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  • Your passion becomes your community’s. A community is a living organism. Listen for the heartbeat.\n
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  • Free as in speech. not free as in beer. It’s ok (and often a necessity) to make a profit. Community allows you to build something that is profitable and lasting.\n
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  • Practical elements. What’s out there to help you get the job done?\n
  • The two biggest WordPress players.\n
  • Providing the best support means using the best solutions. Choosing the right hosting provider for your business or community is the difference between smooth sailing and late nights of pulling out hair.\n
  • Heartbeat - Projecting it across a distance\n
  • Stats aren’t just for sales. They help you gauge your support needs as well as how you’re doing\n
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  • Next up: Examples\n
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  • Supporting Wordpress

    1. Supporting WordPressCaring for your clients and community @masonjames #wcnyc
    2. I’m MasonI support WordPressSupport Team Leader, WPMU DEV• Average 1500 unique topics (questions) per month and about 7000 posts in total.• Team of 7 full-time support reps from across the globe• Nearly 150 individual plugins and over a million downloads @masonjames #wcnyc
    3. I’m MasonI support WordPressCEO, WP Valet• Let us think about WordPress so you don’t have to• Management. Support. Peace of mind.• You’re very own CTO @masonjames #wcnyc
    4. Learn more!• WPMU DEV - http://• WP Valet - @masonjames #wcnyc
    5. WordPressSupport:1. The Case for Support2. The Pulse of the Community3. The Best Tools for the Job4. The Importance of Metrics5. Conclusion @masonjames #wcnyc
    6. You must know why you areproviding support.The ONLY reason to be involved is becauseyou have a passion for them and a vision forthe future. @masonjames #wcnyc
    7. The Case for Support @masonjames #wcnyc
    8. Long-term customersand community equalslong-term revenue &legacy f + jg = $$$ @masonjames #wcnyc
    9. Publicly availablesupport is fantastic forbusiness.The content is great for search engines and a longrecord of support will encourage new customers @masonjames #wcnyc
    10. The Pulse of the Community @masonjames #wcnyc
    11. Discover the personaof your onlinecommunityExactly who is your community?•Quirky/Fun•Intelligent/Thoughtful•Passionate/Energetic @masonjames #wcnyc
    12. Engage!• Welcome new members• Show them of ways they can be more involved• Answer any questions in a timely fashionNewsletters | Community Q&A Support | Social Media @masonjames #wcnyc
    13. Listen! • Ask for frequent, regular feedback • What changes can you make to better the experience? • Respond immediately and honestly when there is a problemPolls | Customer Survey | Contact Form | Social Media @masonjames #wcnyc
    14. Use all types ofmedia!No one wants to read long blocks of text.Use screenshots and how-to videos to explain themost frequently encountered obstacles. @masonjames #wcnyc
    15. The Best Tools for the Job @masonjames #wcnyc
    16. bbPress•Native Wordpress Support ForumsBuddyPress•Community Made Easy @masonjames #wcnyc
    17. REAL WordPressHostingAdvantages:WordPress Updates | Backups | Security AuditsPlayers:WP Engine | | Synthesis | zippykid @masonjames #wcnyc
    18. Ongoing Maintenanceand Plugin/ThemeUpdates• Manage WP - Update plugins/themes across multiple installs from one incredible dashboard with one click• WP Remote - Update @masonjames #wcnyc
    19. The Importance of Metrics @masonjames #wcnyc
    20. The edublogs story• 2007: Initially totally free• 2008: “Upgrades” - Pay if you want• 2010: Supporter - Pay for features • Dedicated Server Admins • Dedicated Support Staff @masonjames #wcnyc
    21. WPMU DEV• 2009 - Forum Support (Dev, Designer, Community responses)• 2010 - First Dedicated Support Staff (ME!)• 2012 - Q&A, 24/7 Support, Live Chats • 7 person team located across the globe • Focus on Community @masonjames #wcnyc
    22. @masonjames #wcnyc
    23. @masonjames #wcnyc
    24. Conclusion @masonjames #wcnyc
    25. Ongoing support isnot optional.It’s critical to yoursuccess. @masonjames #wcnyc
    26. Happy clients = lastingbusiness @masonjames #wcnyc
    27. Thanks so much!Mason James@masonjameshttp://masonjames.comhttp://premium.wpmudev.orghttp://thewpvalet.comSlides by Slidefix at @masonjames #wcnyc