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Assessing+the+learning+in+sl amcoa+conference-squast

  1. 1. Sarah QuastProfessor of ChemistryMiddlesex Community College (MA)AMCOA regional conference – February 9, 2012
  2. 2. How service learning is used in my courseHow the project supports the learning outcomesof my course.Assessment of student learning in a servicelearning project compared to traditionalmethods of assessment.
  3. 3. You will value the importance of working andcommunicating with others in the pursuit andunderstanding of scientific information.You will share your knowledge andunderstanding with others outside the course.You will expand your understanding of GreenChemistry and awareness of the challenges andopportunities available.
  4. 4. • Girls from a local girls club, girls’ inc., come t oour college and do a chemistry experimentmentored by college students.• My chemistry students , working in groups of 4,select the experiment, design it to be ageappropriate in all aspects of the lab.• My students also do a poster project on GreenChemistry for the activity.
  5. 5. Reflective writings before, during and after the servicelearning project.A survey using the Survey Monkey template.Lab Report scores before and after the project
  6. 6. About 400 students have participated in theproject.Overwhelming positive feedback(99%) from mystudents in their reflective writings and surveymonkey results.Girls’ Inc staff report that it is consistently onethe most favorite activities they offer their girls.
  7. 7. Expands student engagement through activeparticipation.Allows for a deeper understanding of the natureof science and chemistry in particular.Increases student confidence in their ability tounderstand science.
  8. 8. “Overall the learning project experience was awin-win situation. Not only did I enjoy beingwith the students, but I realized how much Iretained and was able to share with them.”-Kathleen“I feel that it was valuable because it is a way ofteaching younger generations how cool isscience(chemistry) and what chemistry can giveto the planet and to our everyday life.” Aileen
  9. 9. “I feel that this service learning projectexperience was valuable because, first of all, itconnects people from different ages and groupstogether; second this is a good way to give ahand to nature, to our environment. Also, I learna lot from it for my own life experiences.” Hoang“This was valuable because I was able toreinforce what I’ve learned and confidentlyexecute my knowledge and lab skills. And bestof all – pass it on to the future of our world.”Tiffany
  10. 10. THANK YOU
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