Creating a Niche Social Network using WordPress and BuddyPress


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The Do's and Dont's of Creating a Niche Social Network: Multisite and BuddyPress

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  • Here are some notes.\n
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  • No one works harder or with more passion than a community admin. It is your responsibility to make sure things are up to date, and that your members feel heard.\n
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  • If you aren’t ‘social’ this ain’t for you. Remember that forum folks are volunteers. This is open-source software not a proprietary solution.\n
  • If you built a mansion or amazing restaurant but no one knew it existed, it would fail. You have to get the word out.\n
  • Let’s go over a few useful tools for getting started with your social network.\n
  • New user role of Super Admin which opens heaps of new possibilities.\n
  • YEA! Everything you need to start your own self-hosted and WordPress-powered social network! Choose the right components for you. START SMALL!\n
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  • Creating a Niche Social Network using WordPress and BuddyPress

    1. 1. MULTISITE AND BUDDYPRESSThe Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Niche Social NetworkBy Mason James
    2. 2. NICHE SOCIAL NETWORKSFacebook showed us howsuccessful an online socialnetwork could really be.As a natural response tothat we’re seeing nichesocial networks arise.“Birds of a feather flocktogether”
    3. 3. What is a Niche Social Network?“ A niche social network is an online community that caters to specific and unique topics of interest.Examples:Pioneer Woman:
    4. 4. Do : Start Now @jjj “2012 - Year of the niche net work. has you covered.” (Jan 18) Open the net work for signups (beta) Use pressure to your advantage
    5. 5. Don’t : Be Casual • Make sure you are passionate about your niche • Money can’t be the primary goal • Community-building takes a massive amount of work. You must continually engage members.
    6. 6. Do : Have a Plan• Set goals for yourself and for your site.• Plan your work. Then work your plan.• Use phases for features and enhancements.
    7. 7. Don’t :Be Facebook We already have it. Be unique.
    8. 8. Don’t : Be a Jerk Attitude Forum etiquette Expectations
    9. 9. Do : Marketing Doesn’t matter how good it is if nobody sees it Use e-newsletters, promotions, twitter, facebook Find where your target audience is and meet them there
    10. 10. NutsandBolts
    11. 11. MULTISITE?• Allows your members to have their own blog/site• Easily manage plugins themes and provide an exact UX/UI for your members
    12. 12. BUDDYPRESS?• Social networking, in a box.• Social Networking “layer” for WordPress• Member Profiles, Activity Streams, Groups
    13. 13. Must-have BuddyPress PluginsBuddyPress Toolbar: Pack:
    14. 14. Must-have Multisite PluginsAdmin Menu Editor: Management: Manager:
    15. 15. Thank you for listeningWeb: http://masonjames.comWPMU DEV: : @masonjames