MassDOT Developers - Ignite Boston 6 Talk


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The MassDOT Developers Talk from Ignite Boston 6.

For more, please visit the MassDOT Developers page:

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MassDOT Developers - Ignite Boston 6 Talk

  1. 1. MASSDOT DEVELOPERS Joshua K. Robin Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation Ignite Boston - September 17, 2009 @massDOTdev Twitter @MassDOTdev 1
  2. 2. WHAT IS EOT? • The Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation has oversight of: – MBTA – MassHighway – Registry of Motor Vehicles – Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission – Regional Transit Authorities – Massachusetts Turnpike Authority – Relationship with MassPort • On November 1, EOT and its agencies become MassDOT, with four divisions: Highway, Transit, RMV, Aeronautics Twitter @MassDOTdev 2
  3. 3. IF YOU TRIED TO BUILD A TRANSPORTATION APPLICATION 6 MONTHS AGO… • Beg EOT or one of its agencies for data • Scrape data yourself • Jump through hoops to get data in digital formats – Worry about how that data is kept up to date when schedules change • Worry that even when you release a successful application, EOT/MBTA would object Twitter @MassDOTdev 3
  4. 4. NEW MODEL: OPEN DATA • “Open” EOT data by making it available in standard formats – RSS, XML, GTFS, etc. • Harness the power of developers to build interesting and useful applications with our data – Creates value for both transportation agencies AND developers • Better serve customers across many platforms Twitter @MassDOTdev 4
  5. 5. EOT DEVELOPERS PAGE BETA • July 2009, EOT launches the EOT Developers as a resource to developers interested in working with transportation data! Twitter @MassDOTdev 5
  6. 6. A NEW APPROACH • In addition to opening data, EOT Developers efforts strive to engage the developer community in a new and different way – A focus on allowing developers to shape the direction this effort takes – Monthly meeting with developers – An open conversation through the MassDOT Developers Google Group – Use of Twitter for updates @MassDOTdev Twitter @MassDOTdev 6
  7. 7. A NEW APPROACH “This approach is a smart 21st- century alternative to hiring some consultant who develops inelegant software at exorbitant costs.” Boston Globe, Saturday, September 5, 2009 Twitter @MassDOTdev 7
  8. 8. EOT+DEVELOPERS: RELATIONSHIP PRINCIPLES •Respect Resources •Succeed Together •Expect Change For the full Relationship Principles Document visit: Twitter @MassDOTdev 8
  9. 9. EOT+DEVELOPERS: RELATIONSHIP PRINCIPLES •Communication is key •Open, open, open •Legal – Read the Developers License Agreement: Twitter @MassDOTdev 9
  10. 10. WHAT DATA IS AVAILABLE? • MBTA – T-Alerts feed •Service advisories and updates – GTFS Files •Files with route and scheduling information –For Rail, Bus, Subway, Boat – KML Files •Station Locations and Routes • RTAs – GTFS Files – Real-time tracking Twitter @MassDOTdev 10
  11. 11. WHAT DATA IS AVAILABLE? • MassHighway + Turnpike Authority – Highway construction events xml feed. •Feed of planned road closures and other events. • Registry of Motor Vehicles – Branch wait-time feed • EOT Blog – News and Updates about EOT Twitter @MassDOTdev 11
  12. 12. APPS TO DATE MassTransit: To a T: RMV Wait Times: Twitter @MassDOTdev 12
  13. 13. MAKING AN IMPACT “Open data” does not mean much to most people… …but most people want to know when the bus, train or ferry is going to arrive. • We need to spread the word about these applications and open data! –The more people ask for open data and transportation applications, the easier opening more data becomes! Twitter @MassDOTdev 13
  14. 14. LONG TERM GOAL: REAL TIME • At this time, most available data is static data such as routes and schedules • Long-term, our goal is to make real time data public • Many challenges exist Twitter @MassDOTdev 14
  15. 15. LONG TERM GOAL: REAL TIME • Real time data on locations and speed of buses will allow developers to create many interesting and useful applications • These applications will create a great possibility to increase public transportation use and change the way people use transit Twitter @MassDOTdev 15
  16. 16. REAL TIME: GETTING THERE • How we get there: Demonstrate to transportation officials, leaders in government, stakeholders, and the public the value of releasing real time data –This means working together towards great applications! Twitter @MassDOTdev 16
  17. 17. WHAT’S NEXT: DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE • Saturday, November 14th • Boston Area (Location TBD) • Opportunity for developers to meet other developers, transportation officials, and other interested parties Twitter @MassDOTdev 17
  18. 18. WHAT’S NEXT: DEVELOPERS CHALLENGE • The Challenge calls on developers to create both applications and data visualizations – Applications for mobile, web, and other formats. – Visualizations using EOT Developers data to tell the story of the MBTA. • The top two submissions will receive prizes and recognition at the Developers Conference • The initiative is part of the Patrick Administration’s commitment to comprehensive transportation reform and creating a modern, efficient, and customer-friendly transportation system Twitter @MassDOTdev 18
  19. 19. BE THE MODEL • While other agencies and cities have opened data, we are the first state transportation department to release open data across all modes and agencies. • Together, we can be the model for open data at other transportation agencies and across government! Twitter @MassDOTdev 19
  20. 20. JOIN US/SPREAD THE WORD • Website: • Twitter: @massdotdev • Google Group: • Facebook: - Twitter @MassDOTdev 20