PM.
    • 1PM List Sent To Phone Bank To Call Those That Have Yet To Vote.
  • 38. G.O.T.V.
    • Voter ID - Finds Your Pro Voters!
    • GOTV - Pulls Them Out To Vote!
    • On Election Day: Poll Checkers Equipped With Pro List.
    • Phone Bankers Calling Those That DID NOT Vote.
    • Sign Holders? - last priority.
    Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 39. G.O.T.V.
    • Volunteer Intensive - Door Knockers, Phone Bankers.
    • Preparation - Poll Checking Lists, Phone Bank Locations.
    • 72 Hours is now 96 Hours.
    Summary Massachusetts Republican Party
  • 40. Thank You. Massachusetts Republican Party Would you like to view this power point at home? Would you like access to our packets, election results, and other items? Join Our Online Training Center. [email_address]