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Social Media Analysis: Ed Hardy

  1. 1. Social Media Ecosystem Competitive analysis Nov 5, 2012 @masonwest1
  2. 2. Ed Hardy: An Overview “The Ed Hardy man isDefined by the collaboration of iconic tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy confident with a strongand fashion designer Christian Audigier, the Ed Hardy brand sense of personal style. He isbrings the colorful, exotic designs of tattoo culture to a variety of not afraid to be seen and take risks. He enjoyslifestyle products – including apparel, fragrance, footwear, comfort and flexible style,handbags and beverages. yet he wants to stand apartSince 2009, the brand has been largely controlled by the Iconix from the crowd.3 ” Brand Group – who defines the target audience as men, women - Christian Audigier and children ages 15-30 and positions the product as “Alternativeand Pop Culture Fashion.”1Iconix has stated that the brand has struggled recently in the U.S.– though they continue to license the brand in new product linesand international markets.2 1: 2; earnings-call-transcript?part=single2 3:
  3. 3. Summary of Findings •  Facebook is the primary engagement channel and is performing well –  look for incremental improvements.•  Across the board, Ed Hardy could engage more in social media channels – more than posting, replying. –  With recent efforts to downplay the involvement of Christian Audigier in the brand (removal of his name from logo mark), there is an opportunity to find new standard bearers who reinforce the brand personality.•  Newer social media channels represent a great opportunity for the brand – we just have to engage.•  The target audience for the brand may be shifting internationally – which presents an opportunity to engage on platforms with traction abroad.•  There are many legacy accounts that should be considered for clean up or removal.3
  4. 4. Will the real Ed Hardy please stand up? As a brand that works through licensees across many product lines, there are myriad different websites and accompanying social media accounts.4
  5. 5. With a little digging, the truth shines through But the depth of the product offerings and management of differentchannels bears deeper discovery with the brand management team.
  6. 6. Primary Website: •  Global social account promo in footer. •  Straightforward ecommerce site.6
  7. 7. Website: Social Sharing •  Social sharing integration implemented on products. •  Share options should focus on appropriate fashion channels (I.E. Pinterest) and where the brand is engaging.7
  8. 8. “Traditional” Social Channels 8
  9. 9. Ed Hardy Social Media Presence Ed Hardyʼs social activity is dominated by Facebook,with Twitter coming in a distant second in engagement.•  Consistent Avatar. lifestyle / product photography.•  Inconsistent account name (@edhardy VS @edhardyonline).•  Majority of posts synchronized across Facebook & Twitter accounts. @edhardy @edhardyonline 1,720,353 likes 8,738 followers 15,695 mentions 708 following9
  10. 10. Facebook: @EdHardy RECENT POSTS •  Willing to comment on cultural happenings. –  Recent posts mentioning NYC hurricane, Presidential election. –  Simple questions RE: music & fashion taste. •  Well-established content cadence: 1-2 posts per day –  Monday = Product promotion. –  Tuesday = Quote (from fashion industry celeb). –  Wednesday = Vintage tattoo photos. –  Thursday = “Ink of the Week” tattoo photos. –  Friday = Music Video (“start the weekend”). •  Product promotions & deals –  Promotion codes, holiday sales, free shipping, etc.10
  11. 11. A contextual look at Facebook fashion fan base 1.7m 178k 2.0m 2.3m 33m 15m 271k 6.8m (rocawear) 11
  12. 12. Facebook Engagement Insights •  Photo posts are most liked – avg. 2-3k each. –  “Ink of the Week” & “Vintage” photos consistently get this level of engagement. –  Product photos are hit-or-miss (Tattoo art hoodies, iPhone case ~2.5k. Polo shirts, dresses under 1k). •  Photo posts are re-shared – avg. 50-200 shares. –  Top performers include product deal promotions and “Ink of the Week” photos. •  Questions drive response – avg. 200 comments per question. –  There is little if any engagement from the brand back toward the fans once prompting questions. –  International audience shows through in comment language. •  Audience is on-target. –  Activity is in within the target demographic (18-24). –  “Most Popular City” is Taipei, Taiwan raises questions about international engagement.12
  13. 13. Facebook Opportunities As the primary social media vehicle for Ed Hardy, the Brand Facebook page seems to be performing well. However there are clear opportunities to increase engagement: Near-term opportunities •  Increase response rate to fans. –  With quizzes and questions, engage in the conversation. Show fans that their input is heard by “liking” posts, posting more results, etc. •  Find new ways to engage fans. –  Enhance content strategy with hashtags and other trackable memes. The most prominent is #lovekillsslowly which is already used by the audience. –  Previous efforts included contests and giveaways. Potential to reinstate? •  Test different content and products to find the best targets for likes & re-sharing. –  In near term, should be targeting 0.5-1% response on key posts (8-17k). –  Photo engagement suggests a desire for more lifestyle content. Let the brand personality shine through with behind-the-scenes, interests, events coverage, etc. –  Conversion to sale should be tracked.13
  14. 14. Twitter: @EdHardyOnline INFLUENTIAL FOLLOWERS ARE NOT BEING ENGAGED Simply put, Ed Hardy is not taking full advantage of Twitter. Near term opportunities include: •  Follow more fans. –  Half of the 63 accounts that are mutually followers are for Ed Hardy retail locations. –  @edhardyonline is following a number of accounts (Majority are celebrities and companies I.E. Lady Gaga, Pitchfork) The net effect is one of potential isolation to the 8,675 fans who aren’t followed back, some of which (see right) have large audiences that could benefit the brand. •  Engage in direct conversations with fans –  Currently used to syndicate Facebook. –  Shift toward @replying to fans, and using hashtags to start or contribute to conversations.14
  15. 15. Twitter: “Dead”-icated Retail Accounts Worth specific mention, there are 33 dedicated Twitter accounts for Ed Hardy retail locations. While the consistency of design and naming convention implies a well-planned strategy, all but 4 accounts seem to be dead. –  Judging by post content, these accounts were created for a Miami Fashion Week promotion. This is easy to see: Some accounts have only 5 posts. –  A random call to 5 of the contact numbers (disconnected) suggests many of these locations have closed. Only one account announced its store closing via Twitter.15
  16. 16. YouTube: @EdHardyForever58 The official Ed Hardy account has quality content - a mix of music, interviews and fashion. However, it has been inactive for over a year. •  Search results for “Ed Hardy” don’t present on the first page – even when filtered by channel. •  Should the brand want to reengage with video content, the best opportunity is to be the backstage pass where the Ed Hardy audience can tap into the lifestyle of music and celebrity. @edhardyforever58 43 videos | 25k views16 Last upload Oct. 2011
  17. 17. A strange outlier in the social media landscape, this email signup page suggests a lack of sophistication and should likely be retired. •  No-auto response provided to registration. •  Not currently promoted as a destination (last promotional mentions via Facebook in conjunction with 2011 promotions).17
  18. 18. “New” Social Channels 18
  19. 19. Pinterest: @EdHardyOfficial While still growing, it’s hard to understate the potential of Pinterest for fashion brands. Ed Hardy is onboard - but not yet engaged. •  No sharing from the brand. •  20 Select highly influential accounts are followed. –  Follows Twitter approach of aligning with influencers. •  Search reveals Ed Hardy content is being pinned organically. The audience is BRAND PAGE here. Start pinning! PINTEREST SEARCH 19
  20. 20. Pinterest Inspiration: Anthroplogie Like many brands, Anthropologie engages on Pinterest with a mix of product and general style inspiration (leaning toward the latter). •  Items for sale are completely integrated in boards, but called out with consistent use of the #anthropologie tag. •  The dedicated “Inside our stores” board taps into the brand’s top-notch store design, and extends the experience beyond geography. •  Co-branded curation using author Gretchen Rubin. TAKEAWAY: Sharing and curating is a proven way to evangelize brand lifestyle – and a smart match for Ed Hardy.
  21. 21. Instagram: @OfficialEdHardy Unlike Pinterest, Instagram is less about curation and more about providing a personal window into the world of the brand. •  Minimal engagement currently, but the brand is sharing content here that isn’t seen through other channels – which is great. •  Use “conversation starter” photos is against the nature of the channel – should be amazing images. •  Ed Hardy can easily discover & engage with more fans on Instagram. –  44,647 photos tagged #edhardy –  1,247 photos tagged #lovekillsslowly21
  22. 22. Instagram Inspiration: GE Since 2009, GE has been committed to telling its brand story through social media. GE’s Instagram has garnered a loyal following through great photography as a window to amazing technology. What makes this account so interesting is the simple value proposition: The audience gets a behind-the-scenes look at places and technology that would never be seen otherwise. Applying this formula to Ed Hardy, the account could be treated like a backstage pass to the celebrity and lifestyle events that draw customers to the brand.22
  23. 23. Broader Context 23
  24. 24. Brand Challenge: Bigger than Social Media While not representative of the target audience, the Brand has become an easy target for negative sentiment from many social media users and traditional media outlets “If theres one thing that Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Comedian Nick Kroll (FX: The League) lampoons the Gibbard is not, its a bad boy. Which is why the premise for audience who has adopted Ed Hardy with his his new music video, from his solo debut Former Lives, is so character Bobby Bottleservice – going as far as damn hilarious. Gibbard undergoes a makeover into an Ed creating a skit called “The Ed Hardy Boyz” - where he Hardy-sporting bad boy at the behest of a sales-hungry solves “the case of the missing sick belt buckle.” label exec.” rock-bad-boy-in-new-video24
  25. 25. Conclusion: Find the Voice Ed Hardy is not a brand for everybody – which can be used to advantage. The success of the brand proves there is a loyal audience, and all social channels present tremendous opportunity to reinforce - not redefine - what the Ed Hardy brand stands for. As a lifestyle brand, Ed Hardy, should be looking to social media to provide access to aspirational brand marketing (I.E. even coverage, celebrity access, music giveaways) and by amplifying the activity of the customers who are living the brand.25
  26. 26. Presentation by Mason West all rights reserved 2012 #edhardy4life 26