Call for Proposals: Deadline October 17, 2011Assessing Student Learning Outcomes Within and Across DisciplinesThursday, No...
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2011 10-03+cfp+for+amcoa+conference+presenters


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2011 10-03+cfp+for+amcoa+conference+presenters

  1. 1. Call for Proposals: Deadline October 17, 2011Assessing Student Learning Outcomes Within and Across DisciplinesThursday, November 17, 2011, Greenfield Community CollegeThe purpose of the “Assessing Student Learning Outcomes Within and Across Disciplines” conference is to provide aforum for faculty and staff to share how student learning outcomes are assessed and how results are used at thedepartment, program or Gen Ed/Core level. The conference is intended to bring together individuals representing all areasof the campus to share current assessment practices that promote student learning and success for diverse studentpopulations.Guidelines and QuestionsProvide an approximately 100-word description of your proposed session, discussion, demonstration, panel or interactiveworkshop. If possible, bring together several people, especially faculty, as presenters so that participants hear frommultiple perspectives about your work. Focus on the practical aspects of assessment—how and what you assess andhow you “close the loop” with your results—and, if appropriate, list the kinds of “take aways” your session will provide youraudience. Include the names and positions of each of your session presenters and their institutional affiliations. Pleaseindicate if you need internet access, a projector and screen or other audio visual materials.Possible Topics/ Questions to Help Guide Development of Proposals:• How can campuses develop department, programand Gen Ed/Core outcomes that are concrete,focused, measurable, accepted by faculty, and ableto be assessed within time and other resourceconstraints?• What approaches, tools, and methods have beendeveloped to assess department, program and GenEd/Core outcomes?• How can Gen Ed/Core learning outcomes be metwithin programs or major curricula?• What processes or models are useful for integratinginstruction related to Gen Ed/Core learningoutcomes into program curricula (e.g. across thecurriculum, infusion)? What are thechallenges/results of the use of the different models,e.g., for traditional versus distance educationcourses?• How can co-curricular activities and programs,outside of the academic areas, integrate, support,and assess the institution’s Gen Ed/Core outcomes?• How can VALUE rubrics be used to inform and/orassess department, program and Gen Ed/Coreoutcomes?• What aspects of assessment activities have facultymembers found particularly engaging?• What are the ways in which adjunct faculty havebeen brought into assessment work?• What issues or barriers have been encountered inthe process of assessment implementation?• What methods have been found useful inencouraging overall campus support, including fromfaculty and administrators, in student learningoutcomes assessment work? In encouraging a“culture of assessment”?• How have assessment results been used to changeor revise pedagogy, instruction, educationalpractices, or the design of the curriculum?• What human, informational and material resourcesare needed on a campus to implement assessmentactivities at the department, program or GenEd/Core level?Please send all proposals to Judy Turcotte ( or Elise Martin ( Subcommittee: Susan Chang (FSU), Elise Martin (Middlesex CC), Bonnie Orcutt (Worcester SU), Lisa Plantefaber (Westfield SU), Judy Raper(GCC), John Savage (Middlesex CC), Maureen Sowa (Bristol CC), Judy Turcotte (HCC), Ellen Wentland (NECC).